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Dangerous Beauty Quotes

Dangerous Beauty is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Dangerous Beauty completed its run in 1970.

It features Marshall Herskovitz, Edward Zwick; Arnon Milchan, and Sarah Caplan as producer, George Fenton in charge of musical score, and Bojan Bazelli as head of cinematography.

Dangerous Beauty is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dangerous Beauty is 112 minutes long. Dangerous Beauty is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Catherine McCormack as Veronica Franco, Moira Kelly as Beatrice Venier, Naomi Watts as Giulia De Lezze, Fred Ward as Domenico Venier, Rufus Sewell as Marco Venier, Oliver Platt as Maffio Venier, Jacqueline Bisset as Paola Franco, and Jake Weber as King Henry.

Dangerous Beauty Quotes

Oliver Platt as Maffio Venier

  • (Oliver Platt) "Personally, I didn't think Uncle was still capable of getting it up. What did you do to him to get him to publish this little of ditties."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "She worked for it."
  • (Oliver Platt) "Ha, I bet she did. How much do you cost these days Veronica?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "If your prick is as limp as your verse, no price can buy time enough."
  • (Oliver Platt) "It must be interesting to be in a room full of men, most of whom you've seen with their pants down."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Puts it all in some kind of perspective."
  • (Oliver Platt) "You compel sacred love to garner riches. What is this if not witchcraft?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "No."
  • (Oliver Platt) "No? Did you ever give yourself to a man who could not pay your fee?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "I gave my heart where riches were no use."
  • (Oliver Platt) "Answer the question."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "I did what was necessary to live."
  • (Oliver Platt) "Did you ever give yourself to a man who could not pay your fee?"
  • (Unnamed) "You will answer the question."

Catherine McCormack as Veronica Franco

  • (Catherine McCormack) "You -- all of you -- you who hunger so for what I give, but cannot bear to see such power in a woman. You call God's greatest gift -- ourselves, our yearning, our need to love -- you call it filth and sin and heresy."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "What do you yearn for, King Henry?"
  • (Jake Weber) "You've heard the rumors, Veronica?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Yes, sire."
  • (Jake Weber) "The king's a pervert."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "What do you really yearn for, King Henry?"
  • (Jake Weber) "Tears."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Tears for whom?"
  • (Jake Weber) "Your tears."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "You yearn for my tears? I don't think so."
  • (Jake Weber) "Then what do I yearn for?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Why don't we find out?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "I confess I f*** divinely those who love -- and well opine me."
  • (Oliver Platt) "I confess -- I f*** divinely -- those who -- richly wine and dine me."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "If I were yours alone, your property, chaste and silent, you would soon tire of me."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "You're wrong."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Am I?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Who's next?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "My people are true citizens 700 years back."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "A coat of arms does not an inheritance make."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "The Latin for banana is arienna. Banana tree is pala."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "A woman's greatest, and most hard-won asset -- is an education."
  • (Naomi Watts) "Just because you can say it in Latin doesn't make it any less obscene."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Just because you took a vow doesn't mean you know how to love."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "There's not a man in Venice I can't have."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "And there's not a woman in Venice I can't have."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "You cannot have me."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Recant the curse you give my kind. Admit I have, as you, a heart and mind."
  • (Oliver Platt) "A greedy hand, an empty heart is all that wrests your legs apart."

Jacqueline Bisset as Paola Franco

  • (Jacqueline Bisset) "It's the wanting that keeps us alive."
  • (Jacqueline Bisset) "In order to choose your lovers wisely, you need to understand men. No matter their shape or size -- position or wealth -- they all dream of the temptress. The irresistible -- unapproachable Venus -- who quickly turns pliable maiden when they've had a hard day."
  • (Jacqueline Bisset) "Desire begins in the mind."

Moira Kelly as Beatrice Venier

  • (Moira Kelly) "Do you know what my daughter's nurse told her today? "In a girl's voice lies temptation; a known fact. Eloquence in a woman means promiscuity. Promiscuity of the mind leads to promiscuity of the body." She doesn't believe it yet, but she will. She'll grow up just like her mother. Marry, raise children and honor her family. Spend her youth in needlepoint and rue the day she was born a girl. And when she dies, she'll wonder why she obeyed all the rules of God and Country for no biblical hell could ever be worse than a state of perpetual inconsequence."

Rufus Sewell as Marco Venier

  • (Rufus Sewell) "I'm getting married Veronica. Congratulate me."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Felicitations on your grand match."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "You must save yourself."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "How?"
  • (Rufus Sewell) "Confess -- whatever foolishness they put before you --"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "That I am a witch?"
  • (Rufus Sewell) "What does it matter what you say to these hypocrites?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "I would be saying it."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "There is no honor with fools like these. God will forgive you."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Marco, if I give them my lie, I give them my soul. I'll lose everything I ever was. My love, my words, my heart."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "Yes, but you would live."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "As someone else."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "What God and greed have joined together, let no love put asunder."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "Do you not like my kiss?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "I wish it were not a sin to have liked it so."
  • (Rufus Sewell) "God made sin, though we might know his mercy."

Fred Ward as Domenico Venier

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