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Club Dread Quotes

Club Dread is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Club Dread ended in 1970.

It features Richard Perello as producer, Nathan Barr in charge of musical score, and Lawrence Sher as head of cinematography.

Club Dread is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Club Dread is 103 minutes long. Club Dread is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The cast includes: Brittany Daniel as Jenny, Kevin Heffernan as Lars Bronkhorst, Jay Chandrasekhar as Putman Livingston, Steve Lemme as Juan, Kevin Heffernan as Lars, Jay Chandrasekhar as Putman, Bill Paxton as Coconut Pete, Paul Soter as Dave, Samm Levine as Dirk, Steve Lemme as Juan Castillo, Tanja Reichert as Kellie, Dan Montgomery, Jr. as Rolo, Erik Stolhanske as Sam, and Nat Faxon as Manny.

Club Dread Quotes

Jay Chandrasekhar as Putman

  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "David, you hated him for killing your parents. You see, what none of us did know, what none of us could know, was that David's parents were trampled to death at a Coconut Pete concert."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "What the hell's wrong with you Putman? Everyone knows Dave's parents got killed at a Pete show."
  • (Steve Lemme) "Way to bring up on a sore subject."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Mmm. Mmm. Mmmm."
  • (Paul Soter) "Are you trying to tell us something boy? Is Timmy trapped in the well?"
  • (Steve Lemme) "Follow thee banana, follow thee banana."
  • (The Killer (Putman Livingston)) "Take that bag off your head, love, and give us a kiss."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Wha --"
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "You've manacled me to my death-bed, you Piccadilly whore."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "I was Andre Agassi's tennis partner for a week. I'm the one who taught 'Dre how to play Cocks and Quarters. Can you believe he'd never played Cocks and Quarters?"

Kevin Heffernan as Lars

  • (Kevin Heffernan) "Back off, fun pig. You wanna fun-f***ing-arrest me? You better get a fun-f***ing-warrant. Otherwise, stay outta my -- fun-f***ing-face."
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "I guess now they'll kick me out of the Pacifists Club."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Or just ask you nicely to leave."

Bill Paxton as Coconut Pete

  • (Bill Paxton) "If it isn't to much to ask, have sex with the guests. Cause some of em aren't bad lookin."
  • (Bill Paxton) "Son-of-a-son-of-a-bitch."
  • (Bill Paxton) "You think Eddie Money has to put up with this s***?"

Brittany Daniel as Jenny

  • (Brittany Daniel) "Amy Aerobics accidentally swallowed some rat poison."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Aren't you bringing any weapons?"
  • (Kevin Heffernan) "I have all the weapons I need."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "Piss on that. I'm bringing a ma-she-tay."

Steve Lemme as Juan

  • (Steve Lemme) "At least I wore a comdom."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "You told me they were against your religion."
  • (Steve Lemme) "Uuuhhhh -- I'm going to go find Pe-ne-lope."
  • (Steve Lemme) "I may need a few more hours to pump her for information."
  • (Penelope) "You have been very bad today, Juan."
  • (Steve Lemme) "What did I do?"
  • (Penelope) "When you were supposed to be in the maze, you were eating watermelon."
  • (Steve Lemme) "How did you know that?"
  • (Penelope) "Because I see everything, Juan."
  • (Steve Lemme) "You have a beautiful name. Peen-a-lop."
  • (Steve Lemme) "When you jump squeeze your ass cheeks together or water will fly up your butthole and pulverize your intestines."
  • (Steve Lemme) "What the f*** are you, a praying mantis woman?"
  • (Penelope) "Juan, you're bleeding."
  • (Steve Lemme) "You should see the other hombre."
  • (Penelope) "I go to Oral Roberts."
  • (Steve Lemme) "Oral Roberts? Is that like Anal Johnson? Because I have done that a few times. Or was it Dirty Sanchez? Yes. It was that."
  • (Steve Lemme) "Yu and Hank are dead."
  • (Bill Paxton) "-- What did we do?"
  • (Steve Lemme) "No. Yu and Hank are f***ing dead."
  • (Bill Paxton) "Is that a threat?"
  • (Steve Lemme) "You are the f***ing FUN POLICE."
  • (Steve Lemme) "All right then, tell me something. How the hell are we esposed to do our jobs when someone is killing the deek out of everyone here?"

Paul Soter as Dave

  • (Paul Soter) ""Am I the only one who thinks his head looks like an octopus?""
  • (Paul Soter) "What the f*** did you do, man? Costa Rican prison; that's some hardcore anal action, man."
  • (Paul Soter) "If you are the killer, that's cool, just you know don't kill me."
  • (Paul Soter) "Hey, I think something's wrong with the lights."

Erik Stolhanske as Sam

  • (Erik Stolhanske) "Nobody ever suspects the fun police."
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "Did you know I can hold my breath for 3 minutes and 33 seconds?"
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "He couldn't have."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "He's far too large."
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "You know, octopus spelled backwards is supotco. Juan, isn't that Spanish for something?"
  • (Steve Lemme) "Supotco? No. But, the word for shoe is zapato."
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "hmm, shoe."
  • (Jay Chandrasekhar) "What'd I miss?"
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Apparently somebody's going to get killed with a shoe."
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "It's not a party until someone breaks the Jacuzzi."
  • (Erik Stolhanske) "The boat may be hidden under some sticks -- or branches."

Samm Levine as Dirk

  • (Samm Levine) "Yeah I heard you. Something about "cocks and quarters". Yeah, we have that here in the states only we call it "hide the sausage"."
  • (Samm Levine) "No, I'm not an asshole. I'm just young, dumb and full; What the f***? Something just brushed up against my leg."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Oh, my God. What is it?"
  • (Samm Levine) "No. There's seriously something down here. Oh, no, wait. It's just my gigantic cock."

Nat Faxon as Manny

  • (Nat Faxon) "Oh good 'cause I have an announcement to make to Roy: I'm totally bake-aked."

Dan Montgomery, Jr. as Rolo

  • (Dan Montgomery, Jr.) "Hey. What about my nipples?"

Tanja Reichert as Kellie

  • (Tanja Reichert) "I just heard something."
  • (Dan Montgomery, Jr.) "Was it a strange sucking sound?"

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