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Dolores Claiborne (film) Quotes

Dolores Claiborne (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Dolores Claiborne ended in 1970.

It features Charles Mulvehill as producer, Danny Elfman in charge of musical score, and Gabriel Beristain as head of cinematography.

Dolores Claiborne (film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dolores Claiborne (film) is 131 minutessfn Dolores Claiborne (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Judy Parfitt as Vera Donovan, Kathy Bates as Dolores Claiborne, Jennifer Jason Leigh as Selena St. George, and David Strathairn as Joe St. George.

Dolores Claiborne (film) Quotes

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Selena St. George

  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I'm sorry, Mother. Sometimes being a bitch is the only thing a woman has hold onto."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Eighteen years ago, my father drank a bottle of scotch and fell down a well. Detective Mackey didn't think it was an accident, which is -- why we're here today."
  • (Det. John Mackey) "And what do you think, Selena?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I think I owe you an apology. I called you a son of a bitch. You said you thought we were a lot alike, and you were right. We both spent the past 18 years prosecuting this woman. We came out here- I know I did- believing she was guilty. We forgot this case is about Vera Donovan. Not my father."
  • (Det. John Mackey) "And what if it wasn't an accident?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Look. It's been 18 years. I don't know what this has done to you, but let me tell you, it's consumed me. I have lived with this every day of my life. Every day. I was wrong and I won't do it anymore. And if I can say that, my God, can't you?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "These two women loved each other."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I don't know how to feel about what you did -- maybe I never will, Mom. But I know, I know you did it for me."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "There is no Arizona."

Kathy Bates as Dolores Claiborne

  • (Kathy Bates) "Go ahead and take what you want. I ain't doin' any beauty pageants today."
  • (Kid on street) "Look."
  • (Kid on street) "Hey Miss Claiborne."
  • (Kid on street) "Kill anyone else today?"
  • (Kathy Bates) "Not just yet, when I change my mind I'll know exactly where to start"
  • (Kathy Bates) "Go ahead, Joe. All I ask is that you do it quick, and don't let Selena see the mess when it's over."
  • (Kathy Bates) "You wanna run me down, go ahead. You can be as mean and hurtful as you want, but this is the last time you will ever hit me. You do it again, one of us is goin' to the boneyard."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Why? Why'd you do this, Vera?"
  • (Judy Parfitt) "Because I hate the smell of being old."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Hell ain't somethin' you get thrown into overnight. Nope. Real hell comes on you slow and steady as a line of wet winter sheets."
  • (Kathy Bates) "If you wanna know what kind of life a person had, just look at their hands."
  • (Const. Frank Stamshaw) "Going on a morning walk?"
  • (Kathy Bates) "No, I'm just packing the get-away boat, so I can make my great escape."
  • (Kathy Bates) "If anyone is going to accuse me of killing my husband, go right ahead and call me Dolores."
  • (Kathy Bates) "If you say you're sorry one more time, I'll kick your butt up so high, you'll look like a hunchback."
  • (Kathy Bates) "We're gonna sit down and have ourselves a drink. And after we're done; after I'm done, you can run upstairs and take whichever one of them little pills makes you feel the best."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Jesus crow; you didn't even have the decency to clean up after her. You telling me this is evidence?"
  • (Kathy Bates) "I got another surprise for you, Joe."
  • (David Strathairn) "What, did someone invent a pill to cure ugly?"
  • (Kathy Bates) "That is the last time you ever hit me. Next time, one of us is going to the bone yard."
  • (Kathy Bates) "How is that going to help?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Because in ten minutes, I'm gonna be fine."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Selena --"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "JUST GIVE ME TEN MINUTES."
  • (Kathy Bates) "It was just a bad patch."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I had a f***ing nervous breakdown, mother."
  • (Det. John Mackey) "I'm sorry, but I think it's for the best if you got yourself some legal representation."
  • (Kathy Bates) "You're sorry, are you? Bet the last time you were sorry was when you needed to use the pay toilet and the string on your pet dime broke."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Go ahead Joe, Kill me. All I ask is that you do it quick, and don't let Selena see the mess once you're through."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Now, you listen to me, Mr. Grand High Poobah of Upper Buttcrack, I'm just about half-past give a s*** with your fun and games."
  • (Kathy Bates) "You must have boyfriends. Beautiful girl like you, smart and out in the world -- You tellin' me there's nobody?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I'm telling you there's a lot of nobodies."
  • (Kathy Bates) "I did not murder that bitch any more than I'm wearing a diamond tiara."
  • (Const. Frank Stamshaw) "Selena, we'd like her to stay at her house for the next few days."
  • (Kathy Bates) "If I decide to make my grand escape to South America, I'll be sure to let you know first."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Vera, are ya gonna sit there and marinate in it? Come on."

Judy Parfitt as Vera Donovan

  • (Judy Parfitt) "It's a depressingly masculine world we live in, Dolores."
  • (Judy Parfitt) "Well, don't look to me, Dolores. All my money is tied up in cash."
  • (Judy Parfitt) "Don't you just love the Bossa Nova? I found them in New York and simply had to have them."
  • (Judy Parfitt) "Don't we have a hair across our ass this morning, Dolores Claiborne?"
  • (Judy Parfitt) "I want my china pig."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Which one? There's only about two-hundred of 'em."
  • (Judy Parfitt) "Sometimes, Dolores -- sometimes, you have to be a high-riding bitch to survive. Sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto."
  • (Judy Parfitt) "Doloooress --."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Hell's bells. Look who's up."

David Strathairn as Joe St. George

  • (David Strathairn) "What are you talking about, I never touched Selena."
  • (Kathy Bates) "Oh yeah? Well then how come you're making a face like the devil just reached down and grabbed those little raisins you call balls?"

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