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Cemetery Man Quotes

Cemetery Man is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Cemetery Man ended its run in 1970.

It features Heinz Bibo, Tilde Corsi, Giovanni Romoli, and Michele Soavi as producer, Manuel De Sica, and Riccardo Biseo in charge of musical score, and Mauro Marchetti as head of cinematography.

Cemetery Man is recorded in Italian (dubbed) and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of Cemetery Man is 103 minutes long. Cemetery Man is distributed by October Films.

The cast includes: Fabiana Formica as Valentina Scanarotti, Stefano Masciarelli as Mayor Scanarotti, Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte, Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamore, Anton Alexander as Franco, and Mickey Knox as Marshall Straniero.

Cemetery Man Quotes

Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte

  • (Rupert Everett) "You and I are both the same. We kill out of indifference, out of love sometimes, but never out of hate. Now I don't know who's dead or alive. I'm sick of killing. So I'm leaving the game, Brother."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Past this tunnel is the rest of the world. What do you think the rest of the world looks like, Gnaghi? Can you imagine it? -- You're right. It's beyond imagination."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Death, Death, Death, the whore."
  • (Rupert Everett) "The more they laugh, the further away they seem. You can never be too different, Gnaghi."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Franco is the only living person who even calls me. Now and then, I stop by his office to remind myself what he looks like. You can't live on memories alone."
  • (Rupert Everett) "I'd give my life to be dead."
  • (Rupert Everett) "You'll see, Franco. Mara is going to get tired of you. Cinzia will grow up to hate you. And then you'll be free. Free to see what the rest of the world looks like."
  • (Anton Alexander) "Mmm. What do you think the rest of the world looks like?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "The rest of the world?"
  • (Anton Alexander) "Mmm-hmm."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Mmm. Who knows if the rest of the world even exists?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "I should have known it. The rest of the world doesn't exist."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Someone has stolen my crimes."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Don't worry, I'll get the next one."
  • (Rupert Everett) "My name is Francesco Dellamorte. Weird name, isn't it? Francis Of Death. Saint Francis Of Death. I often thought of having it changed. André Dellamorte would be nicer, for example."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Go away. I haven't got time for the living."
  • (Rupert Everett) "The most beautiful living woman I have ever seen --"
  • (Rupert Everett) "Will I see her again?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "Hold on a minute Franco."
  • (Rupert Everett) "You were saying, Franco."
  • (Anton Alexander) "No, no nothing. Just calling to see how you are."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Oh, you know how things are. Life goes on."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Thief."
  • (Rupert Everett) "You're a thief. You may have killed your wife and daughter. OK, I'll give you that. But it was me who knocked off the three girls. What are you doing stealing my murders? What kind of f***ing friend do you think you are? I suppose you thought you were doing me a favor --"
  • (Rupert Everett) "Gnaghi, just because we've got the new ones doesn't mean to say we have to throw the old ones away. These books are classics."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Oh, come on Gnaghi. The world's full of girls like that, and they've got bodies, too."
  • (Rupert Everett) "The weather's gone bad again."
  • (Rupert Everett) "I can't forgive myself for having lied to you. I don't have a degree in biology. Never even finished high school. I haven't read more than two books in my whole life. One, never finished. And the other is the phone book."
  • (Unnamed) "Put that out immediately. Smoking is not allowed in here."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Shut up."
  • (Rupert Everett) "He's in a coma. He doesn't even notice."
  • (Anton Alexander) "s***."
  • (Rupert Everett) "What'd you say?"
  • (Anton Alexander) "Everything's s***."
  • (Anton Alexander) "The only thing that's not s***ty is sleep."
  • (Unnamed) "What are you doing on the floor, sister?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "She's praying."
  • (Unnamed) "Friend of yours? Look, he hasn't got any relatives and the coma he's in is irreversible. Give me a signature and I'll pull the plug now."
  • (Rupert Everett) "f*** off."
  • (Rupert Everett) "I won't let you die until you give me an explanation. Why did you steal my murders? Don't you think anything I do counts? Huh?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, my God. What happened?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "They killed each other. It was a settling of scores."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Don't you believe me?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Tough."
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "NO."
  • (Girl) "No, please don't. He's only eating me."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Move aside."
  • (Girl) "Mind your business. I shall be eaten by whoever I please."
  • (Rupert Everett) "This is my business. They pay me for it."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Death, death, death comes sweeping down, filthy death the leering clown, death on wings, death by surprise, failing evil from worldly eyes, death that spawns as life succumbs, while death and love, two kindred drums, beat the time till judgement day, an actor in a passion play, without beginning, without end, evermore, amen."
  • (Rupert Everett) "How's everything in your life? How are dear Mara and Cinzia? Eh? Heh heh heh -- Mmm. You know, I sometimes wonder if you actually exist, Franco -- Yeah -- I mean, you do have a wife and daughter, don't you? -- Uh heh heh -- I only ask, 'cause I sometimes think I made you all up."
  • (Rupert Everett) "You're supposed to be setting a good example, now will you get back to your coffin immediately."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Hmmm. Poor Gnaghi. On his ID card, it reads: "Distinctive visible marks: All." He has a real passion for dead leaves. Can't stand it when the wind blows them away. Oh, well. We all do what we can not to think about life."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Hell, at a certain point in life, you realize you know more dead people than living."

Stefano Masciarelli as Mayor Scanarotti

  • (Stefano Masciarelli) "By keeping things the same, we can change more effectively."

Anton Alexander as Franco

  • (Anton Alexander) "Any other visits last night?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "A couple, yeah -- All this extra work; and it's not as if they pay me any more."
  • (Anton Alexander) "Well, tell the Mayor."
  • (Rupert Everett) "Oh, tell the Mayor, and then what? They'll close the cemetery. Goodbye job and goodbye house."
  • (Anton Alexander) "Come on. Who do you think would believe you?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "Listen. I don't care if you don't believe me, Franco. You're not the one who pays me."
  • (Anton Alexander) "I believe you. I believe you. And you're right. At least have him pay you over-time."

Mickey Knox as Marshall Straniero

  • (Mickey Knox) "Dellamorte, wait. For God's sake, wait. There's another maniac on the loose. He's on the 4th floor killing people. He already shot three. You got a gun. That's good. Now you can defend yourself. Hey, take my advice and get the hell out of here quick."
  • (Rupert Everett) "STRANIERO. IT WAS ME."

Fabiana Formica as Valentina Scanarotti

  • (Fabiana Formica) "With your consent, I'd like to marry Gnaghi."
  • (Stefano Masciarelli) "This; horrible; thing?"
  • (Fabiana Formica) "I'm not such a great catch either, Daddy."
  • (Stefano Masciarelli) "Not as long, dear, as I've got a breath in my body."
  • (Fabiana Formica) "All right. We'll fix that right away."

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