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Crooklyn Quotes

Crooklyn is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Crooklyn ended in 1970.

It features Spike Lee as producer, Terence Blanchard in charge of musical score, and Arthur Jafa as head of cinematography.

Crooklyn is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Crooklyn is 115 minutes long. Crooklyn is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Alfre Woodard as Carolyn Carmichael, Sharif Rashed as Wendell, Chris Knowings as Nate, Carlton Williams as Clinton, and Delroy Lindo as Woody Carmichael.

Crooklyn Quotes

Alfre Woodard as Carolyn Carmichael

  • (Alfre Woodard) "Damn it, Woody, you bounced another check."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I thought we had it covered. I'll get some money."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "When?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "When? What do you think I'm doing right here? Gem, Let me just finish this music."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "That's what I've always done. The problem is your music's not bringing anything into the house but music."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Gem, the money will come."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I'm waiting. I'm back teaching school again, and I am waiting, Woody."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Just keep doing what you're doing, Gem. Now you know it wasn't always like this. I made money before. I'll make money again."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I trust you, but you have got to realize we are on a limited budget. I am trying to balance everything and when you go and write checks and you don't tell me about it, it makes it extremely difficult."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "As God is my witness, I want the best for you and the children. But I have got to do it in my own way."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Lookit"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Cool?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Cool. I went out and opened a separate back account."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "That's supposed to get some kind of reaction from me? What is that supposed to prove?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I don't know what it proves. I'm interested in putting food on the table and keeping a roof over our kids' heads."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Boy. You know, you really kill me. I mean, on the one hand, you come down here telling me about yet another mistake Woody done made. But when I'm sitting at that piano trying to do my work, trying to concentrate, you won't let me do that either. You got a beef with that. I don't know what to do."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "You can get up off my chair."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I don't want to hear about your mistakes, You keep track of those. I don't have time. All I ask you to do is to write down when you spend the money I am making."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I told you it was a legitimate mistake"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I appreciate that, but you have made that mistake five times this month. I just want you to change the pattern."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I don't need no lecture from you about how to conduct myself in this house."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I'm not giving you a lecture. I am asking you to help me conduct the business affairs of this family. You're an adult"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "What the HELL DO YOU THINK I'M TRYING TO DO?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I don't know what you're doing."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I know you don't. Well, let me tell you, I got to be like a thief in the night in this house every time I want to get some privacy to do my work."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "You selfish child. Don't tell me about privacy."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Selfish nothing. Selfish nothing."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Yes, you are selfish. I can't even take a piss without six people hanging off my tits."

Chris Knowings as Nate

  • (Chris Knowings) "May I PLEASE be excused?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "No you will not. You're gonna sit there until you eat every black eyed pea on that plate."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "And when I come home tonight, I want this kitchen clean."
  • (Carlton Williams) "See what you started, Nate? Shoot."
  • (Chris Knowings) "I HATE Black-eyed peas."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Yeah, that's right. There's no reason why your father and I should have to run around here cleaning up after you shifty Negroes."
  • (Carlton Williams) "Daddy don't make us clean up, don't you, Daddy?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I ain't in this. Leave me out of this."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Your daddy may not mind but your momma do. I'm going with your father to a gig tonight and when I come home, this house BET-TER be clean. I'll be goddamed if I should have to do anything when I come home from work but sleep and relax."

Delroy Lindo as Woody Carmichael

  • (Delroy Lindo) "You're a big saint around here and I ain't s***, is that it?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "You can call yourself what you want to. I just asked you to write down the check."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I wrote the check, right?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I wrote the stupid thing."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "I think you can do two things at once: make music and write."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Woody -- wrote -- a -- bum -- check."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Here."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "That's very cute. You remember to write it down before it bounces next time."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "You know, you seem to forget I'm the one used to pay for you and the children to go to Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor to get what you wanted when you wanted. You ain't the only one contributed to this family, Gem. You got to remember that."

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