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Diamond Head (film) Quotes

Diamond Head (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Diamond Head ended in 1970.

It features Jerry Bresler (film producer) as producer, John Williams in charge of musical score, and Sam Leavitt as head of cinematography.

Diamond Head (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Diamond Head (film) is 107 minutes long. Diamond Head (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Diamond Head (film) Quotes

  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "What do you know about Paul?"
  • (Sloane Howland) "What do I know? I grew up with him. The King asks me what do I know about marriage, you ask me what do I know about Paul. What do I have to know?"
  • (Sloane Howland) "All right Dean. Paul is no genius and he'll never set the world on fire like you might some day, but he sets me on fire."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "My brother knows you were born to the purple, but he doesn't know how much you like to wear it."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Well that's a switch isn't it? What you really mean is will I do right by Paul."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Exactly. Will you run him like your brother runs everything? Will you be his wife or will he be just your husband?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "What cave do you live in? How is it any different for me to be just his wife or for him to be just my husband?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "If someone is wearing the shoes it had better be the man."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Ha"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Don't forget Sloane, I grew up with you too, and I took notes. Remember that summer when you were 15, up by the waterfall? Do you remember what you did? You took off your clothes and dove in."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "I remember. I said "Come on in Deano, come on in." And why didn't you? Were you too shocked? I bet you'd be shocked right now."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "I wasn't shocked Sloane. I wanted to."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "You know what I would have done if you had? I would have scratced your eyes out and said "I hate you Dean Kahanna, I hate you.""
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Sure Sloan. I hate you too."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Oh, Deano. I don't know why, but you bring out the spitting witch in me. One of us must be an awful person."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Both of us. I bring out the spitting witch, but it has to be there to come out."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "And that's with just one pair of shoes."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "There's a war going on inside your head, it up to you who win's. If Paul had lived he would have had to battle your brother for you for the rest of your life. As for me, I wouldn't sleep well three to a bed."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Wherever I am, how did you get here?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "This time you sent for me?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Did I?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Loud and clear."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Did I say why?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Any woman who asks for a man and doesn't know she's asked for him doesn't have to tell me why. I know."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "All right Sloane, I know how you feel."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Feel? That's just it, I don't feel. Anything. Paul must of loved me and I felt was a blank. I don't know how to love."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Well?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "You know why I'm here. I tried to stay away Sloane, but I couldn't. Look, I hit you and I'm sorry. It's been hurting ever since."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Does this mean you're ready to try, how did you put it, sleeping three in a bed?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "I'm ready to sleep two in my bed."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "What do you think your doing?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "I'm telling Sloane I'm going to marry her."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "I've about had a gut full of you Kahanna's."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "And I've had a gut full of you Howland. I'm not going to let you ruin Sloane's life. Even if you haven't got a woman of your own anymore, get out of my bed and stay out."
  • (Sloane Howland) "I hate the word love."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "How could you lose her?"
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Her heart gave out. You lost her."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Dean. Dean."
  • (Dr. Dean Kahanna) "Hey, bad dream? You know, you've been pretty free with my name tonight. Once drunk, once in a nightmare."

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