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Deliverance Quotes

Deliverance is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Deliverance completed its run in 1970.

It features John Boorman as producer, Eric Weissberg in charge of musical score, and Vilmos Zsigmond as head of cinematography.

Deliverance is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Deliverance is 110 minutes long. Deliverance is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Burt Reynolds as Lewis, Bill McKinney as Mountain Man, Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward as Toothless Man, Seamon Glass as First Griner, James Dickey as Sherrif Bullard, Ned Beatty as Bobby, Jon Voight as Ed, Ronny Cox as Drew, and Belinda Beatty as Martha.

Deliverance Quotes

Bill McKinney as Mountain Man

  • (Bill McKinney) "Now let's you just drop them pants."
  • (Bill McKinney) "I bet you can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Weee."
  • (Bill McKinney) "Weeeeeeee."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Weee."
  • (Bill McKinney) "You ever had your balls cut off you f***ing ape?"
  • (Bill McKinney) "Looks like we got us a sow here instead of a boar."
  • (Bill McKinney) "Them panties. Take 'em off."
  • (Bill McKinney) "What do you want to do now?"
  • (Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward) "He got a real pretty mouth ain't he?"
  • (Bill McKinney) "That's the truth"
  • (Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward) "You gonna do some prayin' for me, boy. And you better pray good."

Seamon Glass as First Griner

  • (Seamon Glass) "Where you goin' city boy?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "We'll find it. We'll find it."
  • (Second Griner) "It ain't nothin' but the biggest f***in' river in the state."

Burt Reynolds as Lewis

  • (Burt Reynolds) "Your name Griner?"
  • (Seamon Glass) "What you wanna know for?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Can you and your brother drive two cars down to Aintry for us?"
  • (Seamon Glass) "Drive 'em down there for what?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Me and my buddy here are taking a canoe trip down the Cahulawassee. We'd like our cars to be down in Aintry when we get there. Be there about Sunday noon."
  • (Seamon Glass) "Canoe trip?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "That's right, a canoe trip."
  • (Seamon Glass) "What the hell you wanna go f*** around with that river for?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Because it's there."
  • (Seamon Glass) "It's there all right. You get in there and can't get out, you gonna wish it wasn't."
  • (Jon Voight) "Look, Lewis, let's go back to town and, ah -- play golf."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I'll give you thirty dollars to take those cars down to Aintry."
  • (Seamon Glass) "I'll take fifty."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Fifty, my ass."
  • (Jon Voight) "Lewis, don't play games with these people."
  • (Seamon Glass) "Whud you say?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I said "fifty, my ass.""
  • (Jon Voight) "Lewis."
  • (Seamon Glass) "I'll do it for forty."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Mm-hmm --"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "You good for ten?"
  • (Jon Voight) "Sure."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Why do you go on these trips with me, Ed?"
  • (Jon Voight) "I like my life, Lewis."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Yeah, but why do you go on these trips with me?"
  • (Jon Voight) "You know, sometimes I wonder about that."
  • (Jon Voight) "Here's to you, Lewis."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Do know what's gonna be here? Right here? A lake. As far as the eyes can see. Hundreds of feet deep. HUNDREDS of feet deep. Did you ever look out over a lake and think of somethin' buried underneath it? Buried underneath it. Well man, that's just about as buried as you can get."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "We killed a man, Drew. Shot him in the back. A mountain man. A cracker."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Anybody know anything about the law?"
  • (Ronny Cox) "I was on a jury once."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "This is the one. There she is."
  • (Jon Voight) "Looks good. Looks good."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Couple more months, and she'll all be gone."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Ed. Lewis."
  • (Jon Voight) "Even up as far as here?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "From Aintry on up. One big, dead lake."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "OVER HERE."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Sometimes you have to lose yourself 'fore you can find anything."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Can that chubby boy handle himself?"
  • (Jon Voight) "Bobby? He's rather well thought of in his field, Lewis."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Insurance? s***. I never been insured in my life. I don't believe in insurance. There's no risk."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Well, we f***ed up."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Now you listen, Ed. Damn it, we can get out of this thing, without any questions asked. We get connected up with that body, and the law, this thing's gonna be hangin' over us the rest of our lives. We've gotta get rid of that guy."
  • (Ronny Cox) "Just how're you gonna do that, Lewis? Where?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Anywhere. Everywhere. Nowhere."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "You w- you wanna -- you wanna talk about the vanishing wilderness?"
  • (Ned Beatty) "Lewis, listen; what are you so anxious about this?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Because they're buildin' a dam across the Cahulawassee River; they're gonna flood a whole valley, Bobby, that's why. Dammit, they're drownin' a river; they're drownin' a river, man."

Ned Beatty as Bobby

  • (Ned Beatty) "Mister, I love the way you wear that hat."
  • (Old man) "You don't know nothin'."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Talk about genetic deficiencies-isn't that pitiful?"
  • (Ned Beatty) "That's him? I mean -- he wasn't just some guy out hunting, was it?"
  • (Jon Voight) "You tell me."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Which way we goin', this way or that way?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I think downstream would be a good idea."
  • (Ned Beatty) "I really didn't know him."
  • (Ned Beatty) "There's no end to it."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Hey, what happens if we flip this thing over?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Now that you brought that up, hang onto your paddle. And if you hit any rocks, don't hit 'em with your head."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Lewis, is this how you get your rocks off?"
  • (Ned Beatty) "That's my '51 Dodge. No, that's my car. That's my car. Whooee. All my youth and passion -- spent in that back seat. It's all gone, you see? It's all gone; rust and dust."
  • (Ned Beatty) "I had my first wet dream in a sleepin' bag."
  • (Jon Voight) "How was it?"
  • (Ned Beatty) "Great."
  • (Ned Beatty) "There's no repeatin' it."
  • (Ned Beatty) "We beat it, didn't we? Didn't we beat that?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "You don't beat it. You don't beat this river --"

Jon Voight as Ed

  • (Jon Voight) "Night has fallen. And there's nothin' we can do about it."
  • (Jon Voight) "Drew was a -- a good husband to his wife Linda, and -- you were a wonderful father to your boys, Drew -- Jimmy and Billy Ray. And if we come through this, I promise to do all I can for 'em."
  • (Jon Voight) "He was the best of us."
  • (Jon Voight) "Look, what is it that you require of us?"
  • (Bill McKinney) "What we, uh, "re-quire" is that you get your god-damn asses up in them woods."
  • (Jon Voight) "No matter what disasters may occur in other parts of the world -- or whatever petty little problems arise in Atlanta -- no one can find us up here. Good night, Lewis."
  • (Jon Voight) "No."
  • (Belinda Beatty) "Ed? What's the matter? -- It's all right -- it's all right -- shhh -- go to sleep -- go to sleep --"

James Dickey as Sherrif Bullard

  • (James Dickey) "Don't ever do nothin' like this again. Don't come back up here."
  • (Ned Beatty) "You don't have to worry about that, Sheriff."
  • (James Dickey) "Let's just wait and see what comes out of the river."

Ronny Cox as Drew

  • (Ronny Cox) "god****, you play a mean banjo."
  • (Ronny Cox) "It is a matter of the law."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "The law. Ha. The law. What law? WHERE'S THE LAW, DREW? HUH?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "You believe in democracy, don't you?"
  • (Ronny Cox) "Yes, I do."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Well, then we'll take a vote. And I'll stand by it. And SO WILL YOU."
  • (Ronny Cox) "I'm a-goin' with you, Ed, and not with Mister Lewis Medlock, 'cause I done seen how he drives these country roads he don't know nothin' 'bout."

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