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Decision Before Dawn Quotes

Decision Before Dawn is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Decision Before Dawn ended its run in 1970.

It features Anatole Litvak as producer, Franz Waxman in charge of musical score, and Franz Planer as head of cinematography.

Decision Before Dawn is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Decision Before Dawn is 119 minutes long. Decision Before Dawn is distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox.

The cast includes: Richard Basehart as Lt. Dick Rennick, Gary Merrill as Col. Devlin, and O.E. Hasse as Col. Von Ecker.

Decision Before Dawn Quotes

Richard Basehart as Lt. Dick Rennick

  • (Richard Basehart) "Of all the questions left unanswered by the last war, and probably any war, one comes back constantly to my mind. Why does a spy risk his life -- for what possible reason? If the spy wins, he's ignored. If he loses, he's shot."
  • (Richard Basehart) "A soldier's not much good if he can't find his way back to his own outfit."
  • (Cpl. Karl Maurer aka Happy) "Not any harder than fighting for something I knew was wrong."
  • (Richard Basehart) "You were a medic. You didn't really fight."
  • (Cpl. Karl Maurer aka Happy) "To be there is to fight."
  • (Richard Basehart) "A man stays alive as long as he's remembered, and is killed only by forgetfulness. So long, Happy. Let your real name remain unknown, but let the memory of your sacrifice serve as a key to the meanings of treason."
  • (Richard Basehart) "Otherwise, the war hasn't changed much; crowded in the rear areas, and lonely as you got nearer and nearer the front, with nothing but a map to tell you where the enemy was supposed to be. But you soon discovered if your map was accurate enough."

O.E. Hasse as Col. Von Ecker

  • (O.E. Hasse) "Corporal, your profession is to save lives, even the unworthy. Well, mine is to take it, even the worthy."
  • (O.E. Hasse) "I had forgotten that people like that are too weak. They would never have the courage to kill, even if it is to save themselves."
  • (Cpl. Karl Maurer aka Happy) "Sometimes it takes more courage not to kill."

Gary Merrill as Col. Devlin

  • (Lt Pete Gevers) "And what are your political convictions?"
  • (Sgt. Rudolf Barth aka Tiger) "My political convictions? I've never been able to afford any."
  • (Gary Merrill) "Then why do you want to work for us?"
  • (Sgt. Rudolf Barth aka Tiger) "Because you are winning the war. Isn't that a good enough reason?"
  • (Gary Merrill) "Well, good or bad, I suppose it's a valid one."
  • (Gary Merrill) "Furthermore, in any disagreement that might come, no matter what, Rennick will always be right. Get that through your head, Barth. Lieutenant Rennick will always be right."
  • (Gary Merrill) "A kid like Happy, even if he came through it alive, a traitor's always a traitor, no matter what his reasons are."
  • (Richard Basehart) "We didn't hesitate about using him."
  • (Gary Merrill) "In a war, to save lives, you use whoever you can. Trouble is, you always lose the best ones 'cause the best ones are willing to take a chance."

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