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Congo Bill (serial) Quotes

Congo Bill (serial) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Congo Bill stopped airing in 1970.

Congo Bill (serial) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Congo Bill (serial) is 15 chapters long. Congo Bill (serial) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Knox Manning as Narrator, Stephen Carr as Tom McGraw, I. Stanford Jolley as Bernie McGraw, Leonard Penn as Andre Bocar, Charles King as Kleeg, Fred Graham as Villabo, Don McGuire as Congo Bill, Cleo Moore as Lureen, and Armida Vendrell as Zalea.

Congo Bill (serial) Quotes

Don McGuire as Congo Bill

  • (Don McGuire) "Mr. Bocar, what's your business; besides attempted murder?"
  • (Don McGuire) "This is quite a playroom."
  • (Charles King) "We use it to entertain our special guests. We have a very unusual program for those caught stealing."
  • (Don McGuire) "You're Ruth Culver. Across this valley, beyond the great sea, in a land we like to call civilization, there are two valuable things which belong to you."
  • (Cleo Moore) "Why are they valuable?"
  • (Don McGuire) "They represent wealth; the finest there is. A half million dollars in trust which is being held for you."
  • (Cleo Moore) "What use is there in such wealth in this valley? We have everything we need."
  • (Don McGuire) "There is also a great business which is yours; a business in which many people are active -- and many jungle animals."
  • (Cleo Moore) "We have such animals here and the people of my tribe are active, too."
  • (Don McGuire) "You have a good point there."

Stephen Carr as Tom McGraw

  • (Stephen Carr) "In a year, the trust fund and the estate will be ours unless an heir to the Culver estate is found."
  • (I. Stanford Jolley) "There's no chance of that. You know as well as I do that Culver and his whole family disappeared in Africa years ago. If there'd been a survivor, we'd have heard about it."
  • (Stephen Carr) "If there was a survivor and someone knew about it, they might want to get rid of us and put in a claim for the estate."
  • (I. Stanford Jolley) "Hey, I hadn't thought of that. That might account for the accident tonight."
  • (Stephen Carr) "Yes, that's why we have to find out definitely if there's a Culver heir."

Armida Vendrell as Zalea

  • (Armida Vendrell) "Is this an American game?"
  • (Don McGuire) "Well, what are you going to do about it?"
  • (Armida Vendrell) "I could call for help."
  • (Don McGuire) "But you don't think you need to, huh?"
  • (Armida Vendrell) "I'm sure it's something you and I could handle."

Charles King as Kleeg

  • (Charles King) "Bocar, you misjudge me. You know I'm an easy-going man, honest and ready to help."
  • (Leonard Penn) "Mm-hmm; for a price."

Leonard Penn as Andre Bocar

  • (Leonard Penn) "Why didn't you get the gold?"
  • (Fred Graham) "That witch doctor, Nagu, didn't bring any to the place we always met him."
  • (Leonard Penn) "Why not?"
  • (Fred Graham) "He was afraid to. Says his boss is getting suspicious of him."
  • (Leonard Penn) "His boss? You mean that white princess they call Lureen?"
  • (Fred Graham) "yeah. She's more than a princess; she's queen of the whole Lost Tribe and has authority enough to make even the witch doctor watch his step."
  • (Leonard Penn) "I want some men -- some able men."
  • (Charles King) "Those who frequent my establishment, as you can see, are far from able."

Knox Manning as Narrator

  • (Knox Manning) "With no regard for his personal safety, Congo Bill has never hesitated to risk his life to track down and capture even the most ferocious beasts of the jungle with power and speed beyond human conception. Even though trapped, these savage animals must still be trained adding new hazards to Congo Bill's thrill-packed career. A dangerous way of life, he would not trade it for any other."

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