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Cube Zero Quotes

Cube Zero is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Cube Zero ended its run in 1970.

It features Suzanne Colvin Goulding, and Jon Goulding as producer, Norman Orenstein in charge of musical score, and François Dagenais as head of cinematography.

Cube Zero is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Cube Zero is 97 minutes long. Cube Zero is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The cast includes: Michael Riley as Jax, David Huband as Dodd, Zachary Bennett as Eric Wynn, Stephanie Moore as Cassandra Rains, Mike "Nug" Nahrgang as Meyerhold, Martin Roach as Robert P. Haskell, and Jasmin Geljo as Ryjkin.

Cube Zero Quotes

Zachary Bennett as Eric Wynn

  • (Zachary Bennett) "One day, your gonna wake up inside."
  • (Zachary Bennett) "This room is -- green. I wanna go back to the blue room."
  • (Zachary Bennett) "But -- he's one of us."
  • (David Huband) "No. Once inside, he's one of them."
  • (Zachary Bennett) "Do you believe in God? It all hinges on that?"
  • (David Huband) "Look, I just ask the questions and push the buttons, ok?"
  • (Zachary Bennett) "What happens if you push yes?"
  • (David Huband) "I don't know -- No-one's ever said yes."
  • (Zachary Bennett) "Wait. Don't I get a choice? Don't all the condemned get a choice? -- I Choose death."
  • (Michael Riley) "No, Mr. Wynn -- you do not get a choice. You made your choice years ago, Mr. Wynn -- I believe this is your signature?"

Stephanie Moore as Cassandra Rains

  • (Stephanie Moore) "What kind of animals would do this?"
  • (Stephanie Moore) "Oh my good -- Your face."
  • (Mike "Nug" Nahrgang) "Crap."

Michael Riley as Jax

  • (Michael Riley) "Cute. And rather cliche, in an endearing kind of way. Unfortunately, I do believe there is a penalty; a rather strict penalty for sabotaging state property."
  • (Michael Riley) "Ooh, instant paralysis, they weren't kidding, were they?"
  • (Michael Riley) "However, not to worry, Mr. Dodd. You will still be able to feel."
  • (Michael Riley) "I hope your shortcut worked, Mr. Quigley."
  • (Michael Riley) "Order number 793-bla-bla-bla-bla: Commence standard series of needle tests on Raine's group."
  • (Michael Riley) "You do know what that means?"
  • (David Huband) "Yes, sir. Of course, sir. All in a days work, sir. Right away, sir."
  • (Michael Riley) "Do us a teensy favor and use mister Wynn's auxiliary monitor, we'll need the big guns here for our little mouse-hunt."
  • (David Huband) "Of course, sir. Anything I can do to help, sir."
  • (Michael Riley) "That's the spirit, mister Modd. Way to keep the world safe for democracy --"
  • (Michael Riley) "Questions? Comments? What are we waiting for?"

Jasmin Geljo as Ryjkin

  • (Jasmin Geljo) "I hate this place."

David Huband as Dodd

  • (David Huband) "What are you doing? You're not allowed in there."
  • (Zachary Bennett) "I'm through pushing buttons."

Martin Roach as Robert P. Haskell

  • (Martin Roach) "They've trapped all the rooms around us; now what?"
  • (Stephanie Moore) "Really glad you showed up to help."

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