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Churchill: The Hollywood Years Quotes

Churchill: The Hollywood Years is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Churchill: The Hollywood Years ended its run in 1970.

It features Jonathan Cavendish (producer) as producer, Simon Boswell in charge of musical score, and Cinders Forshaw as head of cinematography.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Churchill: The Hollywood Years is 84 min. long. Churchill: The Hollywood Years is distributed by Pathe Films.

The cast includes: Leslie Phillips as Lord W'ruff, Vic Reeves as Bendle, Bob Mortimer as Potter, Antony Sher as Hitler, Steve Pemberton as Chester, Christian Slater as Winston Churchill, Sally Phillips as Waitress, Jessica Oyelowo as Princess Margret, Phil Cornwell as Martin Boorman, Steve O'Donnell as Goering, Miranda Richardson as Eva Braun, Mackenzie Crook as Jimmy Charoo, and Brian Perkins as Radio Presenter.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years Quotes

Sally Phillips as Waitress

  • (Sally Phillips) "You keep your sticky fingers off me back-bums."

Bob Mortimer as Potter

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Miranda Richardson as Eva Braun

  • (Miranda Richardson) "God. You are so anal. "Aaanal Adolf." That's what all your friends call you."
  • (Antony Sher) "I have no friends."

Steve O'Donnell as Goering

  • (Steve O'Donnell) "My name is Hermann Goering, you Schweinhund."
  • (Steve O'Donnell) "Drive on. Drive. Leave him."
  • (Steve O'Donnell) "Ptwerh."

Leslie Phillips as Lord W'ruff

  • (Unnamed) "You're a madman. I've suddenly realised who you are. I seen you a film. And, you had this shoe. Ahhh-a-and, you ate it. Ha, ha. Ah, disgusting. He absolutely disgusting."
  • (Unnamed) "I say, stay away from this chap. He's an absolute fruit."
  • (Unnamed) "Ah, Chaplin. That's it. Good man, Chaplin."
  • (Leslie Phillips) "The German Chancellor, Sir. He's just invaded France."
  • (Unnamed) "G-good. 'bout time someone did."
  • (Unnamed) "Well it very nice to meet you, Mr Heffner."

Christian Slater as Winston Churchill

  • (Christian Slater) "Here we go, Chester. Blood, sweat, 'n toil."
  • (Steve Pemberton) "Good luck, Mr Churchill. Win the war for us, won't you, Sir?"
  • (Christian Slater) "You bet. God bless America."
  • (Steve Pemberton) "I wish I was American."
  • (Unnamed) "You cant be judge, jury, and executioner at the same time. It's just not the American way."
  • (Christian Slater) "Hey, you'll never get to be President if you're runnin' that kinda policy."
  • (Christian Slater) "Okay. Now whats it all about, Alfie? Huh? What'd they tease you at school? Is that it? Is that why you gotta make the whole f***in' world pay? C'mon, tell me your story. I'm all f***in' ears, man. C'mon, asshole."
  • (Antony Sher) "What is this with you Americans, with the: "focking this" and "focking that" and "up the bott" an' "in the ass"? You can't even say this word properly as the English taught you, it is; "arse". "Arse." "Arse." Und jaaa, Sherlock Holmes, I waaas teased at school, but, I got over it. I breaked up the teachers in that school and set fire to it."
  • (Christian Slater) "Well, that's a real nice story. But now, it's time for you to kiss your "arse"; goodbye."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, I'm just a token black guy in this war?"
  • (Christian Slater) "Exactly. Now get outta here before we run out of cliches."

Brian Perkins as Radio Presenter

  • (Brian Perkins) "And, oh, here comes Satan. I mean, Josef Goebbels. Dressed in a magnificent black cloak, and horns."

Antony Sher as Hitler

  • (Antony Sher) "Oooh, Waaaffles. Oh, my little Waffles. Little Liebchin, Waffles. My wuffly, puffly, woofly, poofly. Woof, woof, woof. Little Waffles, my little aeroplane. Yes, you are."
  • (Antony Sher) "What is this with you Americans? With the f***ing this and f***ing that and up ze butt and in ze ass. You can't even say this word proberly, as the English taught you. It is arse, arse arse."
  • (Antony Sher) "I am The Fuerher. I'd like you to know I have a complete set of testicles."
  • (Unnamed) "One is very pleased to hear that."
  • (Antony Sher) "Today at 3:00, we will be married. It will be a perfect marriage between the glorious 1000 year Reich und the British Empire. Und by 6:00 you will be installed in a glorious new Schloss deep underground in Hannover. Half a mile of reinforced concrete will lie between you and the; shops. You will want for nothing. You will have four sons; one every five months. They will be named: Adolf, Randolf, Gandolf, und little Ralf; who will be our favourite, until he gets too big; and then we will have him put down."

Jessica Oyelowo as Princess Margret

  • (Unnamed) "Our country needs us; desperately."
  • (Jessica Oyelowo) "Well, you go and fight the Germans then, Ms Lilly Perfect bitch."

Mackenzie Crook as Jimmy Charoo

  • (Mackenzie Crook) "'ere, I've half a mind to give you a bit of a"
  • (Mackenzie Crook) "knee trembler right now."
  • (Sally Phillips) "Ooh. You keep your sticky fingers off my back buns."

Vic Reeves as Bendle

  • (Vic Reeves) "What would you like you lovely big lump?"
  • (Steve O'Donnell) "Two huge flagons of wine and -- a pig. Stuffed with a chicken and -- put a couple of steaks on its ears."

Phil Cornwell as Martin Boorman

  • (Unnamed) "Mein Fuehrer. It's such an honour to be the pilot who flies you here on such a top secret mission; a secret that I will not impart to a living soul."
  • (Leslie Phillips) "Please, let me take your bags."
  • (Leslie Phillips) "Wh-Wha-what a funny thing."

Steve Pemberton as Chester

  • (Steve Pemberton) "Good luck, Mr. Churchill. Win the war for us, won't you sir?"
  • (Christian Slater) "You bet. God bless America."
  • (Steve Pemberton) "I wish I was American."

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