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Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice Quotes

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice stopped airing in 1970.

It features Scott A. Stone; David G. Stanley as producer, Daniel Licht in charge of musical score, and Levie Isaacks as head of cinematography.

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice is 93 minutes long. Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice is distributed by Dimension Films.

The cast includes: Paul Scherrer as Danny, Terence Knox as John, Ned Romero as Frank Redbear, Terence Knox as John Garrett, Ryan Bollman as Micah, Ed Grady as Dr. Richard Appleby, Sean Bridgers as Jedediah, Christie Clark as Lacey, and Rosalind Allen as Angela.

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice Quotes

Ed Grady as Dr. Richard Appleby

  • (Ed Grady) "You actually see a connection between a nosebleed and a house falling?"
  • (Terence Knox) "Yeah -- they're both dead. That seems to happen a lot around here, did you notice that?"
  • (Ed Grady) "I don't appreciate your humor."

Ned Romero as Frank Redbear

  • (Ned Romero) "Now, you can see by this drawing that the children are particularly vulnerable. They feel the vibrations."
  • (Terence Knox) "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • (Ned Romero) "These kids watch too many horror movies."
  • (Ned Romero) "Sheriff, I think we've got a problem."
  • (Unnamed) "(Points shotgun at him) I think you may be right."
  • (Ned Romero) "This signifies that the spirit will part the corn and let through one who finds truth within himself."
  • (Ned Romero) "Koyaanisqatsi. It means life out of balance. My ancestors would have told you that man should be at one with the earth, the skies, and water. But the white man has never understood this. He only knows how to take. And after a while, there's nothing left to take. So, everything's out of balance. And we all fall down."
  • (Terence Knox) "Wait a minute -- so that's what happened here in Gatlin?"
  • (Ned Romero) "No -- what happened in Gatlin was, those kids went ape-s*** and killed everyone."

Paul Scherrer as Danny

  • (Paul Scherrer) "The only reason I'm here is Mom didn't want me at her wedding."
  • (Terence Knox) "Wrong. The way I heard it is, you and what's his name don't talk anymore."
  • (Paul Scherrer) "s***head."
  • (Terence Knox) "His name is Sherman."
  • (Paul Scherrer) "Right, s***head Sherman."
  • (Terence Knox) "You know, you've got a real attitude problem."
  • (Paul Scherrer) "Well I guess that's genetic, DAD."

Ryan Bollman as Micah

  • (Ryan Bollman) "With the harvest moon tomorrow night, our reign of peace shall dwell upon the land. And a sword of righteousness shall strike down the infidel."
  • (Ryan Bollman) "Do you really think it was all Isaac's doing, Jedediah? Do you? Who here thinks this? Were we not given signs? Was that not enough?"
  • (Sean Bridgers) "But they found them. And they found us. Jesus Christ, Micah, they were our parents."
  • (Ryan Bollman) "They were adults. They were of that world and we have seen the way of that world, and it is evil."
  • (Ryan Bollman) "There is a power. Greater than all. And it is within us."
  • (Ryan Bollman) "Danny -- you disappoint me. Now, you must be treated just like the others."
  • (Paul Scherrer) "Micah, stop this now."
  • (Ryan Bollman) "(slaps Danny in the face) Silence."
  • (Ryan Bollman) "For everything, there is a season."

Terence Knox as John Garrett

  • (Terence Knox) "Micah -- did you see what happened?"
  • (Ryan Bollman) "Some of it."
  • (Terence Knox) "Like what?"
  • (Ryan Bollman) "My parents."
  • (Terence Knox) "You saw what happened to them?"
  • (Ryan Bollman) "I saw the corn."
  • (Terence Knox) "What, were they out in the cornfield?"
  • (Ryan Bollman) "Their blood was for the corn."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, ragman, how's it going? I love that piece you did on JFK and his secret marriage to Rock Hudson, that was some journalism."
  • (Terence Knox) "Alright, alright. Anyways, what happened around here?"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, a bunch of kids killed all the adults in town. Just your basic Sunday afternoon in the biblebelt."
  • (Terence Knox) "(Finds two co-workers murdered) All right, don't try and tell me that some God damn poisoned corn did this. Now you level with me -- what in the f*** is going on here?"
  • (Ned Romero) "Einstein was right. We didn't evolve out of random chance. There is a higher power controlling all of this. My ancestors believed in a God of the earth, a God who seeks revenge for the wrongs done to the earth. This is what's happened."
  • (Terence Knox) "Bulls***. That's your answer? That God did this? That God's pissed?"
  • (Ned Romero) "You've got a better one?"
  • (Unnamed) "I'll be heading the investigation into the Indian murder. And there's still some folks that think the only good Indian is a dead Indian."
  • (Terence Knox) "f*** you, pencil-dick."
  • (Terence Knox) "(Startled) Who are you and what are you doing in here?"
  • (Ned Romero) "Now isn't that just like a white man? Assumes he has the right to be here an no one else does."
  • (Terence Knox) "Okay, let's try it another way. What do you know about all this?"
  • (Ned Romero) "I know you're John Garrett, reporter for the World Enquirer. You're thirty-five years old; -in April; -and you weigh a hundred and eighty-five pounds."
  • (Terence Knox) "How in the hell do you know all that about me?"
  • (Ned Romero) "Even in a ghost town -- don't leave your wallet in a car that's not locked."

Christie Clark as Lacey

  • (Christie Clark) "You little bastard."
  • (Ryan Bollman) "(To Danny) First, cut out her tongue. Then, when her pitiful protestations are silenced, carve out her heart."
  • (Rosalind Allen) "For God's sake, Danny."

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