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Dollars (film) Quotes

Dollars (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Dollars ended its run in 1970.

It features M. J. Frankovich as producer, Quincy Jones in charge of musical score, and Petrus Schloemp as head of cinematography.

Dollars (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dollars (film) is 119-120 minutes long. Dollars (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Goldie Hawn as Dawn Divine, Warren Beatty as Joe Collins, Wolfgang Kieling as Granich, Arthur Brauss as Candy Man, Scott Brady as Sarge, Gert Fröbe as Mr. Kessel, Robert Stiles as Major, and Robert Herron as Bodyguard.

Dollars (film) Quotes

Arthur Brauss as Candy Man

  • (Arthur Brauss) "Let him go. He doesn't have the money."
  • (Scott Brady) "What do you know about it?"
  • (Arthur Brauss) "My box got hit too."
  • (Scott Brady) "You're kidding. All 'em boxes at the bank got hit?"
  • (Arthur Brauss) "Not all."
  • (Scott Brady) "Only us?"
  • (Arthur Brauss) "People like us."
  • (Scott Brady) "What the hell do I have to do with you? Look at yourself. You're up s*** creek without a paddle."
  • (Arthur Brauss) "You're in the same boat."
  • (Scott Brady) "Not me. I'm not connected with you in any way."
  • (Arthur Brauss) "Can you go to the police and report it? Huh?"
  • (Robert Stiles) "He's right."
  • (Scott Brady) "You shut up. The Candy Man's right. Whoever it was, if we can't call a cop -- neither can they. Okay, Mr. Candy Man, you're the brains here. Who?"
  • (Arthur Brauss) "When we know how -- we'll know who."

Robert Herron as Bodyguard

  • (Robert Herron) "I don't belive it. $830,000 -- gone. How?"
  • (Attorney) "I -- I don't know. It's just --"
  • (Robert Herron) "What are we going to tell Vegas?"
  • (Attorney) "Whatever you tell them, they're not gonna belive it. I know those guys. They're killers. If you tell them the money's gone, stolen, or we got ripped off -- they're gonna think we stole it."
  • (Robert Herron) "What do we do now?"
  • (Attorney) "Start running. Jesus -- man, you can't trust a bank."

Scott Brady as Sarge

  • (Scott Brady) "Hey; - what're you doing in there?"
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Robbing a bank."
  • (Scott Brady) "I can't believe this. You're a heavyweight to pull off a million dollar caper, but foolish enough to get caught by a lightweight hustler like me?"
  • (Warren Beatty) "Million-and-a-half, Sarge. One million and a half. That's how much that Dawn and I took from yours and the two other bank boxes."
  • (Scott Brady) "Where is Dawn? Where is she?"
  • (Warren Beatty) "Now?"
  • (Scott Brady) "Right now."
  • (Warren Beatty) "Gee, it looks like -- she's where the money is."
  • (Scott Brady) "So anyway, I go to the hotel to get my baggage and it isn't here."
  • (Scott Brady) "Yeah, those stupid mothers never put it on the connecting plane to Munich. Now get this, my address book is inside the missing suitcase. So here we are with no way to contact my old friend Joe without knowing where he lives."
  • (Gert Fröbe) "His number is not listed. I don't like to give out private numbers. But if you have his phone number anyway why --"
  • (Scott Brady) "No, no, I can't phone him because that way we can't suprise him."
  • (Gert Fröbe) "Surprise him?"
  • (Scott Brady) "Yeah, it's sort of a -- going away party. Didn't Joe tell you anything?"
  • (Gert Fröbe) "I only know that tomorrow is his last day at the bank. All right."
  • (Scott Brady) "Yeah, go ahead. Fifty-six, what? Uh -- yeah, I got it. Well, thanks a million pal. Good bye."
  • (Scott Brady) "Let's go to a surprise party."
  • (Scott Brady) "Yeah, I know the line is busy. Find out if Miss Divine is talking, or if the phone is out of order. Hello? Operator?"
  • (Scott Brady) "Damn, Hamburg operators. Why the hell don't they learn English?"
  • (Scott Brady) "What're ya BUILDIN'?"
  • (Scott Brady) "Stay where you are. Up. You ought to be ashamed at yourself. Jesus, boy -- you work for the bank."
  • (Scott Brady) "All right, where's the key?"
  • (Scott Brady) "The key."
  • (Warren Beatty) "Uh -- you're not going to believe this --"
  • (Scott Brady) "That's right."
  • (Scott Brady) "Count it."
  • (Warren Beatty) "Well, I know how much there is. Your share is --"
  • (Warren Beatty) "Uh -- Sarge? We've been had."
  • (Scott Brady) "Shut up."
  • (Warren Beatty) "As I said, your share of this is around $765,000."
  • (Scott Brady) "Shut up."
  • (Warren Beatty) "What? You think I lugged this god**** thing across Germany just for the exercise?"
  • (Scott Brady) "SHUT UP."

Gert Fröbe as Mr. Kessel

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Wolfgang Kieling as Granich

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Goldie Hawn as Dawn Divine

  • (Goldie Hawn) "Now?"
  • (Warren Beatty) "No. The bank is crowded."
  • (Warren Beatty) "It's overcrowded."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "Fireworks started yet?"
  • (Warren Beatty) "Uh -- that'll be any minute."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "He could have killed me too, you know?"
  • (Warren Beatty) "That's right."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "I hate him."
  • (Warren Beatty) "Waste of time."
  • (Goldie Hawn) "I don't care. I could kill him."
  • (Warren Beatty) "Hey, stealing's a business, not a crusade."

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