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Caddyshack II Quotes

Caddyshack II is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Caddyshack II stopped airing in 1970.

It features Neil Canton; Peter Guber; Jon Peters as producer, Ira Newborn in charge of musical score, and Harry Stradling, Jr. as head of cinematography.

Caddyshack II is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Caddyshack II is 98 minutes long. Caddyshack II is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Robert Stack as Chandler Young, Jackie Mason as Jack Hartounian, Randy Quaid as Peter Blunt, Chevy Chase as Ty Webb, Dan Aykroyd as Capt. Tom Everett, Dina Merrill as Cynthia Young, Chynna Phillips as Mary Frances 'Miffy' Young, and Jessica Lundy as Kate Hartounian.

Caddyshack II Quotes

Dan Aykroyd as Capt. Tom Everett

  • (Dan Aykroyd) "If I pull the arrow out, will you p-please s-suck out the poison?"
  • (Chevy Chase) "Let me get this straight. You pull it out, I suck. Is there any money in it for me?"

Randy Quaid as Peter Blunt

  • (Randy Quaid) "Well, you certainly made it very clear how your legal system works Mr. Young. Now, I'd like to explain a little bit about the Peter Blunt system. You see, I don't go in for lawsuits and motions or any of the legal stuff. No, no, you see what happens is, uh, I find out where you live and then I come to your house, see? And I beat down your door with a f***ing baseball bat. And, then I make a bonfire with the Chipendale, maybe roast that Golden Retriever, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, then eat it. And then I'm coming upstairs, junior, and I'm gonna grab you by your Brooks Bros. P.J.s, and then I'm gonna take your brand new B.M.W., and cram it up your tight ass. Do we have an understanding?"
  • (Randy Quaid) "That's hard to say, huh? Well, when can we get the power turned back on? That's hard to say, huh? Well, tell me something. Is it as hard to say as "Oh, my god. Somebody help me. There's a man in my office with a flamethrower "?"

Robert Stack as Chandler Young

  • (Robert Stack) "Your target's name is Jack Hartounian. I want him to be discouraged from erecting any more structures on Bushwood estates."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Discouraged? As in "extreme prejudice"?"
  • (Robert Stack) "We already tried extreme prejudice. It didn't work."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "No, I mean do you want him -- Everett pulls out a gun."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "-- terminated?"
  • (Robert Stack) "The less I know about that, the better."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Good. Good, that's my policy exactly. You see, that way, when we're captured, and they attach the twelve-volt car batteries to our testicles -- which can, does, and -- has happened --"
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "-- then we can honestly say we had nothing to do with it."
  • (Robert Stack) "Interesting club. what would you call that?"
  • (Jackie Mason) "Twelve gauge."
  • (Robert Stack) "I'm Chandler Young."
  • (Jackie Mason) "Oh, I'm afraid I'm at a disadvantage; I only have one last name."
  • (Robert Stack) "And quite an interesting last name it is."
  • (Jackie Mason) "Hartounian."
  • (Robert Stack) "What is your background?"
  • (Jackie Mason) "My father was Armenian. My other was half Jewish, half English, half Spanish."
  • (Robert Stack) "That's three halves."
  • (Jackie Mason) "Oh, she was a big woman."

Chevy Chase as Ty Webb

  • (Chevy Chase) "You know I'm always shooting myself with one of those poison-dipped, crossbow darts. I don't know why they don't put a warning on those things."
  • (Chevy Chase) "We're talking mucho dinero, and probably some American money too."

Jackie Mason as Jack Hartounian

  • (Jackie Mason) "Take chances. I'm insured."

Dina Merrill as Cynthia Young

  • (Dina Merrill) "The man tried to kill me."
  • (Robert Stack) "I'm sure he had his reeasons."
  • (Dina Merrill) "I want to go home."
  • (Robert Stack) "Now now, Cynthia. The last thing we want to do is let him think he's winning."
  • (Dina Merrill) "But he IS winning."

Chynna Phillips as Mary Frances 'Miffy' Young

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