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Diamonds Are Forever (film) Quotes

Diamonds Are Forever (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Diamonds Are Forever completed its run in 1970.

It features Harry Saltzman as producer, John Barry (composer) in charge of musical score, and Ted Moore as head of cinematography.

Diamonds Are Forever (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Diamonds Are Forever (film) is 120 minutes long. Diamonds Are Forever (film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Bernard Lee as James Bond, Bruce Glover and Putter Smith as Mr. Wint, Charles Gray as Blofeld, Laurence Naismith as Sir Donald Munger, Bernard Lee as M, Jill St. John as Tiffany Case, Norman Burton as Felix Leiter, Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole, Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny, Jimmy Dean as Willard Whyte, Desmond Llewelyn as Q, Leonard Barr as Shady Tree, Trina Parks as Thumper, and David Bauer as Mr. Slumber.

Diamonds Are Forever (film) Quotes

Trina Parks as Thumper

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Bernard Lee as James Bond

  • (Bernard Lee) "Weren't you a blonde when I came in?"
  • (Jill St. John) "Could be."
  • (Bernard Lee) "I tend to notice little things like that; whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette."
  • (Jill St. John) "Which do you prefer?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Well, as long as the collar and cuffs match --"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Tiffany Case? Definitely distinctive."
  • (Jill St. John) "I was born there, on the first floor, while my mother was looking for wedding rings."
  • (Bernard Lee) "I'm glad for your sake it wasn't Van Cleef & Arpels."
  • (Bernard Lee) "There must be some mistake. I didn't order any --"
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "No mistake, sir. On specific instructions and with the complements of Mr. Willard Whyte: Oysters Andaluz, Shashlik, Tidbits, Prime rib au jus, Salade Utopia --"
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "-- and for dessert, the piece de resistance --"
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "La Bombe Surprise."
  • (Jill St. John) "Mmm. That's looks fantastic. What's in it?"
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "Ah, but then there would be no surprise, Madame."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Saxby."
  • (Jimmy Dean) "Burt Saxby? Tell him he's fired."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Thank you very much. I was just out walking my RAT and seem to have lost my way --"
  • (Marie) "Is there something I can do for you?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "As a matter of fact, there is -- there's something I'd like you to get off your chest."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Welcome to Hell, Blofeld."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Exceptionally fine shot."
  • (Slumber Inc. Attendant) "I didn't know there was a pool down there."
  • (Bernard Lee) "The wine is quite excellent. Although for such a grand meal I would have expected a claret."
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "But of course. Unfortunately our cellar is poorly stocked with clarets."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Mouton Rothschild IS a claret. And, I've smelled that aftershave before, and both times; I've smelled a rat."
  • (Bernard Lee) "What do you intend to do with those diamonds?"
  • (Charles Gray) "An excellent question. And one which will be hanging on the lips of the world quite soon. If I were to break the news to anyone it would be to you first, Mr Bond, you know that."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Presumably I'm the condemned man and obviously you're the hearty breakfast."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Well, if you'd like to come in, Plenty."
  • (Lana Wood) "Oh, how pretty, what a super place you have."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Mmm --"
  • (Lana Wood) "Just give me one second, lover."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Good evening."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Well, I'm afraid you've caught me with more than my hands up."
  • (Lana Wood) "Hey, what the hell is this? A pervert's convention or something?"
  • (Lana Wood) "Now listen, you can't do this to me. Stop that. I've got friends in this town."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Surely, sir, there's no need to involve our section on a relatively simple smuggling matter."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Sir Donald has convinced the PM otherwise. May I remind you 007, that Blofeld is dead. Finished. The least we can expect from you now is a little plain, solid, work."
  • (Slumber Inc. Attendant) "The stiff, ehm, the deceased back there -- Your brother, Mr. Franks?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Yes, it was."
  • (Slumber Inc. Attendant) "I got a brudder."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Small world."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Pity about your liver, sir. Unusually fine Solera. '51, I believe."
  • (Bernard Lee) "There is no year for sherry, 007."
  • (Bernard Lee) "I was referring to the original vintage on which the sherry is based, sir. 1851, unmistakable."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Precisely."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Where is he? I shan't ask you politely next time. Where is Blofeld?"
  • (Unnamed) "Ca-Ca-Cairo."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Bond, James Bond"
  • (Bernard Lee) "We do function in your absence, Commander."
  • (Bernard Lee) "What can I bring you back from Holland?"
  • (Lois Maxwell) "A diamond? In a ring?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Would you settle for a tulip?"
  • (Lois Maxwell) "Mm, yes."
  • (Bernard Lee) "I'll take the full odds on the ten, two hundred on the hard way, the limit on all the numbers, two hundred and fifty on the eleven. Thank you very much."
  • (Lana Wood) "Say, you played this game before."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Just once."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Good morning, gentlemen. ACME pollution inspection. We're cleaning up the world, we thought this was a suitable starting point."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Speak up, darling, I can't hear you."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Bitch. Your problems are all behind you now."

