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Dinnerladies (TV series) Quotes

dinnerladies is a Sitcom that debuted in 1998 on BBC One. Dinnerladies ended its run in 2000.

dinnerladies aired for 16 episodes. It features Geoff Posner; Victoria Wood as producer, and Victoria Wood as theme composer. dinnerladies is executive produced by Philip McIntyre; David Tyler. dinnerladies is created by Victoria Wood.

dinnerladies is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of dinnerladies is 27-29 minutes long. dinnerladies is produced by Good News, and Pozzitive Television and distributed by Universal Playback.

The cast includes: Victoria Wood as Bren, Andrew Livingston as Norman, Andrew Dunn as Tony, Sue Devaney as Jane, Maxine Peake as Twinkle, Anne Reid as Jean, Thelma Barlow as Dolly Belfield, Shobna Gulati as Anita, Julie Walters as Petula Gordino, Duncan Preston as Stan, and Steve Huison as Sue.

dinnerladies Quotes

Sue Devaney as Jane

  • (Sue Devaney) "So is there anyone you want to bring?"
  • (Andrew Dunn) "What "bring" bring?"
  • (Sue Devaney) "No not "bring" bring, just bring."
  • (Maxine Peake) "You can get phones that do that."

Steve Huison as Sue

  • (Steve Huison) "Now that's very interesting. You see, I believe in a world of infinite possibility."

Andrew Dunn as Tony

  • (Andrew Dunn) "Are you all right Bren? Did you get any?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "What?"
  • (Andrew Dunn) "At the weekend. Did you get any?"
  • (Victoria Wood) "Any sex? No I had to go to the laundrette. Did you, Tony?"
  • (Andrew Dunn) "Hollow flipping laughter."
  • (Andrew Dunn) "I'm a lonely celibate, me. I do nothing. I go home and fry eggs. If I ever do get a girl to come back to my place I won't know what to do with her. I'll be flicking hot fat at her with a spatula."
  • (Andrew Dunn) "All a bloke really wants for Christmas is a voucher that says, "Take this to 32 Sycamore Avenue. Mrs. Janet Farnesbarnes will be stark naked waiting for you. You can have as long as you like, you get a cup of tea afterwards and you don't have to have a bloody conversation.""
  • (Andrew Dunn) "I didn't go mad this morning and order one old lady instead of a load of broccoli?"

Duncan Preston as Stan

  • (Duncan Preston) "Male maintenance person entering female lavatory area."
  • (Duncan Preston) "That's Frank Sinatra on toast, is that."

Thelma Barlow as Dolly Belfield

  • (Thelma Barlow) "I didn't just come up the Manchester Ship Canal on a Ryvita, you know."

Shobna Gulati as Anita

  • (Shobna Gulati) "Is genitalia the silver stuff you drape over the branches?"

Julie Walters as Petula Gordino

  • (Julie Walters) "What ward will I be on?"
  • (Unnamed) "8"
  • (Julie Walters) "Mixed isn't it?; might have a bit of sex."

Victoria Wood as Bren

  • (Victoria Wood) "Have you never seen "Vertigo"?"
  • (Andrew Livingston) "Seen it? I've got it."

Anne Reid as Jean

  • (Anne Reid) "Luxury, my do dah. It's a converted World War Two aircraft carrier."
  • (Thelma Barlow) "We have our own suite, our own balcony --"
  • (Anne Reid) "Your own Bofors Gun."

Andrew Livingston as Norman

  • (Andrew Livingston) "I'm agoraphobic. I fell off a diving board in Guernsey."

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