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Crossfire Trail Quotes

Crossfire Trail is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Crossfire Trail ended its run in 1970.

It features Michael Brandman as producer, Eric Colvin in charge of musical score, and David Eggby as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Crossfire Trail is 95 minutes long. Crossfire Trail is distributed by Turner Network Television.

The cast includes: Brad Johnson as Beau Dorn, Tom Selleck as Rafe Covington, David O'Hara as Rock Mullaney, Wilford Brimley as Joe Gill, Christian Kane as J.T. Langston, Mark Harmon as Bruce Barkow, Ken Pogue as Gene Thompson, Virginia Madsen as Anne Rodney, Barry Corbin as Sheriff Walter Moncrief, and James Nicholas as Chief Red Cloud.

Crossfire Trail Quotes

Virginia Madsen as Anne Rodney

  • (Virginia Madsen) "Is this what Bruce is after?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "It's one of the things."
  • (Virginia Madsen) "What are you after?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "One of the things."

David O'Hara as Rock Mullaney

  • (David O'Hara) "Ah. That'll do it. Mutiny."
  • (Christian Kane) "Mutiny. What's the tariff on that?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "Hanging."
  • (Christian Kane) "I reckon we better not get caught."
  • (David O'Hara) "Old Hennesey's dying of the tuberculosis -- so his missis sends for the priest to give him the last rites."
  • (David O'Hara) "So the priest arrives at the death bed and says: "Hennesey, do you renounce Satan?""
  • (David O'Hara) ""No," says Hennessey. "I do not." "You do not?" says the priest."
  • (David O'Hara) ""No," says Hennessey. "A man in my condition can't afford to make any enemies.""
  • (David O'Hara) "A Frenchman, a German, and an Irishman all walk into a bar. Each of them order a bottle of whiskey with a fly in each one."
  • (David O'Hara) "The Frenchman says, "Bonjour, I cannot drink this." So he gives it back."
  • (David O'Hara) "The German picks out the fly and drinks his whiskey anyway."
  • (David O'Hara) "The Irishman grabs the the fly by the throat and says, "Spit it out. Spit it out.""
  • (David O'Hara) "This waiting is affecting my strategy."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Well, I do hope that stragety don't include plans for that queen because she's gone."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "No more Irish jokes."
  • (Christian Kane) "No, I like 'em."
  • (David O'Hara) "There are two bulls at the top of a hill -- in Cornamona. The young bull say to the old bull- --"
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Would it help if I gave you back your queen?"
  • (David O'Hara) "God invented the whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world."

Brad Johnson as Beau Dorn

  • (Brad Johnson) "It ain't all that bad. I could just kill you and keep the bitch and her patch of dirt all for myself."
  • (Brad Johnson) "You shot me."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Just when things were going so good for you."

Wilford Brimley as Joe Gill

  • (Wilford Brimley) "Well, one time he killed three fellas, cut their heads off. Hung them above the pawnshop, right by a sign that said: "Money to loan"."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Then he's having supper with a guy one time -- chased him down the end of main street -- killed him, skinned him, nailed his hide to the barn door."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "He's tougher than the back wall of a shooting gallery. And that, boys -- is Bo Dorn."
  • (Christian Kane) "Sounds like one scary fella."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Does, doesn't he?"
  • (Christian Kane) "Maybe he's just passing through."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Nope. He doesn't leave Kansas unless he's on his way to kill somebody."
  • (David O'Hara) "I'm betting that somebody is you, boss."
  • (Tom Selleck) "No bet."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "So you're gonna go to town and face this Bo Dorn fella -- just to keep a promise to Charlie."
  • (David O'Hara) "Come on now, Joe. There's more to this than real estate."
  • (Tom Selleck) "What are you laughing at?"
  • (Christian Kane) "Oh, I'm just reading the signs, Rafe. And the tracks is fresh."
  • (David O'Hara) "About 115 pounds. Answers to the name of "Ann"."
  • (Tom Selleck) "She plays a nice piano."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "May you be in heaven a few days before the devil knows you're dead."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Now how in the hell did you know he was gonna do just that?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "It's a gift."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Yep, today was my day to die."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Hell, the day ain't over yet."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "I'm not a very good rifle shot you know."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Better slow down there, young fella."
  • (Christian Kane) "What difference does it make?"
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Well, see, if you take your time -- you get a more harmonious outcome."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Look here. This kid's killed this critter twice."
  • (Christian Kane) "You want it rare, there's a bunch of them running around outside. Why don't you go take a bite of one?"
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Mind your elders, boy. Mind your elders."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "You know, I've been around this place a long time. I was here till Barkow moved Mrs. Rodney to town -- and then he run me off."
  • (Christian Kane) "Why does she listen to him?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "She's alone, she's scared. He's got manners and smells nice."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Besides that, he wants this ranch and he wants it something fierce."
  • (Christian Kane) "Why does he want this place?"
  • (Wilford Brimley) "I don't know."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Maybe he wants Mrs. Rodney fierce."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Maybe."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Maybe both."
  • (David O'Hara) "Is it Christmas yet?"
  • (Tom Selleck) "You don't look rich."
  • (David O'Hara) "Maybe rich stopped mattering. Maybe Charlie mattered more. Maybe this gourmet cooking appealed to me."
  • (David O'Hara) "Brendan Mulaney."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Joe Gill."
  • (David O'Hara) "Pleased to meet you, Joe."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Welcome here to Crazy Woman Ranch."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Your daughter broke her egg."
  • (James Nicholas) "Egg? What egg?"
  • (Wilford Brimley) "What the hell is the word for 'leg'?"
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Her leg."

Mark Harmon as Bruce Barkow

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Ken Pogue as Gene Thompson

  • (Ken Pogue) "Barkow forced Anne to marry him."
  • (Tom Selleck) "What?"
  • (Ken Pogue) "They got married."
  • (Tom Selleck) "I heard ya."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Barkow, you still hiding behind that woman?"
  • (Mark Harmon) "That's my wife you're talking about."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Send her out."
  • (Mark Harmon) "You come and get her."

Tom Selleck as Rafe Covington

  • (Tom Selleck) "I'm gonna pick up those supplies."
  • (Christian Kane) "I should do that, Rafe."
  • (Tom Selleck) "No. I'll go."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "He'll go"
  • (Tom Selleck) "Sheriff, you're sittin' in my rocking chair."
  • (Barry Corbin) "I thought that's what it was for."
  • (Tom Selleck) "It's for people I invite to sit in it."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Walter, you ain't invited."
  • (Tom Selleck) "I'm gonna beat within an inch of your life for what you did to Charles Rodney."

Christian Kane as J.T. Langston

  • (Christian Kane) "Howdy, ma'am. John Thomas Langston."
  • (Virginia Madsen) "Mr. Langston"
  • (Christian Kane) "Nice to see ya."
  • (David O'Hara) "Rock Mullaney. Pleased to meet you, ma'am."
  • (Christian Kane) "Why do you shot that old Evans, Joe?"
  • (Wilford Brimley) "Well, it has twenty-eight rounds, and I ain't a very good shot."
  • (Wilford Brimley) "I'm going to town."
  • (Christian Kane) "We need a little target practice here."
  • (Tom Selleck) "You shoot 'em with that thing, you're just gonna make 'em angry. One's all we need."
  • (Christian Kane) "They're just buffalo."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Well, they'll be gone soon enough."
  • (Christian Kane) "Gone? They're thick as flies on a bull's ass."
  • (Tom Selleck) "Ten years from now, they'll be nothing but a memory."

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