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Damned If You Do... Quotes

Damned If You Do... is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Damned If You Do... ended in 1970.

Damned If You Do... Quotes

  • (James Gordon) "You're happy I got fired, huh?"
  • (Dr. Leslie Thompkins) "You got me. But only because I know that you'll never quit. And I love that about you. But they have you directing traffic, Jim. Why keep beating your head against the wall?"
  • (James Gordon) "I'm a cop, Lee. I'm a cop."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "With most people there's no problem. I find their weak spots and use violence or blackmail to persuade them. But you, you are a man of monkish virtue. You have no vices to expose. So threats of personal violence will only harden your resolve, huh?"
  • (James Gordon) "I said I'd break him; words to that effect."
  • (Leslie Thompkins) "Hey, you went out with a bang. Maybe it's for the best."
  • (James Gordon) "That's what Loeb said. I should have walked away. I just hate to quit."
  • (Leslie Thompkins) "You didn't quit. You were fired. What can you do?"
  • (James Gordon) "Oh, there's things I can do."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Holy moly, look at you. Everyone's gonna think you're going nuts."
  • (Edward Nygma) "I get nervous when you talk to me with other people around like that."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Stop doing that."
  • (Edward Nygma) "What?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "That. Copying me."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Dude -- it's a mirror, that's how they work."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "You want Loeb fired, and your old job back, no?"
  • (James Gordon) "Yes."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "For a good friend like you, it can be done. If you're sure that's what you want."
  • (James Gordon) "I'm sure."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "May I ask why? Police work in Gotham is such a thankless job."
  • (James Gordon) "Good pension."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "Bloody hell."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "No, wait, wait, wait."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "There must be a million possible combinations, Master Bruce."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "I'm building a bomb to blow down that door. You may assist me -- or not, as you wish. But i-if not, some tea would be nice."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "Right, well, you're gonna need ten more -- sacks of that gear, for starters; three more dairy cans, too; and extra timber; a -- heavy tarpaulin."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "And I'll put the kettle on."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "I've been sober 32 days."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "32 days, huh?"
  • (Harvey Bullock) "Eh, it's no biggie. Once I quit the job, quitting drinking was easy. It's the job, Jim. Makes us angry. Makes us hard."
  • (James Gordon) "Yeah, it does."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "It's hard to walk away, but it can be done. I just couldn't carry that badge anymore. Look at me now. Right? I'm sober -- I have a woman who does not dislike me, I live in a house, I sleep at night. I've never been happier in my life."
  • (James Gordon) "Here's to civilian life."
  • (James Gordon) "I'm proud of you, brother. Got to go."
  • (Zaardon) "Hear me, Gor-Don. You might have won this battle, but the war has just begun. The master will unleash hell upon you."
  • (Zaardon) "Dark days are coming."
  • (James Gordon) "Thanks for the heads-up."
  • (Dr. Leslie Thompkins) "Go a head and leave a message."
  • (Barbara Kean) "Hey, girlfriend. Guess who. Sorry I missed you. Bummer, eh? I just wanted to say that I hope you die screaming, bitch. Bye."
  • (Edward Nygma) "You know what I think we need? I think that we need -- a little more fun. Some romance."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Stop. I know where this is going. I told you, leave -- Miss Kringle alone."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Imagine her in our arms. Those big eyes looking up at us, and soft, trembling flesh."
  • (Edward Nygma) "Be quiet."
  • (Barbara Kean) "Who are you?"
  • (Theo Galavan) "Well, now, the question is who are you? The world see's criminal lunatics. I see brilliance. I see charisma. And power. I see power."
  • (Jerome Valeska) "Yes. Exactly, my man. Oh, that is so spooky. That is me to a T. These other bozos, oh, I don't know, but -- you're singing my song."
  • (Richard Sionis) "Quiet, Jerome. Keep talking."
  • (Theo Galavan) "Imagine a group of brilliant outlaws like yourselves, easy selected for their unique ability, all working together as a team. Imagine the synergy. Imagine the impact. Gotham would tremble before you."
  • (Barbara Kean) "Well, that sounds fabulous, but I'm not a brilliant outlaw. I just have -- mm -- issues."
  • (Theo Galavan) "You have ferocity and beauty and desire and that's enough."
  • (Theo Galavan) "Come with me, Barbara. Whatever you want in the world, it's yours."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "You were going to find my parents' killers. You were going to fight for justice. You were going to clean up the GCPD. Change Gotham."
  • (James Gordon) "I had hoped to do that."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "If you remained with the GCPD, you might still be able to do all those good things, but first -- you must do something ugly. And your personal honor forbids that."
  • (James Gordon) "Yes."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Are you not sacrificing the greater good for the sake of your dignity and self-esteem? For vanity?"
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "Steady on, now, Master Bruce. Manners."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "He walked all the way here to discuss the issue Alfred, I'm simply asking a question. Surely, sometimes, the right way is also the ugly way."
  • (James Gordon) "Hey, Selina. Moving on up, huh?"
  • (Selina Kyle) "Tryin'."
  • (Oswald Cobblepot) "Isn't she darling? It's like having a cat around the house. But no horrid dead mice."

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