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Destination Tokyo Quotes

Destination Tokyo is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Destination Tokyo stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jerry Wald as producer, Franz Waxman in charge of musical score, and Bert Glennon as head of cinematography.

Destination Tokyo is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Destination Tokyo is 131 or 135 minutes long. Destination Tokyo is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: John Forsythe as Sparks, John Garfield as Wolf, Cary Grant as Capt. Cassidy, William Prince as Pills, Dane Clark as Tin Can, and Robert Hutton as Tommy Adams.

Destination Tokyo Quotes

John Forsythe as Sparks

  • (John Forsythe) "How come they picked you?"
  • (John Garfield) "I don't know. Strong arm, strong back, weak mind."

Cary Grant as Capt. Cassidy

  • (Cary Grant) "There's lots of Mikes dying right now. And a lot more Mikes will die. Until we wipe out a system that puts daggers in the hands of five-year-old children."
  • (Cary Grant) "That's all right, son. I'd rather submerge for one hundred birds, than NOT submerge for one plane."
  • (Robert Hutton) "Thank you, sir."
  • (Cary Grant) "Got "Made in USA" stamped on it. The appeasers' "contribution" to the war effort."
  • (Cary Grant) "Take it and stew it, Cookie."
  • (Cary Grant) "Take her under the carrier; we'll finish the job with the sting from our tail."
  • (Cary Grant) "Can we hug the cruiser any closer?"
  • (Unnamed) "We're just about kissing her now, sir."
  • (Cary Grant) "If we kiss her bottom, we get an "ash can" right down our neck."
  • (Cary Grant) "Attention all hands: We're lying off the Japanese mainland -- Thought you'd like to know."
  • (Unnamed) "Captain, I'm no good."
  • (Cary Grant) "Why's that?"
  • (Unnamed) "I'm scared stiff."
  • (Cary Grant) "How do you think the rest of us feel?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, you're not scared. I've looked at your faces."
  • (Cary Grant) "I've looked at yours, too. It's the same as the others."
  • (Unnamed) "You're scared?"
  • (Cary Grant) "I'll say I am. And so is everybody else."
  • (Cary Grant) "Christoforo Colombo. Here comes a flattop, with a destroyer screen."
  • (Cary Grant) "I hear Japs are happy to die for their emperor. A lot of them are going to be made very happy."
  • (Cary Grant) "There was a democratic movement in Japan after the last war. What happened?"
  • (Unnamed) "The leaders were assassinated."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, what about the people?"
  • (Cary Grant) "They have no voice now. Starvation is the big stick, isn't it, Raymond?"
  • (Unnamed) "That's right, sir. The big wage is seven dollars a week. They have no unions, no free press -- nothing."
  • (Cary Grant) "They do what they're told."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm afraid most of them believe what they're told; like that "hero" who knifed your torpedo man. They've been sold a swindle, and they accept it."
  • (Unnamed) "But how can they support such big families on seven bucks a week?"
  • (Unnamed) "They don't. Daughters of the poor are often sold to factories, or -- worse; when they're about 12."
  • (Cary Grant) "Females are useful there only to work or to have children. The Japs don't understand the love we have for our women. They don't even have a word for it in their language."
  • (Unnamed) "How'd you happen to volunteer for the submarine service, Captain?"
  • (Cary Grant) "Well, when I was a kid, I used to get a kick outta' swimming underwater."

John Garfield as Wolf

  • (John Garfield) "I wonder how the invasion of Europe is getting along?"
  • (John Garfield) "Sorry I had to sock ya'."
  • (Dane Clark) "It was either your chin, or the boat, Dakota. There was nothing else we could do. We gotta' take it. We can't win if we can't take it. Don't you know that?"

Robert Hutton as Tommy Adams

  • (Unnamed) "'For Pills, the Pharmacist's Mate, a mournful knell; he dropped his vitamins down the periscope well.'"
  • (Unnamed) "'The new kid forward is wiser but sadder -- since he stepped on the skipper coming down the ladder.'"
  • (Robert Hutton) "Hey, I apologized."
  • (Unnamed) "'On Wolf's grave a wreath is laid, since he tangled his line with that chambermaid.'"
  • (John Garfield) "Aww, you shoulda had it filled."
  • (Unnamed) "'All hands get ready to upchuck this dinner; with Cookie in the galley, we're gonna get thinner.'"
  • (Unnamed) "Now listen. If that ain't a new high for gratitude -- Who practically mothers all the guys on this ship? I do. Who bends over a hot stove all day long for you guys? I do. Who's gonna get all the glory when you sink a Jap ship? You, that's who. Who's gonna get all the medals out of this war? You guys. And what am I gonna get? Nothin' but varicose veins, and dishwatered hands. Yeah."
  • (Robert Hutton) "You ever want to be a real doctor, Pills?"
  • (William Prince) "Yeah -- I was one of those college wise-guys who didn't know where he was going. Funny place to find out, on submarines."
  • (Robert Hutton) "What college did you go to?"
  • (William Prince) "California. Only a year. Then I signed up. I had an "A" in chemistry -- so they made me a Pharmacists Mate."

Dane Clark as Tin Can

  • (Dane Clark) "Congratulations, Wolf."
  • (John Garfield) "On what?"
  • (Dane Clark) "It's been an hour since anything reminded you of a dame."

William Prince as Pills

  • (Unnamed) "Pills, do you think prayers do any good?"
  • (William Prince) "Yes, they do. I know they do."

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