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Cinderella III: A Twist in Time Quotes

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Cinderella III: A Twist in Time ended its run in 1970.

It features Margot Pipkin as producer, and Joel McNeely in charge of musical score.

Each episode of Cinderella III: A Twist in Time is 75 minutes long. Cinderella III: A Twist in Time is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Tami Tappan as Cinderella, Russi Taylor as Drizella, Tami Tappan as King, and Corey Burton as Gus.

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time Quotes

Tami Tappan as Cinderella

  • (Anastasia) "This is the real Cinderella, your one true love."
  • (Prince Charming) "It's you."
  • (Anastasia) "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo."
  • (Tami Tappan) "I can't take much more of this."
  • (Tami Tappan) "Anastasia --"
  • (Tami Tappan) "Thank you."
  • (Tami Tappan) "Bibbidi -- Bobbidi --"
  • (Anastasia) "-- Boo"
  • (Tami Tappan) "Bad kitty."
  • (Jaq) "Now what are we going to do?"
  • (Tami Tappan) "Well I'm not going to miss my own wedding."
  • (Tami Tappan) "Son. Come back. We'll find you a doctor. We'll have you leeched."
  • (Tami Tappan) "I trust you son, it's the talking mice I'm worried about."
  • (Tami Tappan) "You think there's only one woman in the whole kingdom who wears a size four-and-a-half?"
  • (Prince Charming) "It's all I have to go on here."
  • (Tami Tappan) "But -- it was me."
  • (Tami Tappan) "I've always dreamed, that my life could be like a fairy tale, a perfect fantasy. But it was nothing more than a dream."
  • (Tami Tappan) "Keep in mind I'm an old man and my heart can only take so much. Please, please, please, tell me that this is the girl you intend to marry."
  • (Prince Charming) "All the stars are shining brighter, Dad, just like you said."
  • (Prince Charming) "Would my perfectly, perfect wife put her on perfectly fitting shoes?"
  • (Tami Tappan) "You found my shoes."
  • (Prince Charming) "Better hurry. Fairy Godmother's waiting."
  • (Tami Tappan) "What were the mice using them for this time?"
  • (Prince Charming) "Boats."
  • (Anastasia) "Your majesty, I don't deserve this."
  • (Tami Tappan) "Everybody deserves true love."
  • (Tami Tappan) "And they lived happily ever after -- again."

Russi Taylor as Drizella

  • (Stepmother) "It's not over yet."
  • (Russi Taylor) "What."
  • (Stepmother) "He thinks he can ruin my plans I think not."
  • (Anastasia) "Who."
  • (Stepmother) "The prince he's gone after Cinderella."
  • (Anastasia) "But I thought he loved me."
  • (Russi Taylor) "MOTHER."
  • (Anastasia) "This is the answer to all our problems."
  • (Stepmother) "A stick?"
  • (Russi Taylor) "Ooo, let's beat her with it."
  • (Anastasia) "Ah. It fits. Oh, Mother. Mother, it fits."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Gee, I wonder if it fits --"
  • (Stepmother) "Anastasia where you been?"
  • (Russi Taylor) "Slacking off again."

Corey Burton as Gus

  • (Jaq) "We got to pump up the party."
  • (Corey Burton) "Yeah."
  • (Jaq) "Starting now."
  • (Prince Charming) "So you say I'm under a magic spell."
  • (Jaq) "And here's the worse part."
  • (Jaq) "When Cinderelly tried her best to take a stand."
  • (Corey Burton) "Take a stand."
  • (Jaq) "Mean old lady had her banished from the land."

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