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Cobb (film) Quotes

Cobb (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Cobb ended its run in 1970.

It features David V. Lester as producer, Elliot Goldenthal in charge of musical score, and Russell Boyd as head of cinematography.

Cobb (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Cobb (film) is 128 min. long. Cobb (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Eloy Casados as Louis Prima, Tommy Lee Jones as Ty Cobb, Robert Wuhl as Al Stump, Lolita Davidovich as Ramona, Lou Myers as Willie, and William Utay as Jameson.

Cobb (film) Quotes

Lolita Davidovich as Ramona

  • (Lolita Davidovich) "Greatness is overrated."
  • (Lolita Davidovich) "Who are you again?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I am the Georgia Peach. I have 4,191 base hits in 11,429 at bats, 920 stolen bases, 2,244 runs scored, and 93 batting records; and I want you to take off every stitch of your clothes."
  • (Lolita Davidovich) "I don't think so."
  • (Lolita Davidovich) "That don't scare me, 'cause if you shoot me, I'll be dead. And you're not gonna screw a dead lady."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I might like it."

Tommy Lee Jones as Ty Cobb

  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Baseball is a red blooded sport for red blooded men. It's no pink tea, and molly-coddles had better stay out -- It's a struggle for supremacy, a survival of the fittest."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "How do you do, Cyclops?"
  • (Umpire) "Shut up, Cobb."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "You're missing an excellent ballgame."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "A ball bat is a wondrous weapon, but you should never grip it at the end if you want balance and control. Learn the fundamentals. The game is a science. Batting is a mental activity, a study in psychology, an observation of little details. Every great batter works on the theory that the pitcher is more afraid of him than he is of the pitcher. The batter owns the plate. The pitcher must come to you. If John McGraw were a young man, I would've killed him. I regret I didn't go to college. I feel I should have been a doctor."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I had to fight all my life to survive. They were all against me, but I beat the bastards and left them in the ditch."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "'Cobb, a prince among men, misunderstood in his genius, as genius always is' --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "This is the second line from what will be the greatest biography of a great man ever written; type it."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Know ye that a prince and a great man has fallen this day."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Baseball was one-hundred-percent of my life."

Robert Wuhl as Al Stump

  • (Robert Wuhl) "All right, listen, you son of a bitch. If you die before the book is finished, I'll write the story I want."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I ain't gonna die before the story's finished."
  • (Robert Wuhl) "I'll write slow."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I'll die slow."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Now get your clothes on, we're gonna go get some p*****."
  • (Robert Wuhl) "I gotta put your family in my book."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Your book? MY book. And nothing about my ex-wives or my children is going to be in it. My book is about baseball."
  • (Robert Wuhl) "My book is about Cobb."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Cobb is Baseball."
  • (Robert Wuhl) "I didn't know what I was getting into with this job."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "s***. Will you stop explaining yourself, and stand by your damn convictions? You beat the great Ty Cobb; I respect that, but if you're gonna print it, print it all. My second son weighed 300 pounds. Died in the arms of a whore in Paso Robles, California. My other son, lost all track of him. My two ex-wives won't speak to me, and my daughter, you know god**** well won't speak to me, and Ty Cobb"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "can't get it up anymore. Print it all."
  • (William Utay) "Is there anything you'd like today, sir?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I want everything back I took out of Bethlehem Steel, and I want it all now."
  • (William Utay) "Right away, sir."
  • (Robert Wuhl) "This is all confusing."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "It is not confusing. It's simple; you won. You go ahead and tell the whole wide world that the greatest ballplayer who ever lived is also the greatest bastard. Eureka. Who f***ing cares?"
  • (Robert Wuhl) "We call ourselves writers. All we do is sit around talking about baseball and getting drunk a lot. You call that writing?"

Lou Myers as Willie

  • (Lou Myers) "And you sir, you should leave this disgusting, wretched, sorry son of a motherf***er; immediately. Good evening."

Eloy Casados as Louis Prima

  • (Eloy Casados) "With all the great players playing ball right now, how well do you think you would do against today's pitchers?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Well, I figure against today's pitchers I'd only probably hit about.290"
  • (Eloy Casados) ".290? Well that's amazing, because you batted over.400 a -- a whole bunch of times. Now tell us all, we'd all like to know, why do you think you'd only hit.290?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Well, I'm 72 f***ing years old you ignorant son of a bitch."

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