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Dark Blue (film) Quotes

Dark Blue (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Dark Blue completed its run in 1970.

It features David Blocker; Caldecot Chubb; Sean Daniel; James Jacks as producer, Terence Blanchard in charge of musical score, and Barry Peterson (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Dark Blue (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dark Blue (film) is 118 minutes long. Dark Blue (film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Brendan Gleeson as Jack Van Meter, Michael Michele as Beth Williamson, Kurupt as Darryl Orchard, Jonathan Banks as James Barcomb, Scott Speedman as Bobby Keough, Ving Rhames as Arthur Holland, and Master P as Maniac.

Dark Blue (film) Quotes

Jonathan Banks as James Barcomb

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Brendan Gleeson as Jack Van Meter

  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Get the hell down from there. While you're grandstanding here the city is starting to burn. Jimmy for Christ sakes."
  • (Unnamed) "If the city is starting to burn, Jack, it's partly because of guys like you and me. And I may be a goddamm alcoholic but that doesn't mean I can't tell the truth; and I've got all the deep deep dirt right here. Somebody put the cufs on me; let me start talking."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Your whore's dead."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Brief me on Jack O'Hearts. I've been getting calls all day. "My two best guys are on it, giving 200%." Tell me you got the suspects in your trunk."
  • (Unnamed) "My trunk has nothing but a spare tire and dirty underwear."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "You gotta have some breaks."
  • (Unnamed) "I interviewed the "K" who owns the crime scene who I sniffed out as a lesser light of the underworld and it turns out he's got a strip club. He's pandering, a cash-and-carry businessman and he had a safe with a buck-fifty in it."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "That's real money. You guys found a body."
  • (Unnamed) "Kim's bag man."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "So your shooters are Korean."
  • (Unnamed) "That's what we thought till we interviewed the wit."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "He can't lD them. They had on ski masks."
  • (Unnamed) "He can lD race. It was a salt-and-pepper team. A safecracking spook and a blood thirsty blue-eyed peckerwood. Now who does that sound like? How about Orchard and Sidwell?"
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Always Orchard and Sidwell with you. What is that? You're not dumping my two best informants."
  • (Unnamed) "Jack, your pets, your science projects whatever the f*** they are the evil s***s did this. It's time we put these sick twists down."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Your job is not to think. It is to follow orders, to execute plans and to be a good soldier. You're a god**** great soldier because you leave the planning and fixing to me. Are you listening? I'm listening, Jack. Listen to my philosophy. It's very simple. I am a performer of unpleasant tasks so that the majority of people are free to perform pleasant ones. The last thing I care about is what you think."
  • (Unnamed) "I got it, Jack."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Good. Open your f***ing ears. Orchard and Sidwell were in San Diego working for me. You and Bobby will do whatever it takes to clear Jack O'Hearts. Find some bad guys and get a search warrant. Are You listening?"
  • (Unnamed) "I'm listening, Jack."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "You better be listening. I don't need you making s*** up as you go along. Take the warrant and serve it with Rico's platoon. Do what you do."

Scott Speedman as Bobby Keough

  • (Scott Speedman) "Well, she's black, Eldon, that's why I don't talk about her."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, you be dating a sistah."
  • (Scott Speedman) "Yeah."
  • (Unnamed) "I didn't know you were into ebony and ivory."
  • (Scott Speedman) "I do'nt wanna hear a bunch of black jokes, Hey, no I really don't."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey amigo, you think I care about the size, shape, color or political party of some sweet thing you're rolling around with?"

Michael Michele as Beth Williamson

  • (Michael Michele) "I hope you burn in hell Eldon Perry. You evil motherf***er."

Master P as Maniac

  • (Master P) "I mean he got game."
  • (Unnamed) "Game? Mr. Kim? What's he play, Golf? Speak f***ing English."

Kurupt as Darryl Orchard

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