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Clash by Night Quotes

Clash by Night is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Clash by Night completed its run in 1970.

It features Jerry Wald as producer, Roy Webb in charge of musical score, and Nicholas Musuraca as head of cinematography.

Clash by Night is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

The cast includes: Barbara Stanwyck as Mae Doyle D'Amato, Marilyn Monroe as Peggy, Robert Ryan as Earl Pfeiffer, Keith Andes as Joe Doyle, Paul Douglas as Jerry D'Amato, and J. Carrol Naish as Uncle Vince.

Clash by Night Quotes

Barbara Stanwyck as Mae Doyle D'Amato

  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Jerry. If you come any closer to me I'll smash your face in with the first thing I can lay my hands on."
  • (Paul Douglas) "You're no good."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Aren't there any more comfortable men in this world? Now they're all little and nervous like sparrows or big and worried like sick bears. Men."
  • (Robert Ryan) "Women."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Home is where you come when you run out of places."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "I'm tired of looking after men, I want to be looked after --"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Is that what you want from a man?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Confidence. I want a man to give me confidence, somebody to fight off the blizzards and the floods, somebody to beat off the world when it tries to swallow you up. Huh, me and my ideas."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "What do you want, Joe, my life's history? Here it is in four words: big ideas, small results."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "You don't like women, do you?"
  • (Robert Ryan) "Take any six of 'em; my wife included. Throw 'em up in the air. The one who sticks to the ceiling, I like."

Robert Ryan as Earl Pfeiffer

  • (Robert Ryan) "Love is rotten when it happens like this; the hard way. But we want each other, this is the fire we have to walk through, because this is forever, Mae."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Forever?"
  • (Robert Ryan) "Or until he sticks a knife in me, or you walk out."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "How could I walk out?"
  • (Robert Ryan) "And do the next thing, get away from here. If you have a dream, live it. If you have a hope, chase it."
  • (Robert Ryan) "Jerry's the salt of the earth; but he's not the right seasoning for you."
  • (Robert Ryan) "Like the show?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "She's beautiful."
  • (Robert Ryan) "Who? That celluloid angel you just saw? They oughta cut her up a little bit; she'd look more interesting."
  • (Paul Douglas) "Cut her up?"
  • (Robert Ryan) "Didn't you ever wanna cut up a beautiful dame?"
  • (Paul Douglas) "No."
  • (Robert Ryan) "Jeremiah, you're a simple man."
  • (Robert Ryan) "Mae; what do you really think of me?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "You impress me as a man who needs a new suit of clothes or a new love affair; but he doesn't know which."
  • (Robert Ryan) "You can't make me any smaller. I happen to be pre-shrunk."
  • (Robert Ryan) "Congratulations. I'm glad you put the guy out of his misery."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Since when did you start recommending marriage?"
  • (Robert Ryan) "Since I got my divorce."

Paul Douglas as Jerry D'Amato

  • (Paul Douglas) "That Mae is some dancer. Me, I'm like a hippo on two feet."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah, MY two feet."
  • (Paul Douglas) "I'm real glad you came back home Mae."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Why?"
  • (Paul Douglas) "I like you; you know that."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "You don't know anything about me. What kind of an animal am I? Do I have fangs? Do I purr? What jungle am I from? You don't know a thing about me."
  • (Paul Douglas) "Get something for that headache."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah, a new head."

Keith Andes as Joe Doyle

  • (Keith Andes) "Why didn't you come home before?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Why didn't I go to China? Some things you do, some things you don't."
  • (Keith Andes) "Maybe you'd like to go with her."
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "Maybe."
  • (Keith Andes) "That ring on your finger; what'd you put it there for? A decoration?"
  • (Marilyn Monroe) "She has a right to do what she wants to if she's in love."
  • (Keith Andes) "In love. Listen to me, blondie. The woman I marry, she don't take me on a wait and see basis. I ain't a dress she's bringin' home from the store to see if it fits and if it don't, back it goes. In my book marriage is a two-way proposition: you're just as much responsible as I am. So, that little eye is gonna roam -- if what you think is Joe's alright until somethin' better comes along -- honey, you better take another streetcar. Well, what's it gonna be?"

J. Carrol Naish as Uncle Vince

  • (J. Carrol Naish) "Nobody wants kids around -- they clutter up the house."

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