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Dick (film) Quotes

Dick (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Dick ended its run in 1970.

It features Gale Anne Hurd as producer, John Debney in charge of musical score, and Alexander Gruszynski as head of cinematography.

Dick (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Dick (film) is 94 minutes long. Dick (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Dave Foley as Bob Halderman, Michelle Williams as Arlene Lorenzo, Ted McGinley as Dick, Kirsten Dunst as Betsy Jobs, Saul Rubinek as Henry Kissinger, Ryan Reynolds as Chip, Harry Shearer as G. Gordon Liddy, Will Ferrell as Bob Woodward, and Jim Breuer as John Dean.

Dick (film) Quotes

Kirsten Dunst as Betsy Jobs

  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Are you the President's dog trainer?"
  • (Jim Breuer) "I'm John Dean, Chief White House Council."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Oh. That's too bad."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "It looks like he's wearing blush."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "You kicked Checkers, you're prejudiced and you have a potty mouth."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "What are you doing?"
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Beer Bong?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "I'm definitely tripping already -- heavily."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "You're the smartest person I know."
  • (Michelle Williams) "But you don't know anybody --"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Hey, that guy has T.P. stuck to his shoe."
  • (Michelle Williams) "Hey, mister. Hey. Hey, you, hey turn around, mister."
  • (Harry Shearer) "Young lady, I am a VERY busy man."
  • (Michelle Williams) "Wait a minute, I know you."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Me too. But from where?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Are you the guy who sells corndogs at the mall?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "You can't let dick control your life."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Checkers pooped."
  • (Unnamed) "Girls, the President's dog doesn't "poop." He "does his business.""

Will Ferrell as Bob Woodward

  • (Will Ferrell) "You're Deep Throat?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Yeah, we both are."
  • (Will Ferrell) "How old are you?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Twenty-three."
  • (Will Ferrell) "Is that your combined ages?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "There's no need to be snotty."

Ted McGinley as Dick

  • (Ted McGinley) "Pat, will ya stop snoring, god**** it. My head is about to explode."
  • (Ted McGinley) "Checkers; shut up. Or I'll feed you to the Chinese."
  • (Ted McGinley) "I've got a way with young people. They trust me."

Saul Rubinek as Henry Kissinger

  • (Saul Rubinek) "It's alright, gentlemen. I'm familiar with these two young ladies. Well, not "familiar", familiar, obviously."

Michelle Williams as Arlene Lorenzo

  • (Michelle Williams) "War is not healthy for children and other living things."
  • (Michelle Williams) "How dare those people treat us like we're stupid teenage girls."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "We are stupid teenage girls."
  • (Michelle Williams) "No. We're human beings, and we're American citizens. And four score and seven years ago our forefathers -- did something."
  • (Michelle Williams) "I love Dick."
  • (Michelle Williams) "Dick frightens me."
  • (Michelle Williams) "We have a very important school report on turquoise jewelry due in two days, and we can't find any books on it, and the President's having us followed. It's too much pressure."
  • (Michelle Williams) "We think you haven't been completely honest with us."
  • (Ted McGinley) "Let me tell you, if it's about that god**** Watergate. I tell you, I had NOTHING to do with it, you hear? It's those god**** Woodward and Burnstein. They're out to get me."
  • (Michelle Williams) "Actually it was just about the dog."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "You act like you like him. But we don't think you do."
  • (Ted McGinley) "What dog?"
  • (Michelle Williams) "So you really think that my dad could be alive?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Alive and famous. It makes perfect sense, he was probably married or something and your mom had to keep it a secret to protect his reputation. I mean, he's probably out there right now, his heart breaking because he can't reach out to the one person who truly maters to him. His darling daughter."
  • (Michelle Williams) "My life is so tragic."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Or it could be worse. What if -- years from now you get married and find out that your finacee's dad is your dad, too, and you two are brother and sister."
  • (Michelle Williams) "Oh my GOD."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Mhm. It's called incest, Arlene. And it's against the law."

Dave Foley as Bob Halderman

  • (Dave Foley) "I have met yams with more going on upstairs than these two."

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