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Dark Alibi Quotes

Dark Alibi is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Dark Alibi stopped airing in 1970.

It features James S. Burkett as producer, Edward J. Kay in charge of musical score, and William A. Sickner as head of cinematography.

Dark Alibi is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dark Alibi is 61 minutes long. Dark Alibi is distributed by Monogram Pictures.

The cast includes: Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown, Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan, Edna Holland as Mrs. Foss, Joyce Compton as Emily Evans, and Benson Fong as Tommy Chan.

Dark Alibi Quotes

Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan

  • (Sidney Toler) "Remember old saying: "Earthquake may shatter rock, but sand upon which rock stood still right there in same old place.""
  • (Sidney Toler) "Always sitting. Wish you would wear out brains instead of seat of pants."
  • (Benson Fong) "Pop, we have been thinking --"
  • (Sidney Toler) "Most impossible."
  • (Mantan Moreland) "Oh, yes sir, Mr. Chan. We've been thinkin'."
  • (Sidney Toler) "And now you have a headache."
  • (Sidney Toler) "Please continue."
  • (Edna Holland) "That's all I have to say."
  • (Sidney Toler) "That's what woman always say, yet go right on talking."
  • (Anthony R. Morgan) "Charlie, what can one man do against the entire legal force of the state?"
  • (Sidney Toler) "Ancient proverb say, "One small wind can raise much dust.""
  • (Sidney Toler) "Son Tommy is noisy woodpecker on family tree."
  • (Sidney Toler) "Skeletons in closets always speak loudest to police."
  • (Sidney Toler) "Government work keep me hopping like dissatisfied flea from dog to dog."
  • (Sidney Toler) "You two not afraid?"
  • (Benson Fong) "Afraid of what, Pop?"
  • (Sidney Toler) "That you sit down so often you get concussion of brain."
  • (Benson Fong) "Pop, I got a swell idea."
  • (Sidney Toler) "Good. Save it for old age."

Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown

  • (Mantan Moreland) "Hurry? Why do you always have to hurry to a murder? Why can't you just ooze on down to one?"
  • (Mantan Moreland) "Mr. Chan, is this the shortest way to prison?"
  • (Sidney Toler) "No, shortest way is commit crime."

Joyce Compton as Emily Evans

  • (Joyce Compton) "Listen, are you trying to pin something on me?"
  • (Sidney Toler) "No, merely at moment trying to figure how you pin upon yourself such very few feathers."

Edna Holland as Mrs. Foss

  • (Edna Holland) "Being a detective is an ugly trade."
  • (Sidney Toler) "Ugliest trade sometimes have moment of joy. Even gravedigger know some people for whom he would do his work with extreme pleasure."

Benson Fong as Tommy Chan

  • (Benson Fong) "You don't even know what a lawsuit is."
  • (Mantan Moreland) "Sure I do. It's something that the police wears."

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