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Cop Out (2010 film) Quotes

Cop Out (2010 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Cop Out ended its run in 1970.

It features Marc E. Platt, Polly Johnsen, and Michael Tadross as producer, Harold Faltermeyer in charge of musical score, and Dave Klein (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Cop Out (2010 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Cop Out (2010 film) is 107 minutes long. Cop Out (2010 film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Tracy Morgan as Paul Hodges, Bruce Willis as Jimmy Monroe, Seann William Scott as Dave, Guillermo Díaz as Poh Boy, Michelle Trachtenberg as Ava, Adam Brody as Barry Mangold, Kevin Pollak as Hunsaker, and Rashida Jones as Eddie.

Cop Out (2010 film) Quotes

Bruce Willis as Jimmy Monroe

  • (Bruce Willis) "I been where you are."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Roy?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "C'mere, man"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "You look like you need a hug."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Whoa. You really read that one wrong."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "It's just that I'm vulnerable, man."
  • (Bruce Willis) "How long she been in there?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "I don't know, does this mean that we're not broken up any more?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "What are you, in the fifth grade?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "You ready?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "I'm ready."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Let's go be great."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Do you ever listen to yourself sometimes?"
  • (Priest) "Who give this bride away?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "I do."
  • (Michelle Trachtenberg) "I love you."
  • (Bruce Willis) "You know how tired we are from killing all your friends?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "You beat up a kid?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "I needed the bike."
  • (Captain Romans) "You can see it on youtube if you want."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Really? What, the youtube?"
  • (Captain Romans) "Good job."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Captain, how many hits I get?"
  • (Captain Romans) "There's at least two, the Chief of Police and the Deputy Chief."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Get him?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "His head is not there. Is it counted?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "This guy's the biggest car thief in Brooklyn, let's be careful"
  • (Tommy) "You just scratched my ride."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "What the hell are you doin', Tommy?"
  • (Tommy) "I'm drivin', bitch."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Get out o' the car."
  • (Tommy) "Is it I'm black?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "No. Cause you're TEN."
  • (Tommy) "Eleven."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Get out o' the car."
  • (Tommy) "I was wearin' my seatbelt."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Get out o' the car, you little re-peat offender."
  • (Tommy) "f***."
  • (Bruce Willis) "What do you do?"
  • (Hourly Housekeeper) "Housekeeping."
  • (Rashida Jones) "She's an hourly housekeeper. Hou -- Hourly rate. Housekeeper."

Tracy Morgan as Paul Hodges

  • (Tracy Morgan) "f***in' monocle wearin' mother f***er."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "That's her gay cousin."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Captain, your heart. It's an ice box."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Yippie-ki-yay, motherf***er."
  • (Bruce Willis) "I've never seen that movie before."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Don't even look at me like that. You're just a bear. Shut the f*** up."
  • (Tommy) "What?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "You know, I'm gonna smack the black off you."
  • (Tommy) "You can't do anything to me"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Talk. About the stolen Mercedes-Benz."
  • (Tommy) "I'm not tellin' you nothin'"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "No, you gonna tell me somethin' or I'm gonna --"
  • (Bruce Willis) "I told ya be careful."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Paul, did you just punch a little child?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "There's things you don't know about me, Jim, I'll f*** a little kid up if he kicked me in the dick."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "I just wanna get you pregnant, you know? My daughter gonna come out like 11 pounds, twenty ounces, runnin, around the house with the doo doo pampers on."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Now we need to know about the Mercedez"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "that was stolen a couple o' nights ago, in the back of a Mini-Mart, in Bay Ridge."
  • (Tommy) "I ain't tellin' you s***. You can't DO s***, cause I'm a miiiinor"
  • (Bruce Willis) "Heh heh heh heh"
  • (Tommy) "f*** you too, Professor-X-looking Mother f***er."
  • (Bruce Willis) "You are an angry young man."
  • (Tommy) "Yo, you're messin' with my business, bitch."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Whose car is this?"
  • (Tommy) "Yo Momma's."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "What's with the box?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "I gotta sell the Pavco."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "I heard that. I know that's right -- I'm lying. What's a Pavco?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "It's a baseball card."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Jimmy, if you need twenty bucks --"
  • (Bruce Willis) "Asshole, I don't need twenty bucks."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "That's called parkour. It's a French martial art to get you around and over stuff."
  • (Bruce Willis) "What are you?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "OK, how are we going work this?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "Same way we always do. I interrogate him, you write it down."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Oh so you're making decisions now? I hope the whole 6-9 know that you're making decisions. I'm going to play the bad guy on this one."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Doubtful."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Un-doubtful."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Highly doubtful and you know why because you don't play the bad guy. You just steal all the bulls*** lines you hear on TV and the movies that you like."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "ohh ahhhhh"
  • (Bruce Willis) "ooh my card"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Did you know they were gonna make a movie about these two starring Kevin Costner and Robert DeNiro? Yeah, it was called 'The Unf***ables'."
  • (Adam Brody) "I'm not gonna lie to you, I like the idea of Kevin Costner and Robert DeNiro playing us."
  • (Kevin Pollak) "Yeah, lil bit."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Why did you smack me?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "I was in the moment and the moment said smack ya."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "I know what "pellegro" means."
  • (Bruce Willis) "What's it mean?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "It's Puerto-Rican for "penguin""
  • (Tracy Morgan) "This is the stuff that my mom would tell friends about me, 'My son is genius, my son is a genius'."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Let me get some spicy carrots and quacamole."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Jim, I just got SHOT."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Mozel Tov"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "His wife says she's very unhappy. She said he's all foreskin."

Adam Brody as Barry Mangold

  • (Adam Brody) "Mr. Monroe, we are the police. We're here to help. You've been a victim of a crime, do you understand?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "I ain't got no time for this s***."
  • (Adam Brody) "Wow. Oh God."
  • (Kevin Pollak) "You know, based on the uh the emotional state how we should proceed? What do you think? We could get him a psycho avaluation?"
  • (Adam Brody) "So we're gonna take you to Bellevue just to make sure you're okay uh huh?"
  • (Kevin Pollak) "Now for the record, how long actually have you been a --"
  • (Kevin Pollak) "hobbyist?"
  • (Adam Brody) "Now, was there any identifying marks on the suspects?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "No."

Seann William Scott as Dave

  • (Seann William Scott) "This is police brutality."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Not yet --"
  • (Seann William Scott) "Did you just fall down from the stairs?"
  • (Bruce Willis) "No."
  • (Seann William Scott) "Knock Knock."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Don't do it Jim."
  • (Seann William Scott) "Do it."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "If you respect our partnership Jim don't do it."
  • (Seann William Scott) "Do it."
  • (Bruce Willis) "Who's there?"
  • (Seann William Scott) "Orange."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "No. No. Huh Huh. No. No. No. No. Hell No. NO. NO. I refuse to -- No. No. Alright Orange who damn it?"
  • (Seann William Scott) "Orange you pissed that your wife is taking it in the ass from another guy right now?"
  • (Seann William Scott) "Hey. Do you wanna be my jail cell BFF, without the forced rape?"

Guillermo Díaz as Poh Boy

  • (Guillermo Díaz) "You guys like my Diamond Vault?"
  • (Guillermo Díaz) "Bless me father, for I'm about to sin."

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