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Destiny (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

Destiny (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Destiny ended in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Destiny (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

  • (Vedek Yarka) "There are signs that Trakor's Forth Prophecy will soon come to pass as well."
  • (Commander Sisko) "Don't tell me that has something to do with me."
  • (Vedek Yarka) "You, Commander? Well, it is a prophecy about the Emissary."
  • (Commander Sisko) "Tell me about it."
  • (Vedek Yarka) "Trakor's Forth Prophecy says that the Emissary will face a fiery trial, and he'll be forced to choose --"
  • (Commander Sisko) "But that all hinges on how you interpret an ancient text that's been translated and re-translated over the centuries. Words that were couched in metaphor to begin with. I'm sorry, Major; but where you see a sword of stars, I see a comet. Where you see vipers, I see three scientists. And where you see the Emissary, I see a Starfleet officer."
  • (Odo) "It's just an observation, of course; but it's always seemed to me that you've never been comfortable with it."
  • (Commander Sisko) "I can't deny that, I -- Are you suggesting that I'm dismissing this prophecy too easily because I don't want to be the Emissary?"
  • (Odo) "I'm not suggesting anything. But it's been my experience that all humanoids have an agenda of some sort, and that their agendas can influence them without their even realizing it."
  • (Major Kira) "I'll work with anyone who's interested in peace."
  • (Gilora) "I'll try to figure out what we should do next."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Well, I think our best bet would be to go --"
  • (Gilora) "Please. Please, just give me a moment to think."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Fine. I'll just sit here quietly."
  • (Gilora) "Huh -- In that case, could you get me a cup of red leaf tea?"
  • (Vedek Yarka) "If you turn your back on them now, you're abandoning your faith; and without your faith, Nerys -- what do you have left?"
  • (Gilora) "What's your wife's name?"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Keiko."
  • (Gilora) "A lucky woman."
  • (Vedek Yarka) ""When the River wakes, stirred once more to Janir's side, three Vipers will return to their nest in the Sky - --; When the Vipers try to peer through the Temple Gates, a Sword of Stars will appear in the Heavens. The Temple will burn, and the Gates will be cast open.""
  • (Major Kira) "It's hard to work for someone who's a religious icon."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Let me ask you something. If you'd never heard Trakor's prophecy, what would you do?"
  • (Commander Sisko) "I'd continue working on the communications relay."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Then it seems to me you have a choice. You can either make your own decisions, or you can let these prophecies make them for you."
  • (Quark) "Rumor has it that the shop next door to mine is going out of business. I'm thinking of renting it and setting up a few Cardassian gaming concessions."
  • (Odo) "There'll be no live vole fights on the Promenade, Quark."
  • (Quark) "I would never be party to anything so cruel and inhumane. But -- of course, if some Cardassians happen to bring their voles along, and they happen to get into a fight, I could hardly be held responsible."
  • (Odo) "Oh, yes, you could."
  • (Commander Sisko) "And you will be."
  • (Gilora) "Why didn't you tell me you replaced the secondary field coils?"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Well, if you had told me what you were planning to do, I would have."
  • (Gilora) "I don't have time to explain everything."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "What; you think I won't be able to understand?"
  • (Gilora) "It has been my experience that it --"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "What? That Humans aren't good engineers?"
  • (Gilora) "No, not Humans. Males."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "I beg your pardon?"
  • (Gilora) "Men just don't seem to have a head for this sort of thing. That's why women dominate the sciences."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Maybe on Cardassia. But on this station, this man is Chief of Operations, and I know more about these systems than anyone, including you."
  • (Commander Sisko) "Now, those are about the two friendliest vipers I have ever met."
  • (Quark) "Good Kanar is hard to find and I have three cases of it, but that's just the beginning. Soon, Quark's will become known as the best place for Cardassian food and drink in this sector. I'll probably set up daily shipments from Cardassia. I may even need to buy my own transport ship."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Quark, this Kanar has gone bad."
  • (Quark) "What?"
  • (Odo) "I suggest you take your bottles and leave Quark before I have you arrested for attempting to poison our guests."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "As the 34th Rule of Acquisition states, "Peace is good for business"."
  • (Quark) "That's the 35th Rule."
  • (Lieutenant Jadzia Dax) "Oh, you're right. What's the 34th?"
  • (Quark) ""War is good for business". It's easy to get them confused."
  • (Gilora) "I assure you I'm -- quite fertile. I could provide you with many healthy children, if-if that's your concern, but -- quite frankly, I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself."

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