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Chuck Versus the Anniversary Quotes

Chuck Versus the Anniversary is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Chuck Versus the Anniversary ended its run in 1970.

It features "Howlin' For You" by Black Keys in charge of musical score.

Chuck Versus the Anniversary Quotes

  • (Sarah Walker) "Well, he made a promise to his sister. Chuck doesn't want to be a spy and lie about it too."
  • (John Casey) "Your boyfriend needs soem big boy pants. He's a spy. He's good at it."
  • (Sarah Walker) "I know, Casey. You miss him too."
  • (John Casey) "WHAT? I don't miss him."
  • (Ellie Bartowski) "I'm really happy right now, Chuck. I mean I'm starting a family; a new family. And you have Sarah, and you're safe. And; just; I'm really so happy now."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "I couldn't tell her, not now. She doesn't want me to be a spy. But our dad gave me this mission to find our mom. To know the truth. I can't not do this. I have to do this."
  • (Sarah Walker) "That's not being a spy. That's being a brother."
  • (Marco) "I must break you."
  • (John Casey) "And with that single flash, we might just be able to take him down. Good to have you back."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Oh, I'm not staying."
  • (Sarah Walker) "I think he misses you."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Oh I know he does."
  • (Sarah Walker) "No lying; that was our rule."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "In all fairness, I was just; you know, keeping a secret. I wasn't lying."
  • (Sarah Walker) "New rule: No secrets. No lies."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Starting now."
  • (Sarah Walker) "Starting now."
  • (Marco) "Well, it all seemed a bit -- anti-climatic."
  • (John Casey) "I'm going to tear you limb from limb from limb."
  • (Marco) "Okay, I got it. Somebody please shoot this guy."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Hello?"
  • (Marco) "Yes. Who is it?"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Look, you clearly have no idea who I am since you only sent ten of your men to take care of me. So let me break it down for you: if you touch a hair on Sarah's head, I will do to you what I've just done to your men. Do you understand? I'm coming down there now."
  • (Sarah Walker) "Where are we?"
  • (John Casey) "Desolation, frostbite. Must be Russia."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "But today has been a strange, uh, day of interviews."
  • (Interviewer) "Really? How?"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Well, for starters, uh have you ever had anyone fall asleep in an interview?"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Just after that, person sitting in your position got a little sick."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Just after that, the interviewer started going into convulsions."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "The last interview I just came from, they; they told me they were going for a cup of coffee and they never came back."
  • (Sarah Walker) "But Chuck, you know what this means. You're going to have to rejoin the agency, and be a spy."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "I know. The question is: do we tell Beckman about my mom?"
  • (Sarah Walker) "No. Not yet. Chuck, what abou your sister? What are you going to tell Ellie?"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "I have to tell her the truth. I have to tell her that I am a spy."
  • (Sarah Walker) "Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?"
  • (John Casey) "-- No."
  • (John Casey) "I either leave or they die."
  • (Harry) "You young, over-sexed, underworked kids. You don't mess with the Repo Man. NOT EVER."
  • (Marco) "If you die, you die."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "If I set off the EMP, it disables the building then we walk out of here."
  • (Sarah Walker) "But Chuck, the computer. You will lose the file. You might never find your mom."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Yeah, well, it's not worth losing you -- any of you."
  • (Marco) "Please. I have a family."
  • (Mary Elizabeth Bartowski) "So do I."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Um, hello. My name is Chuck Bartowski. And uh, funny, I-I used to work here."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "You still do work here."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "Hello Chuck. Welcome back."
  • (Sarah Walker) "Chuck, listen to me. You do not have to be a spy."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Oh no. No. No. I know. Yeah."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Beckman just offered me a position and I turned her down."
  • (Sarah Walker) "How did she react?"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Well;"

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