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Corrina, Corrina (film) Quotes

Corrina, Corrina (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Corrina, Corrina completed its run in 1970.

It features Paula Mazur as producer, Rick Cox in charge of musical score, and Bruce Surtees as head of cinematography.

Corrina, Corrina (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Corrina, Corrina (film) is 115 minutes long. Corrina, Corrina (film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Tina Majorino as Molly, Ray Liotta as Manny Singer, Whoopi Goldberg as Corrina Washington, Joan Cusack as Jonesy, and Jenifer Lewis as Jevina.

Corrina, Corrina (film) Quotes

Tina Majorino as Molly

  • (Tina Majorino) "I won the spelling bee today."
  • (Ray Liotta) "You did? Corrina, did you hear that?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I heard it, now let's go eat, I'm starved."
  • (Ray Liotta) "What was the word?"
  • (Tina Majorino) "-- Vacuum."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Why don't we vacuum ourselves out the door?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "How do you spell vacuum?"
  • (Tina Majorino) "-- H-O-O-V-E-R."
  • (Tina Majorino) "She should've cleaned up before we got here."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "That is a novel idea."
  • (Tina Majorino) "Isn't it fun to make things shiny?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Well I think the thrill for me is gone --"
  • (Tina Majorino) "Is Tater Tot Mr. Potato Head's son?"
  • (Tina Majorino) "But I'm just so? I'm just so?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "So mad. You're just so mad. And it's okay to be mad, Molly."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Molly, I'm mad, too. I'm mad at Mommy for leaving us. I'm mad because I want to talk to Mommy every day, and I can't. I'm mad because I want to bring Mommy back to you, and I can't do that, either."
  • (Tina Majorino) "I'm mad because she didn't even say goodbye."
  • (Ray Liotta) "I'm mad about that, too."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I'm mad because she made you mad. I'm mad. She should've said goodbye."
  • (Tina Majorino) "Grandpa, can you hear me?"
  • (Tina Majorino) "Make Daddy marry Corrina, okay?"
  • (Tina Majorino) "Do you taste like chocolate?"
  • (Unnamed) "I don't know, do you taste like vanilla?"

Ray Liotta as Manny Singer

  • (Ray Liotta) "What is this, high school?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "Corrina, can I talk to you for a minute? Look, whatever you may believe in is fine for you, okay? Your heaven is fine for you, but Molly's mother was an atheist and so am I, and I don't want you telling her that her mother is somewhere she isn't."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Yes, Mr. Singer. I'll just continue to tell Molly her mother is in the bathtub."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Where are my cigarettes?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I just put a fresh carton in there."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Well, I don't see any."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Well, I can't even offer you one of mine since you've taken to smoking those, too."
  • (Ray Liotta) "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "It means that if you're going to smoke my cigarettes, I'd appreciate you telling me."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Fine. If you're gonna smoke my cigarettes, I'd appreciate you telling me."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Fine."
  • (Ray Liotta) "How dare you keep her out of school, Corrina. How dare you."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Manny, she was not ready to go back to school, yet."
  • (Ray Liotta) "You're not her mother, Corrina. That's not your decision."
  • (Unnamed) "Why don't I just talk to Mrs. Singer?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "Oh, well -- she's -- she's -- she's in the bathtub right now."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Have you ever had a block?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "All my life."

Whoopi Goldberg as Corrina Washington

  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "What? Now look. This is nice, huh?"
  • (Jenifer Lewis) "Oh no. Now that's cute."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You can't fit in that."
  • (Jenifer Lewis) "I can still fit in somethin' like that."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You cannot. Have you seen what's behind you recently? Let me turn to the maternity page."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You know what I've discovered about your daddy? He likes to eat cookies in bed. Could you tuck that sheet in -- just there?"
  • (Tina Majorino) "Corrina -- this is where my mommy sleeps."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You're right. Your mommy used to sleep here."
  • (Tina Majorino) "When is she coming back?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Well, Molly -- she's not coming back. When you die, the angels take you up to heaven to be with God."
  • (Tina Majorino) "Then I want to die, too."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I'm sorry I'm late, I'm sorry I'm late, I'll never be late again but you don't know what happened to me. A herd of elephants stopped in the middle of the road for a drink of water and I didn't know what to do. So I -- are you stuck on me with Elmer's glue? Yes you are, I guess I'm just going to have to carry you."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "What you've got to say to yourself is, "I am Molly Singer, and there's nobody in the world better than me." Go on, say it while you walk."
  • (Tina Majorino) "I am Molly Singer, and there's nobody in the world better than me."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Chin up, up. You're too young to have two."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Do you want the pecan waffles with lots of syrup and butter or would you rather have the slim starter with the cottage cheese, the hard boiled egg and the tomato?"
  • (Unnamed) "Darling, if it's a choice between those delicious waffles and that STUPID egg, for God's sake, pat your little nose."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I see you've got a list started here. Is this groceries?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "That's my wife's handwriting. I haven't been able to erase it yet."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Oh, well, I'll just add onto it."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "This is my favorite record."
  • (Ray Liotta) "Really? Mine, too."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You know, Billie Holliday does a better version."
  • (Ray Liotta) "No-one's better than Louie."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I was just testing the brakes and it'll do your heart good to know they work."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You're the short, silent type aren't you? -I could tell."

Joan Cusack as Jonesy

  • (Joan Cusack) "She's been playing that little piano ditty all morning. Do you think you could get her to cut it out?"
  • (Ray Liotta) "Her mother was teaching her that."

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