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Dance Me Outside Quotes

Dance Me Outside is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Dance Me Outside completed its run in 1970.

It features Brian Dennis as producer, Mychael Danna, in charge of musical score, and Miroslaw Baszak as head of cinematography.

Dance Me Outside is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Dance Me Outside is 84 minutes long. Dance Me Outside is distributed by Apex Digital.

Dance Me Outside Quotes

  • (Frank Fencepost) "Wonder what it takes to blow up those air bags."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "There's a truck full of ugly."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "'I'm a dumb, white motherf***ing killer who's never had a light on him and I'm too pissed to see."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Don't be so hard on yourself Clarence. It's not your fault your brain is the same size as your dick.'"
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Felix, do you think women are thinking something?"
  • (Bartender) "More than you know, Frank. More than you'll ever know."
  • (Silas Crow) "You see that? I offer the crow my last smoke, and he bites me."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Probably trying to quit."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "She missed me. Weird."
  • (Robert Coyote) "What's he doing?"
  • (Silas Crow) "I think he's thinking."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "I don't know what they want. I don't know what they f***ing want. Have you ever noticed, it's like there's some conspiracy with women. You look at them, they look at each other. You know -- they're thinking something, right?"
  • (Silas Crow) "Ah, choosing your animal name. First, you choose your animal, which is your spirit. The animal most like you. For instance, Pete, you are?"
  • (Pete) "Ah -- Bird."
  • (Silas Crow) "Around the circle, Wendel?"
  • (Wendel) "Dog."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "I am the Brown Bear. Silas?"
  • (Silas Crow) "I am the Walrus."
  • (Robert McVey) "What are these things? Totems?"
  • (Silas Crow) "Those are old car parts."
  • (Silas Crow) "My name is Silas Crow. I'm 18-years-old. For a year, me and Frank Fencepost been trying to get into this mechanic school. First, they tell us we gotta write a story. Something about something we know. Well, for a long time I couldn't find one, I mean, lots of stuff goes on here, but I couldn't see it as stuff you'd write down."
  • (Silas Crow) "This feels great."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Imagine blowing up a building."
  • (Sadie Maracle) "You ask me what I'm gonna do, and I see exactly where this is going. And I don't want who it'll make you be and I don't want who it'll make us be. Not for one more minute. And I don't want how sad and f***ed up it already makes me feel."
  • (Sadie Maracle) "You know Silas, that story you wrote for your entrance exam is pretty good."
  • (Silas Crow) "Yeah?"
  • (Sadie Maracle) "Yeah. But Frank's was wicked. I mean, he should get it published."
  • (Silas Crow) "You really think so?"
  • (Sadie Maracle) "Yeah."
  • (Silas Crow) "I think Frank's is the best thing I ever wrote."
  • (Silas Crow) "You got a mad dog, you kill it."
  • (Bartender) "I don't want trouble in here. Two things happen to a man in jail. He comes out a killer or he comes out a Christian. Either way, I don't want him in here."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Pin feathers from rare mountain snow eagle. The feathers of flight."
  • (Robert McVey) "Cool."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "I got my Dad's.22."
  • (Wendel) "McNaughton keeps that.44 in the back of his GTO."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Coyote, what do you got?"
  • (Robert Coyote) "I've got my f***ing hands."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Okay men, round up what you can. We meet at Thompson's Point, first thing in the morning, 7 o'clock."
  • (Wendel) "7 o'clock?"
  • (Frank Fencepost) "7:30."
  • (Bald Cop) "Name?"
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Frank Fencepost."
  • (Bald Cop) "Address?"
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Where do I live?"
  • (Bald Cop) "Yeah, where do you live?"
  • (Frank Fencepost) "I live where the land meets the sky. Where the eagle and the raven fly free. I live under the sun and the moon."
  • (Bald Cop) "Where do you live?"
  • (Silas Crow) "I'm his neighbour."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Nice to see an Indian with a badge."
  • (Silas Crow) "Illianna's pregnant, which Ma and McVey are real happy about. No one's talking eh."
  • (Poppy) "You know, Sadie, sometimes jail is the best thing to keep a man in shape."
  • (Sadie Maracle) "Well, then I guess Silas could use a year or two huh?"
  • (Clarence Gaskill) "f***, it's a bitch out man, I'm freezing. Come on man spark that s*** up."
  • (Silas Crow) "It's in my boot."
  • (Clarence Gaskill) "Whatya want me to do, light your foot on fire?"
  • (Silas Crow) "I think you're looking pretty good for three years in the pen."
  • (Gooch) "It's a f***ing health spa."
  • (Silas Crow) "Poppy left the next week, she got to be a waitress in Toronto. Frank said he really didn't give a s***, but I know he didn't mean it. Coyote put the books away. He was always getting in fights after that. Sadie, I didn't see much anymore. She got organized about the trial and trying to get more attention for Native issues, and I know that's really good. But it was a long time and I missed her."
  • (Bald Cop) "Get our of here you turkeys. Don't get cute buster."
  • (Weird Cop) "Or you'll be pissing ice cubes for the rest of your life."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "We give him an Indian name. He'll like that."
  • (Robert McVey) "I am the Wolverine. I am the Wolverine. What is that sound? It is a gopher. It is the beaver, those cowardly rodents tremble before me. I am the Wolverine. I rip the throats from my enemy, I paint myself with their blood."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Where'd you find this guy, he's excellent?"
  • (Silas Crow) "He's an animal."
  • (Robert McVey) "I am the Wolverine."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Now, this is the part where you get your private, secret Indian name. You are Bob. B Bob."
  • (Silas Crow) "Firechief."
  • (Frank Fencepost) "Bob Firechief."
  • (Robert McVey) "The hunt is on."

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