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Daylight (1996 film) Quotes

Daylight (1996 film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Daylight ended its run in 1970.

It features John Davis (producer) as producer, Randy Edelman in charge of musical score, and David Eggby as head of cinematography.

Daylight (1996 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Daylight (1996 film) is 114 minutes long. Daylight (1996 film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Stan Shaw as George Tyrell, Sylvester Stallone as Kit Latura, Mark Rolston as Chief Dennis Wilson, Jo Anderson as Bloom, Amy Brenneman as Madelyne Thompson, Viggo Mortensen as Roy Nord, Danielle Harris as Ashley Crighton, Karen Young as Sarah Crighton, Trina McGee as LaTonya, Vanessa Bell Calloway as Grace Calloway, Barry Newman as Norman Bassett, Rosemary Forsyth as Ms. London, Dan Hedaya as Frank Kraft, and Jay O. Sanders as Steven Crighton.

Daylight (1996 film) Quotes

Vanessa Bell Calloway as Grace Calloway

  • (Vanessa Bell Calloway) "There are 4 of those. I will shut them down for 2 and a half minutes."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Each?"
  • (Vanessa Bell Calloway) "Total. They revved all the way up to compensate for the damaged exhaust shaft. When we shut them down, it will severely cut their oxygen. When the level gets too low, the computer automatically kicks the fans back on. There's no override, and there's no second shut-down. That's a safety feature."

Sylvester Stallone as Kit Latura

  • (Sylvester Stallone) "I hope you make it, Roy."
  • (Viggo Mortensen) "I always make it."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Keep trying you piece of s***. Keep trying. You've killed everybody else. You know what, you haven't killed me."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "I have found your heart, and I'm gonna blow it right out of you"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Okay we're high and dry and out of danger. Now, what we do'nt need is more suprises. Right?"
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "Okay, Were high and dry. Now what?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Now, I may have a way where I can take down a part of that tube, that will seal us off from the fire and plug up that leak."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "How do you plan on doing that?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "I gonna have to use an explosive."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "No. wait. wait a second. Let me explain."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "An explosive? that's your idea down here? No wonder you got people killed."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Hey. If anybody's got a better idea, now is the time to say it."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "You really do not know how much damage this tunnel has sustained. So, how do you know that you can contain it to one section?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "You know what, I don't know. I don't know anything. But, the one thing I know is that we're not going to make it another hour unless I shut this thing down."

Amy Brenneman as Madelyne Thompson

  • (Amy Brenneman) "Start spreading the news/I'm leaving tonight/I've had it up to here with all your s***/New York, New York."
  • (Amy Brenneman) "Don't be scared. They're just s*** with feet."

Rosemary Forsyth as Ms. London

  • (Rosemary Forsyth) "We're going to break through from the Manhattan side, that's the consensus of the city engineers"
  • (Jo Anderson) "Consensus my ass"
  • (Rosemary Forsyth) "Who's this?"
  • (Jo Anderson) "That tunnel is being held up by Kettle Point Pressure"
  • (Rosemary Forsyth) "I asked your NAME."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "Why don't you forget what her name is and listen to what she's saying to you"

Stan Shaw as George Tyrell

  • (Stan Shaw) "Get them back to daylight."
  • (Stan Shaw) "I found this under my bed."
  • (Vanessa Bell Calloway) "Could you be a little less discreet?"
  • (Stan Shaw) "What are you crazy? I have checked all over this place there's no way out."
  • (Viggo Mortensen) "Hey. I was born 6 months premature. My own mother could'nt keep me in."

Danielle Harris as Ashley Crighton

  • (Danielle Harris) "Excuse me Mr. Latura. But, are we gonna drown?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "What's your name?"
  • (Danielle Harris) "Ashley."
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "Okay, Ashley. I may find a way to stop this leak. So, it will keep us from drowning, that's the good news."
  • (Karen Young) "Okay, what's the bad news?"
  • (Sylvester Stallone) "This water is 38 degrees. So, the only thing we have to worry about is Hypothermia."
  • (Trina McGee) "Hypo-what?"
  • (Karen Young) "Hypothermia. It's when your body loses heat and shuts down. When your body is getting tired, really, you're getting dead. Does that sound fair enough?"

Viggo Mortensen as Roy Nord

  • (Viggo Mortensen) "It's exhausting being me."

Mark Rolston as Chief Dennis Wilson

  • (Mark Rolston) "Whaddya got?"
  • (Jo Anderson) "Sorry, Chief. Blocked about twenty feet in."
  • (Jo Anderson) "Structure's so shaky, I wouldn't even risk a firecracker."
  • (Mark Rolston) "What about hydraulics? We brace up as we go --"
  • (Jo Anderson) "Can't be done."
  • (Mark Rolston) "You listen to me. The person who says it can't be done is always interrupted by the one who just did it."

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