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Damien: Omen II Quotes

Damien: Omen II is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Damien: Omen II ended in 1970.

It features Harvey Bernhard as producer, Jerry Goldsmith in charge of musical score, and Bill Butler (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Damien: Omen II is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Damien: Omen II is 107 minutes long. Damien: Omen II is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: William Holden as Richard Thorn, Lee Grant as Ann Thorn, Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Damien Thorn, Lucas Donat as Mark Thorn, Fritz Ford as Murray, Robert Foxworth as Paul Buher, Nicholas Pryor as Dr. Charles Warren, Lance Henriksen as Master Sergeant Daniel Neff, and Meshach Taylor as Dr. Kane.

Damien: Omen II Quotes

Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Damien Thorn

  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "When you've met one platoon leader, you've met them all."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Attention. Eyes front. Chest out. Stomach in."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Why? Why me?"
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "I love you, Mark. You're like my brother."
  • (Lucas Donat) "No. No."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "You are my brother. And you mean more to me than --"
  • (Lucas Donat) "No. The Beast has no brother. Don't call me your brother."

Lucas Donat as Mark Thorn

  • (Unnamed) "That's Damien's father in the back. My old man was on that team, too."
  • (Unnamed) "That's him. He was on the line. But Robert Thorn was quarterback. Even back then he was calling the plays for everybody."
  • (Lucas Donat) "You're next, Damien."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Teddy, don't ever talk about my father again. Do you understand?"
  • (Unnamed) "Can't you take a joke?"
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Yes."
  • (Lucas Donat) "What was that all about?"
  • (Unnamed) "Your cousin really thinks he's somebody, doesn't he? My old man tells me the Thorns make their own hats because the stores don't sell them large enough for their big heads."
  • (Lucas Donat) "That must be him."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "He looks okay."
  • (Lucas Donat) "They're all the same."

William Holden as Richard Thorn

  • (William Holden) "Ann, give me the daggers."
  • (Lee Grant) "There are your daggers."
  • (William Holden) "Ann?"
  • (Lee Grant) "I've always belonged to him."
  • (Lee Grant) "Damien."
  • (William Holden) "Damien was not affected by the gas."
  • (Lee Grant) "We can be thankful for that."
  • (William Holden) "Why all the other boys and not Damien?"
  • (Lee Grant) "I don't understand. What did the doctor say?"
  • (William Holden) "The tissue tests he made indicate that Damien has a different cell structure."
  • (Lee Grant) "Different?"

Lee Grant as Ann Thorn

  • (Lee Grant) "Oh my god, it's horrible. We were just talking to him yesterday, when he wanted to do those tests on Damien."
  • (Lee Grant) "What are you doing?"
  • (William Holden) "The daggers must be here somewhere."
  • (Lee Grant) "What you want them for? No. No."
  • (William Holden) "He's not human."
  • (Lee Grant) "He's your brother's son, he's a boy you've loved for seven years."
  • (William Holden) "The boy has got to die."

Lance Henriksen as Master Sergeant Daniel Neff

  • (Lance Henriksen) "What were you trying to do, Damien? What were you trying to do?"
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "I was just answering questions Sergeant."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "You were showing off."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "No. I just knew all the answers. Somehow I knew them all."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "You mustn't attract attention."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "I wasn't trying to. I just felt --"
  • (Lance Henriksen) "The day will come when everyone will know who you are but that day is not yet."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "What you mean who I am?"
  • (Lance Henriksen) "Mathematics good, Science very good, Military History fair, room for improvement."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Yes Sergeant."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "Physical Training is excellent. I hear you're quite a Football player. Be proud of your accomplishments. Pride is alright when there's reason to be proud."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Yes Sergeant."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "I'm here to teach you but also I'm here to help you. Any problems you come to me. Don't be afraid, day or night, any advice. You understand?"
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Whatever you say Sergeant."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "We're gonna get to know each other. I see you're an orphan. Well, that's something we have in common."

Meshach Taylor as Dr. Kane

  • (Meshach Taylor) "Mr. Thorn? They'll be alright. We've checked every boy for lung damages not a sign of it. Now they are gonna be nauseas for a little while but there are no permanent damages --"
  • (William Holden) "Doctor I don't care what it costs --"
  • (Meshach Taylor) "I assure you Mr. Thorn, they're all receiving the best care. Now there is one thing though, we made every possible test of blood damage, tissue damage and every boy was affected at some level though as I said not seriously. That is every boy except your nephew Damien."
  • (William Holden) "Do you mean that --"
  • (Meshach Taylor) "No no no Mr. Thorn. He wasn't affected at all."
  • (Meshach Taylor) "Hello, Ben? I need to see you urgently can I come down? No-no, there is something here that I just don't understand."

Fritz Ford as Murray

  • (Fritz Ford) "Now, boys, just because Aunt Marion is getting on --"
  • (Lucas Donat) "On our nerves."

Nicholas Pryor as Dr. Charles Warren

  • (Nicholas Pryor) "Richard, you know me to be a rational man, but what I'm about to tell you is not rational --"

Robert Foxworth as Paul Buher

  • (Robert Foxworth) "Do you know what exactly I do for Thorn Industries?"
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "Not really, Sir."
  • (Robert Foxworth) "You should. You should know everything about the Thorn business. After all it will be yours one day."
  • (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) "And Mark's."
  • (Robert Foxworth) "And Mark's. Of course."

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