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Desert Hearts Quotes

Desert Hearts is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Desert Hearts ended in 1970.

It features Donna Deitch, and Cami Taylor as producer, and Robert Elswit as head of cinematography.

Desert Hearts is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Desert Hearts is 96 minutes long. Desert Hearts is distributed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company.

The cast includes: Helen Shaver as Vivian, Patricia Charbonneau as Cay, Tyler Tyhurst as Buck, Audra Lindley as Frances, Alex McArthur as Walter, Andra Akers as Silver, and Gwen Welles as Gwen.

Desert Hearts Quotes

Helen Shaver as Vivian

  • (Helen Shaver) "My only clear memory is arriving. The rest is a blur. An absolute blur."
  • (Helen Shaver) "I wouldn't know what to do."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "You can start by putting the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door."
  • (Helen Shaver) "Can I be honest with you, Frances?"
  • (Audra Lindley) "It's a dyin' art, so be my guest."
  • (Helen Shaver) "It drowned in still waters."
  • (Helen Shaver) "I won't take off my robe."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Well, we all have to draw the line somewhere."
  • (Helen Shaver) "I don't usually feel this way at 11 o'clock in the morning."
  • (Helen Shaver) "I've never felt this way before."
  • (Helen Shaver) "Come with me. Ride with me to the next station."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "What are we gonna get settled in 40 minutes?"
  • (Helen Shaver) "I'll talk fast."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Send me a postcard when you get there. What is it you want?"
  • (Helen Shaver) "Another 40 minutes with you."

Patricia Charbonneau as Cay

  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Take your hands out of your pockets and come here."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Vivian, we have to get out of here, you know. Stand up. Take a walk. Have a Coke. Window shop?"
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Roll it all the way down"
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Come on. I'm used to this."
  • (Helen Shaver) "Well, I'm not."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Listen, you're just visiting the way I live. I guess it would suit you find to hide in that hotel room until your train leaves."
  • (Helen Shaver) "Oh, then let's hire a float. You are so insistent on making everyone think the way you do."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Oh, yeah. You're making real headway in that department."
  • (Helen Shaver) "No fear, no confusion, so self-assured."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "I don't act that way to change the world. I act that way so that the god**** world won't change me."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "I want you to open the door."
  • (Helen Shaver) "And I want you to leave me alone."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "I can't. Honest."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "We don't have to stop."
  • (Helen Shaver) "I do."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Where did you learn to kiss like that?"
  • (Helen Shaver) "I don't know where that came from. It's back where it belongs, and I don't want to talk about it anymore. Take me back."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "I can't see a thing."
  • (Helen Shaver) "I'll take my chances. Just drive."

Gwen Welles as Gwen

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Audra Lindley as Frances

  • (Audra Lindley) "He reached in and put a string of lights around my heart."
  • (Audra Lindley) "Button yourself up. The professor doesn't want to see your business popping through. Where are your pants?"

Andra Akers as Silver

  • (Andra Akers) "I'm in a "can't keep my hands off him" phase."
  • (Patricia Charbonneau) "Did you invite me over to, ah, watch the show?"

Tyler Tyhurst as Buck

  • (Tyler Tyhurst) "How you get all that traffic with no equipment is beyond me."

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