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Cry Danger Quotes

Cry Danger is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Cry Danger completed its run in 1970.

It features W.R. Frank as producer, Paul Dunlap in charge of musical score, and Joseph F. Biroc as head of cinematography.

The cast includes: Jean Porter as Darlene LaVonne, Richard Erdman as Delong, Dick Powell as Rocky Mulloy, Joan Banks as Alice Fletcher, Regis Toomey as Detective Lt. Gus Cobb, Rhonda Fleming as Nancy Morgan, and William Conrad as Castro.

Cry Danger Quotes

Dick Powell as Rocky Mulloy

  • (Dick Powell) "Fletcher apartment?"
  • (Joan Banks) "I don't need any brushes, but come on in."
  • (Dick Powell) "Mrs. Fletcher?"
  • (Joan Banks) "Yes."
  • (Dick Powell) "I'd like to see your husband."
  • (Joan Banks) "Well, that's not very flattering. Would you like some coffee?"
  • (Dick Powell) "Oh, a second cup never hurt anybody."
  • (Williams, Trailer Park Manager) "I don't like it at all, Mr. Mulloy."
  • (Dick Powell) "Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I wish I knew what you were talking about."
  • (Williams, Trailer Park Manager) "Did you turn off the shower?"
  • (Dick Powell) "I couldn't even turn it on."
  • (Dick Powell) "You're a pint ahead of schedule."
  • (Richard Erdman) "Only the blind can really see."
  • (Dick Powell) "Well, you're only half blind."
  • (Richard Erdman) "I'll fix that."
  • (Dick Powell) "You know, I had another friend once who had trouble with that stuff. He found a way to get off of it."
  • (Richard Erdman) "How?"
  • (Dick Powell) "He quit."
  • (Richard Erdman) "Thank you, Billy Sunday."
  • (Dick Powell) "Say, you've got all my dough. How about some cab fare?"
  • (Regis Toomey) "What're you gonna pay me back with, some more of that hot money?"
  • (Dick Powell) "Maybe all of it."
  • (Regis Toomey) "All right, there's 20. That's out of my own pocket. Remember, I've got a wife and a couple of kids."
  • (Dick Powell) "I haven't met anybody lately who hasn't."
  • (Dick Powell) "Is this your apartment?"
  • (Joan Banks) "I don't need any brushes, but come on in."
  • (Unnamed) "Nice picture, isn't it?"
  • (Dick Powell) "Add five years to it, and it'd look just like me."
  • (Dick Powell) "And do me a favor Castro, while I'm on the phone, try and jump me. I'd like nothing better thsn to give it to you in the belly."

William Conrad as Castro

  • (William Conrad) "Would you kill me, Rocky?"
  • (Dick Powell) "Wouldn't you?"

Richard Erdman as Delong

  • (Richard Erdman) "You buy nice drinks, mister."
  • (Dick Powell) "But you talk too much."
  • (Richard Erdman) "Let's get out of this sun and into a nice cool bar."
  • (Richard Erdman) "Well, the place looks lived in."
  • (Dick Powell) "Yeah, but by what?"
  • (Richard Erdman) "Occasionally I always drink too much."

Rhonda Fleming as Nancy Morgan

  • (Rhonda Fleming) "What happens if the police come?"
  • (Dick Powell) "We're old friends. We'll always find something to talk about."

Jean Porter as Darlene LaVonne

  • (Jean Porter) "You drinkin' that stuff so early?"
  • (Richard Erdman) "Listen, doll girl, when you drink as much as I do, you gotta start early."

Regis Toomey as Detective Lt. Gus Cobb

  • (Regis Toomey) "Now, just get it through your heads that the pressure's on."
  • (Regis Toomey) "I wouldn't give a nickel for your husband's chances before that parole board with all this going on."
  • (Regis Toomey) "And I wouldn't give a nickel for your chances with those two apes running around looking for you."
  • (Regis Toomey) "For you, I just wouldn't give a nickel."

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