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Carlito's Way Quotes

Carlito's Way is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Carlito's Way ended in 1970.

It features Martin Bregman, Willi Baer, and Michael S. Bregman as producer, Patrick Doyle in charge of musical score, and Stephen H. Burum as head of cinematography.

Carlito's Way is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Carlito's Way is 144 minutes long. Carlito's Way is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Al Pacino as Carlito, Sean Penn as David Kleinfeld, Penelope Ann Miller as Gail, Luis Guzmán as Pachanga, Viggo Mortensen as Lalin, Adrian Pasdar as Frankie Taglialucci, Jorge Porcel as Saso, Ingrid Rogers as Steffie, and Adrian Pasdar as Frankie.

Carlito's Way Quotes

Al Pacino as Carlito

  • (Al Pacino) "If you ever talk that s*** again in front of her, I'm going to kill you."
  • (Al Pacino) "Gimme your piece, Dave."
  • (Sean Penn) "What?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Gimme the f***ing gun. Since when are you a tough guy?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Sorry boys, all the stitches in the world can't sew me together again. Lay down -- lay down. Gonna stretch me out in Fernandez funeral home on Hun and Ninth street. Always knew I'd make a stop there, but a lot later than a whole gang of people thought -- Last of the Moh-Ricans -- well maybe not the last. Gail's gonna be a good mom -- New improved Carlito Brigante -- Hope she uses the money to get out. No room in this city for big hearts like hers -- Sorry baby, I tried the best I could, honest -- Can't come with me on this trip, Loaf. Getting the shakes now, last call for drinks, bars closing down -- Sun's out, where are we going for breakfast? Don't wanna go far. Rough night, tired baby -- Tired --"
  • (Al Pacino) "I'm reloaded. Okay? Come on in here, you motherf***ers. Come on, I'm waitin' for ya. What, you ain't comin' in? Okay, I'm comin' out. Oh, you up against me now, motherf***ers. I'm gonna blow your f***in' brains out. You think you're big time? You gonna f***in' die big time. You ready? HERE COMES THE PAIN."
  • (Al Pacino) "No room in this city for big hearts like hers."
  • (Al Pacino) "Don't take me to no hospital, please. f***in' emergency rooms don't save nobody. Som-bitches, always pop you at midnight, when all they got is a Chinese intern with a dull spoon."
  • (Al Pacino) "He's got a good future if he can live past next week."
  • (Al Pacino) "Never give up your friends, Dave, no matter what."
  • (Al Pacino) "If you can't see the angles no more, you're in trouble."
  • (Al Pacino) "You said they were friends, Guajiro. But there ain't no friends in this s*** business."
  • (Al Pacino) "I'll tell you something, car rental guys don't get killed that much."
  • (Al Pacino) "Right, motherf***er? Where's my money?"
  • (Jorge Porcel) "I don't know."
  • (Al Pacino) "I'LL CUT YOU f***IN' LIVER OUT."
  • (Jorge Porcel) "Okay. Okay."
  • (Rudy) "Mr. Brigante, there is a problem with Mr. Kleinfeld."
  • (Al Pacino) "What kind of problem?"
  • (Rudy) "He's in the bathroom f***ing Steffie."
  • (Al Pacino) "So? What's the problem? Good for him."
  • (Al Pacino) "Mi barrio ya no existe."
  • (Al Pacino) "Hey lady, I know you."
  • (Penelope Ann Miller) "Buzz off."
  • (Al Pacino) "Yeah, I know you, you used to go out with that good-looking guy, what was his name again? Oh yeah, Carlito Brigante."
  • (Penelope Ann Miller) "Charlie?"
  • (Al Pacino) "There is a line you cross, you don't never come back from. Point of no return. Dave crossed it. I'm here with him. That's means I am going along for the ride. The whole ride. All the way to the end of the line, wherever that is."
  • (Al Pacino) "You think you're big time? You gonna f***in' die; big time."
  • (Al Pacino) "If I ever, I mean if I ever see you here again, you die."
  • (Al Pacino) "Just like that."
  • (Benny Blanco) "Hey, my name is Benny Blanco from the Bronx."
  • (Al Pacino) "You know me?"
  • (Benny Blanco) "Yeah, I know you, you're Carlito Brigante motherf***er to the max, that's who you are."
  • (Al Pacino) "Well, I don't know you. So, I don't owe you, Saso does. My place now, new rules. Everybody pays, okay?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Adiós, counselor."
  • (Al Pacino) "But my time in the Sterling Correctional facilities of Greenhaven and Sing Sing has not been in vain. I've been cured; born again, like the Watergaters. I know you've heard this rap before, your honor, I've changed. I've changed, and it didn't take no thirty years like your honor thought, but only five."
  • (Al Pacino) "Take him in the alley."
  • (Al Pacino) "Dumb move, man. Dumb move. But it's like them old reflexes comin' back."