Charles Gray as Blofeld

  • (Blofeld Double) "You killed my only other double, I'm afraid. After his death, volunteers were understandably -- rather scarce."
  • (Charles Gray) "Such a pity. All that time and energy wasted, simply to provide you with one mock, heroic moment."
  • (Charles Gray) "As La Rochefoucauld observed, "humility is the worst form of conceit." I do hold the winning hand."
  • (Charles Gray) "Tiffany, my dear. We're showing a bit more cheek than usual, aren't we?"
  • (Charles Gray) "Take her below and lock her up with Mr. Bond."
  • (Charles Gray) "What a pity, such nice cheeks too. If only they were brains."
  • (Charles Gray) "Destroy this, Metz."
  • (Charles Gray) "Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in."
  • (Charles Gray) "Good evening, Mr Bond."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Blofeld?"
  • (Blofeld Double) "Good evening, 007."
  • (Charles Gray) "Double jeopardy, Mr Bond."
  • (Charles Gray) "The satellite is at present over -- Kansas. Well, if we destroy Kansas the world may not hear about it for years. Perhaps New York, with all that smut and traffic -- might give them a chance for a fresh start. Washington, DC. Perfect. Since we have not heard from them, they will hear from us."
  • (Charles Gray) "Right idea, Mr. Bond --"
  • (Bernard Lee) "-- But wrong p*****."
  • (Charles Gray) "Making mud pies, 007?"
  • (Charles Gray) "You press "L" Mr. Bond, the word "Lobby" begins with "L"."

Jill St. John as Tiffany Case

  • (Jill St. John) "Darling, why are we suddenly staying in the Newlywed Suite at the Whyte House?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "In order to form a more perfect union."
  • (Jill St. John) "My God. You just killed James Bond."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Is that who it was? Well just goes to show, no one's indestructible."
  • (Jill St. John) "Keep leaning on that tooter, Charlie, and you're gonna get a shot in the mouth."
  • (Jill St. John) "Why, Peter, there's much more to you than I imagined."
  • (Jill St. John) "Listen, you can drop me off at the next corner. This whole thing is getting a little out of hand. No regrets, but when you start stealing moon machines from Willard Whyte, GOOD bye and GOOD Luck."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Just relax, I have a friend named Felix who can fix anything."
  • (Jill St. John) "Is he married?"
  • (Jill St. John) "Relax, you've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Unfortunately, so can Willard Whyte."
  • (Jill St. John) "Hi there, Mr. Q. Are you having any luck?"
  • (Desmond Llewelyn) "I'm being somewhat successful, thank you."
  • (Jill St. John) "Go blow up your pants."
  • (Jill St. John) "She's --"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Dead. Supposed to be you. The next link in the "pipeline"."
  • (Jill St. John) "What are you talking about?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Poor Plenty must have stumbled in here looking for you."
  • (Jill St. John) "I don't believe you."
  • (Bernard Lee) "A dentist is dead in South Africa. That little old lady in Amsterdam. Shady got his last night. They've missed me once. And you're next. Now, who's your connection?"
  • (Jill St. John) "You sound like a cop to me --"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Who's your connection?"
  • (Jill St. John) "All I know, his voice is on a phone. They got me this place and told me to wait for further instructions."
  • (Bernard Lee) "You'll find that rather difficult to hear underwater."

Bruce Glover and Putter Smith as Mr. Wint

  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "Curious -- how everyone who touches those diamonds seems to die."
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "Very moving."
  • (Mr. Kidd) "Heartwarming, Mr. Wint."
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "A glowing tribute, Mr. Kidd."
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "If at first you don't succeed Mr. Kidd?"
  • (Mr. Kidd) "Try, try again, Mr. Wint."
  • (Mr. Kidd) "If God had wanted man to fly --"
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "-- He would have given him wings, Mr. Kidd."
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "And for dessert, the piece de resistance -- a Bombe Surprise."
  • (Jill St. John) "Mmm. That looks fantastic. What's in it?"
  • (Bruce Glover and Putter Smith) "Ah -- But then there would be no surprise, Madame."

Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Norman Burton as Felix Leiter

  • (Norman Burton) "I give up. I know the diamonds are in the body, but where?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Alimentary, Dr. Leiter --"

Jimmy Dean as Willard Whyte

  • (Jimmy Dean) "I see you've met my friends Bambi and Thumper"
  • (Jimmy Dean) "Baja? I haven't got anything in Baja."

Leonard Barr as Shady Tree

  • (Leonard Barr) "You dirty double-crossing limey fink. Those god**** diamonds are phonies."

Laurence Naismith as Sir Donald Munger

  • (Laurence Naismith) "Tell me, Commander, how far does your expertise extend into the field of diamonds?"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Well, hardest substance found in nature, they cut glass, suggests marriage, I suppose it replaced the dog as the girl's best friend. That's about it."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Refreshing to hear that there is one subject you're not an expert on."

David Bauer as Mr. Slumber

  • (David Bauer) "Mr. Franks? I'm Morton Slumber. Please accept my heartfelt condolences at this most difficult hour"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Well, he is heading for a better world, Mr. Slumber. There's some consolation in that."
  • (David Bauer) "Now then, if we're ready to begin the final journey --"
  • (David Bauer) "Ah- May his soul rest in peace."
  • (Bernard Lee) "Oh, yes -- yes, Amen."
  • (David Bauer) "Now if you would care to follow me into my comfortable office Mr. Franks, we will bring you the urn -- Oh, I'm so happy you chose our Half-couch Hinge-panel Slumber-on Casket. I'm sure your brother would have appreciated it"
  • (Bernard Lee) "Oh, I'm sure he did."

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