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Dante's Peak Quotes

Dante's Peak is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Dante's Peak ended in 1970.

It features Gale Anne Hurd as producer, James Newton Howard in charge of musical score, and Andrzej Bartkowiak as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Dante's Peak is 109 minutes long. Dante's Peak is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Grant Heslov as Greg, Charles Hallahan as Paul Dreyfus, Pierce Brosnan as Harry Dalton, Arabella Field as Nancy, Tzi Ma as Stan, Linda Hamilton as Rachel, Jeremy Foley as Graham Wando, and Jamie Renée Smith as Lauren Wando.

Dante's Peak Quotes

Pierce Brosnan as Harry Dalton

  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "I have great taste in women. When have I ever steered you wrong?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "What about Astrid?"
  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "What about Astrid? I thought the two of you would have a lot in common. She said she was into rocks."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Crystals, Terry. Crystals. Not rocks. Crystals."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "I move around a lot: Colombia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Mexico, New Zealand, New Guinea -- wherever there's a volcano with an attitude."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Her name was Marianne. We worked together. She loved volcanoes."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Get the hell out of there now, before it's too late."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "My 9th grade science teacher always said that if you put a frog in boiling hot water, it would jump out. But put it in cold water, and heat it up gradually, it would slowly boil to death."
  • (Arabella Field) "What's that Harry? Your recipe for frog soup?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "It's my recipe for a disaster."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "I've always been better at feeling out volcanoes than people and politics."

Jeremy Foley as Graham Wando

  • (Jeremy Foley) "What is that?"
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Mum?"
  • (Linda Hamilton) "What is that?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "That is a pyroclastic cloud."
  • (Jeremy Foley) "Did you really mean what you said about taking us fishing?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Sure did."
  • (Jamie Renée Smith) "That's great."
  • (Helicopter Pilot) "Are you ready to go?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Let's go."

Linda Hamilton as Rachel

  • (Linda Hamilton) "Harry, you see that car coming at us?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "I see it."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Do you have a family?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "No."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "Why not?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Well, for one thing, I move around alot. Mexico, Alaska, South America, The Philippines, New Guinea, basically where there's a volcano with an attitude."
  • (Linda Hamilton) "A man who looks at a rock must have a lot on his mind."

Arabella Field as Nancy

  • (Arabella Field) "Why look at the computer when you can look at the real thing?"

Tzi Ma as Stan

  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "Nice woman, that Rachel. Best looking mayor I've ever seen."
  • (Tzi Ma) "She's got my vote."
  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "Mmm-hmm, twice."
  • (Tzi Ma) "Isn't this beautiful, nestled all nice and cozy right up against the mountain?"
  • (Arabella Field) "Yeah, just like Pompeii."
  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "Stan, how long's this light been blinking?"
  • (Tzi Ma) "I dunno, a couple of days?"
  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "Thank you NASA."
  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "Thank you NASA. Thank You NASA. THANK YOU NASA."

Charles Hallahan as Paul Dreyfus

  • (Terry, USGS Crew) "Did anybody feel that?"
  • (Charles Hallahan) "I felt that."
  • (Charles Hallahan) "We're picking up some activity around Dante's Peak."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "This is a joke right? Dante's Peak?"
  • (Charles Hallahan) "Ladies and Gentlemen, I can assure you that there is no immediate danger, I believe that this is not the time to put this town on alert. this type of thing happened with mammoth mountain in 1980. The good thing is, that the mountain didn't go up, but the damage was already done, tourists stopped going to the mountain, real estate values plummeted, and the town nearly went bankrupt. My team and I are going to stay as long as we can, and we are going to monitor every little hiccup that mountain makes, we're gonna bounce off laser beams, to find out of any change in the mountain's shape, and see if there is any increase in gas emissions, we're even gonna send a robot up there to take the darn thing's temperature. So, if the times comes to put this town on alert, "if" the times comes, it will be based on scientific evidence, and not based on somebody's opinion."
  • (Charles Hallahan) "Harry, listen -- for what it's worth -- you were right and I was wrong."

Grant Heslov as Greg

  • (Grant Heslov) "It's coffee time. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. Cappuccino, java, YES."

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