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Chuck Versus Agent X Quotes

Chuck Versus Agent X is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Chuck Versus Agent X ended in 1970.

It features "Blow (Kesha song)" by Kesha in charge of musical score.

Chuck Versus Agent X Quotes

  • (Unnamed) "You're like the mother I never had."
  • (Ms. Winterbone) "Oh -- and charming to boot. Come one, let's find your team so we can go out the back door."
  • (Unnamed) "You know how to feed on of these things?"
  • (Ms. Winterbone) "Please, you're feeding me."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm planning on having a good man-to-man talk as soon as we get to Vegas. I mean it's the perfect place to have a sincere, heartfelt conversation."
  • (Unnamed) "You really have never been to Vegas, have you?"
  • (Unnamed) "I was going to use this to find Agent X."
  • (Unnamed) "Ellie, you've found him. You're looking at the first human Intersect. It's me."
  • (Unnamed) "No, not unless he gave it to you before you were born. November 21, 1980."
  • (Unnamed) "What? There was an Intersect before Chuck?"
  • (Unnamed) "Ellie, wait. We need to talk. Ellie, listen this can't wait. Okay? My; my employers know about; about your father's computer. And; and I have to take it to a secure -location. Right now."
  • (Unnamed) "What? Why? What happened?"
  • (Unnamed) "How are the spears coming?"
  • (Unnamed) "You are lucky we didn't kill you with these spears. They are really sharp."
  • (Unnamed) "I feel so bad for those mercenaries right about now. Zah."
  • (Unnamed) "You ought to. They're dead."
  • (Unnamed) "Dead? Well, what are these for?"
  • (Unnamed) "They kept you out of my way."
  • (Unnamed) "Chuck, I am so sorry that I let Ellie touch your dad's computer."
  • (Unnamed) "Chuck, I am so sorry that I let this guy plan your bachelor party."
  • (Unnamed) "Ooo. Um, is that gun? No."
  • (Unnamed) "I could be as funs as Vegas. 'Cause this weekend is-is about bonding after all, isn't it?"
  • (Unnamed) "No. No it isn't."
  • (Unnamed) "Not at all. It's about mistakes and gambling. And; and getting into some weird stuff that just may haunt you the rest of your life."
  • (Unnamed) "Amen, Michael."
  • (Unnamed) "I-I don't think that we're supposed to stop here, Chuck. I-I don't think we're supposed to just find Agent X. We're supposed to fix him. This isn't for the CIA to solve, Chuck. I think this is for us."
  • (Unnamed) "This isn't my bag. This is Devon's bag. He must've taken it by mistake."
  • (Unnamed) "You know, it's okay. There is nothing to worry about. Nobody's in any danger."
  • (Unnamed) "Okay."
  • (Unnamed) "You are my future step-father. This will not stand. Now come on; we're men. Men who take what's theirs. You have to march into that house, slam your fist on the counter. And then you look at my mother in the eye and you say "Bologna, I am so sorry woman -- but I have to work at the Buy More all weekend." You see, this way when she asks me, I'll say "Yeah, we have all this new inventory and we have to work around the clock." Boom."
  • (Unnamed) "Boom."
  • (Unnamed) "Heh."
  • (Unnamed) "The greatest thing -- a white person's ever done for me."
  • (Unnamed) "Okay, we need to think of this weekend like a war."
  • (Unnamed) "Now you're talking my language."
  • (Unnamed) "When we get there, we immediately take over the Strip."
  • (Unnamed) "And I-I-I don't think there should be any secrets between the two of us."
  • (Unnamed) "I've been working on something secret. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to worry."
  • (Unnamed) "I know about dad's laptop, and his research. Mom told me."
  • (Unnamed) "So why are we here?"
  • (Unnamed) "You're still a spy."

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