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Cyberbully (2011 film) Quotes

cyberbu is a television program that appeared on TV in 2011 . Cyberbully completed its run in 1970.

It features Jesse Prupas as producer, and James Gelfand as theme composer.

cyberbu is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of cyberbu is 87 minutes long. cyberbu is distributed by Muse Entertainment Enterprises.

The cast includes: Emily Osment as Taylor Hillridge, Kelly Rowan as Kris Hillridge, Kay Panabaker as Samantha Caldone, Jade Hassouné as Caleb, Nastassia Markiewicz as Lindsay Fordyce, Meaghan Rath as Cheyenne Mortenson, and Jon McLaren as Scott Ozsik.

cyberbu Quotes

Emily Osment as Taylor Hillridge

  • (Emily Osment) "You've been called a slut and a whore?"
  • (Emily Osment) "I'm gonna kill you."
  • (Emily Osment) "I'm the real Taylor Hillridge. And I don't know why everybody HATES me so much, or maybe I do. Because now I hate me too. I really don't see the reason of trying, or for talking, or for breathing. I'm just done. So that's it I guess. Bye."
  • (Emily Osment) "I can't believe you're making me do this."
  • (Kelly Rowan) "This isn't a punishment, Taylor. It's a support group. A place you can go to talk about what you've been through."
  • (Emily Osment) "I don't wanna talk about it."
  • (Kelly Rowan) "Then don't talk about it. Just go and listen. We can't pretend this didn't happen, it happened, and you need help. And there is nothing wrong with asking for help."
  • (Kelly Rowan) "It's really hard to see you in this much pain. And I am scared that you're gonna try this again. You've put so much into life, your life is precious. Please."
  • (Emily Osment) "Fine, okay, I'm going."
  • (Emily Osment) "I can't get the cap off."

Nastassia Markiewicz as Lindsay Fordyce

  • (Nastassia Markiewicz) "Oh, look, it's the Psycho Twins."
  • (Kay Panabaker) "Just ignore her."
  • (Emily Osment) "No, I'm not gonna ignore it anymore."
  • (Emily Osment) "Hey Lindsay, I know you think you're being really funny, but you should know that your words actually hurt, and I think you should stop attacking people online."
  • (Unnamed) "Get her Linds, "
  • (Kay Panabaker) "No, she's right you guys should stop. You're making everyone around you miserable."
  • (Meaghan Rath) "Why don't you just stop attacking people on Cliqsters? You're making it so that nobody wants to go on there anymore."
  • (Jade Hassouné) "Yeah, you seem to me just like any other bully, spreading hate wherever you go."
  • (Jon McLaren) "I gotta say, the way you guys need to hurt people, it's like maybe you should talk to somebody, get some help."
  • (Nastassia Markiewicz) "Get out of my face, losers."
  • (Jade Hassouné) "I hope that was good for you Taylor, because it was great for me."

Jade Hassouné as Caleb

  • (Jade Hassouné) "I saw what people were saying about you online. I don't know why they have to do that. It sucks."
  • (Emily Osment) "How would you know?"
  • (Jade Hassouné) "You serious?"
  • (Emily Osment) "You've been called a slut and a whore, really?"
  • (Jade Hassouné) "I guess you've never been in my page. There's fairy, fruit, homo, too gay to live."
  • (Emily Osment) "Yeah, I mean, it's not really the same thing. I mean, you really are gay. What they're saying about me isn't true."
  • (Jade Hassouné) "You really don't get how messed up it is."

Kay Panabaker as Samantha Caldone

  • (Kay Panabaker) "You're such an ass, Scott. You're such an ass."

Kelly Rowan as Kris Hillridge

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