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Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff Quotes

Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff ended its run in 1970.

It features "In A City Without Seasons" by The One AM Radio in charge of musical score.

Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff Quotes

  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Damn it. You still have the DNA of the world's most evil weapon's dealer. You are a villain, sir. Your name strikes fear in even the toughest of swine. And that name is --"
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "Alexei Volkoff."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "You say like you mean it."
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "My name is -- Alexei -- Volkoff. World'd biggest bad-ass. Killer of men. Conqueror of nations."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Game. Gun. Clock."
  • (John Casey) "I respect that you don't want to tell your mother the truth, but you had to come up with a compromise. I can't be there on the day."
  • (Alex McHugh) "Unless --"
  • (John Casey) "Unless we tell your mom the truth; that I'm alive."
  • (Alex McHugh) "Yeah, tell her the truth -- Oh that scares me."
  • (John Casey) "Spies have secrets. If you're gonna take it to the next level with Walker, you have to understand that. Sign the papers. Be cool."
  • (Morgan Grimes) "Yeah Chuck, be cool."
  • (Ellie Bartowski) "Look at this. This Intersect Project; downloading information into the human brain; amazing stuff."
  • (Mary Bartowski) "I've never heard of it."
  • (Ellie Bartowski) "Do you think that dad had the Intersect up and running with this Agent X?"
  • (Mary Bartowski) "I really don't know, honey. I don't know."
  • (Sarah Walker) "No, I-I don't keep secrets from you. It's just; uh, family stuff."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Get it. Done."
  • (Sarah Walker) "Yeah. Cool."
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "The thorium's in a Swiss Military Bunker. The locks are coded to my DNA. We fly at midnight. Fuel my jet."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "You don't have a jet."
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "-- Of course. Old thinking. It creeps back."
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "I was going to tell her all my secrets. We were going to be partners; not anymore."
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "Velcome to the future."
  • (Mary Bartowski) "-- And the progress she's making, and her access, it's almost as if your father intended for her to find out about the Intersect."
  • (John Casey) "What is it, Grimes? Spill."
  • (Morgan Grimes) "An invite to Alex's graduation. Look, she desperately wanted to invite you, all right? But, technically speaking, in her mother's eyes anyway, you are still sort of; well, mostly dead. She just can't."
  • (John Casey) "Stupid of me to think otherwise."
  • (John Casey) "You can't trust a Limey with good teeth."
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "Remember: family and friends are everything. Money, greed, and power are a dance with Satan. And he looks like me."
  • (Sarah Walker) ""I, Sarah Walker, promise to"
  • (Sarah Walker) "Always love Chuck Bartowski. In return he will always love me.""
  • (Sarah Walker) "I can't read the fine print."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Fine print says "I promise Chuck, that I will not even contemplate the word 'divorce.' I will never use my Pre-Nup." I already signed it."
  • (Sarah Walker) "Why didn't you tell us that Ellyus hates you?"
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "Everyone hates me. I accept that."
  • (Sarah Walker) "General, what is this?"
  • (John Casey) "Normally, not the one to question authority, General."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "Not the time to start. Mr. Volkoff --"
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "Thank you."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "Please brief the team."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "Washington is hungry to expand the Intersect Program and Ellie has a lot of material that our best technicians couldn't get near. We've never even heard of Agent X."
  • (Mary Bartowski) "Neither have I. But that does not mean it's related to the Intersect."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "Still, it seems like Ellie has exclusive access. The Director wants her to keep working."
  • (Mary Bartowski) "Diane, she's not a spy. She's my daughter."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "Mary, I'm sorry. But this comes from the top."
  • (Vivian Volkoff) ""Trust no one." You taught me that."
  • (Alexei Volkoff) "Doesn't include me."
  • (Vivian Volkoff) "There was only one man my father was ever afraid of; one threat to Volkoff Industries. He went by the name Agent X. I'm going to track him down and kill him. Then no one can touch me ever again."

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