Ingrid Rogers as Steffie

  • (Rudy) "Carlito, Mr. Benny Blanco says it's gonna be okay. He wants to send a bottle of champagne over, and he wants you to send Steffie over, when you're ready."
  • (Ingrid Rogers) "Carlito, what should I do?"
  • (Al Pacino) "No problem, Steffie."
  • (Al Pacino) "Steffie's with Dave now."
  • (Rudy) "But Benny said --"
  • (Al Pacino) "f*** Benny."
  • (Unnamed) "Carlito, this is from Benny Blanco."
  • (Al Pacino) "Send it back."
  • (Jorge Porcel) "Vete. Vete."
  • (Jorge Porcel) "Charlie, please, you can't do this. Benny Blanco spends a lot of money here."
  • (Al Pacino) "Oh, he's a nickel-bagger. Come on."
  • (Jorge Porcel) "What happened to you? What are you acting like this for? It doesn't make sense you should hate this guy. Because this guy is you 20 years ago."

Sean Penn as David Kleinfeld

  • (Sean Penn) "Hey. Hey."
  • (Al Pacino) "What are you doin'?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Hey."
  • (Al Pacino) "Are you out of your f***in' mind?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Hey, you."
  • (Italian at Copa) "What's that?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Yeah, you. You wop."
  • (Italian at Copa) "Me?"
  • (Sean Penn) "You, spaghetti dick."
  • (Al Pacino) "Okay."
  • (Italian at Copa) "Who are you talking to?"
  • (Sean Penn) "I'm talking to you."
  • (Italian at Copa) "You talkin' to me?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Yeah, you."
  • (Sean Penn) "Hey Louie -- Louie, your f***in' chick's givin' you a handjob right in front of everybody. I got guests here, for christsake. People are eating."
  • (Unnamed) "Take it easy, Dave."
  • (Sean Penn) "No-you take it easy. You got any manners? You wanna f*** her, f*** her like a normal human being; take her in the bedroom."
  • (Sean Penn) "You're gonna let this f***in' goombah paw your woman like that?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Hey, they're just dancin'. Don't you appreciate that? The movement. The rhythm. What I don't appreciate is he's got his f***in' hands all over her ass."
  • (Al Pacino) "He's doesn't have his hands over her ass. I believe those are hips."
  • (Sean Penn) "This s***head. These f***in' wiseguys think they're so hardass. I am so sick of hoods like that coming into my office, MY office, thinkin' they can push me around."
  • (Al Pacino) "Oh, I think you should tell him what you think. I mean, why would you ever hold something like that inside? I mean, why not get something like that off your chest? It's a terrible thing to carry around with you."
  • (Sean Penn) "I will."
  • (Al Pacino) "I think you should."
  • (Sean Penn) "I will."
  • (Al Pacino) "Oh, yeah. Go ahead, look, see how interested he's gonna be in your comments."
  • (Sean Penn) "Oh that's right, you're gonna rent Ford Pintos to tourists in paradise."
  • (Sean Penn) "How does it feel? Huh?"
  • (Sean Penn) "f*** you and your self-righteous code of the god**** streets. Did it pull you out of a 30 year stint in only 5 years? No, it didn't, I did. Did it get you acquitted 4 f***ing times? No, it didn't, I did, so f*** you, f*** the streets, your whole god**** world is this big, and there's only one rule, you save your own ass."

Jorge Porcel as Saso

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Adrian Pasdar as Frankie

  • (Adrian Pasdar) "What's with the extra guy?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Carlito, this is one of Tony's son's, Frankie."
  • (Adrian Pasdar) "Nah, it's Frank."
  • (Sean Penn) "Whatever --"
  • (Adrian Pasdar) "NO. What is with the extra guy?"
  • (Sean Penn) "Oh I'm sorry, is this your boat? Shut the f*** up, if I wanted help, I brought help."
  • (Adrian Pasdar) "This guy a friend of yours?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Yeah, he's a friend of mine."
  • (Adrian Pasdar) "He's a f***ing cockroach."
  • (Adrian Pasdar) "This guy a friend of yours?"
  • (Al Pacino) "Yeah, he's a friend of mine."
  • (Adrian Pasdar) "He's a f***ING cockroach."

Luis Guzmán as Pachanga

  • (Luis Guzmán) "Carlito man, it's Death Valley out here man -- you know me, I'll take to the streets with any of these motherf***ers man, but these new kids now days, they got no respect for human life. They shotgun you just to see you fly in the air."

Viggo Mortensen as Lalin

  • (Viggo Mortensen) "Look what I got. I mean look at me. You got everything, man. Come on. Look what I got to f***ing go around with, f***ing diapers. I s*** my pants everyday. I can't walk, I can't hump -- you know? Go ahead and kill me, you COCKSUCKER."

Penelope Ann Miller as Gail

  • (Penelope Ann Miller) "Charlie, where's my cheesecake?"
  • (Penelope Ann Miller) "That's the last time I wipe up your blood."

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