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Cellular (film) Quotes

Cellular (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Cellular ended its run in 1970.

It features Dean Devlin as producer, John Ottman in charge of musical score, and Gary Capo as head of cinematography.

Cellular (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Cellular (film) is 94 minutes long. Cellular (film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Noah Emmerich as Jack Tanner, William H. Macy as Mooney, Kim Basinger as Jessica Martin, Chris Evans as Ryan, Jason Statham as Ethan, Eric Etebari as Dmitri, Adam Taylor Gordon as Ricky Martin, Jason Statham as Greer, Eric Christian Olsen as Chad, and Jessica Biel as Chloe.

Cellular (film) Quotes

Chris Evans as Ryan

  • (Chris Evans) ""Ricky Martin"? You named your kid "Ricky Martin"?"
  • (WLSUU2 Lawyer) "What the hell is your problem, man? What the hell is your problem? You want to tussle?"
  • (Chris Evans) "Give me your phone."
  • (WLSUU2 Lawyer) "Oh snaps."
  • (Chris Evans) "Santa Monica Pier."
  • (Jason Statham) "No, too busy."
  • (Chris Evans) "Yeah, that's kind of the idea, dickhead."
  • (Chris Evans) "You know, it does me no good to hand over the video tape and then you guys turn around and take us out."
  • (Jason Statham) "I swore I wouldn't do that."
  • (Chris Evans) "Like you swore "to protect and serve"?"
  • (Chris Evans) "I'm a dead man."
  • (Chris Evans) "Look, give me your phone or I shoot your car."
  • (WLSUU2 Lawyer) "Oh, hell no, hell no. Why would you do something awful like that?"
  • (Chris Evans) "It's Chloe."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "No, dude, don't do this. Don't do this."
  • (Chris Evans) "I'm just gonna say "hi.""
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "You're not gonna say "hi.""
  • (Chris Evans) "No "hi"?"
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "No "hi.""
  • (Chris Evans) "I can't say --"
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "Come on, man. Hold it together. This girl, she dumped you, all right? Have some self-respect, have some dignity."
  • (Chris Evans) "You're right."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "Be strong."
  • (Chris Evans) "You're right."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "Yeah."
  • (Chris Evans) "Thank you."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "All right."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "Oh. What's goin' on, ladies?"
  • (Chris Evans) "From here on out, you do as I say, exactly as I say. Or I slap this bitch on "Nightline" and call it a day, okay?"
  • (Chris Evans) "Excuse me, are you a detective?"
  • (Detective Looking Guy) "Detective? I'm a freaking victim here. Detective? Those freaks dragged me down here. And they're supposed to read me my rights."
  • (Detective Looking Guy) "And they; hey, where you going, you little punk?"

Kim Basinger as Jessica Martin

  • (Kim Basinger) "When I didn't show up for work today someone called the police, I'm sure."
  • (Jason Statham) "You better hope they didn't."
  • (Kim Basinger) "I don't know if there's anything I could ever do to thank you"
  • (Chris Evans) "I do. Don't ever call me again."
  • (Kim Basinger) "He's a baby, you bastard. He's a baby, he's a baby."
  • (Kim Basinger) "You've got the wrong family. You've got the wrong family."

Jason Statham as Ethan

  • (Jason Statham) "Do you want to die here?"

Eric Christian Olsen as Chad

  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "Dude, I have no idea what just happened. One minute I'm talking to nipples, next thing you know, I'm wearing a whale costume handing out flyers."
  • (Chris Evans) "That sucks. Sounds like she got you."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "I mean, I'm not saying it doesn't have its benefits."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "Hey, you guys know that a blue whale's got an 11-foot penis? Heal the Bay."
  • (Eric Christian Olsen) "Hey Chloe. Sam. Friend with nipples."

William H. Macy as Mooney

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jessica Biel as Chloe

  • (Jessica Biel) "See? This is exactly why I broke up with you in the first place. You are irresponsible, self-centered, completely childish and -- look, I need to move on."

Adam Taylor Gordon as Ricky Martin

  • (Adam Taylor Gordon) "Mom, will you still be a science teacher when I get into high school?"
  • (Kim Basinger) "Hmm -- You never know. Why?"
  • (Adam Taylor Gordon) "'Cause I think it'd be kind of weird to have your mom as a teacher."

Noah Emmerich as Jack Tanner

  • (Noah Emmerich) "I think all the chemicals from that beauty salon have gotten to your head."
  • (William H. Macy) "It's a day spa, you f***."

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