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Don't Lose Your Head Quotes

Don't Lose Your Head is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Don't Lose Your Head ended its run in 1970.

It features Peter Rogers as producer, Eric Rogers (composer) in charge of musical score, and Alan Hume as head of cinematography.

Don't Lose Your Head is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Don't Lose Your Head is 90 minutes long. Don't Lose Your Head is distributed by Rank Organisation.

The cast includes: Sid James as The Black Fingernail, Kenneth Williams as Camembert, Peter Butterworth as Bidet, Dany Robin as Jacqueline, Peter Gilmore as Citizen Robespierre, Elspeth March as Lady Binder, Charles Hawtrey as Duc De Pommfrit, Joan Sims as Desiree Dubarry, and Patrick Allen as Narrator.

Don't Lose Your Head Quotes

Charles Hawtrey as Duc De Pommfrit

  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Come here, you little vixen."
  • (Joan Sims) "Oh, get off. Stop it."

Elspeth March as Lady Binder

  • (Elspeth March) "But then, you've always had magnificent balls, and I wouldn't miss one of them."
  • (Sid James) "Thank you Lady Binder."

Sid James as The Black Fingernail

  • (Sid James) "Yooh whoo. It's me."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Tis he. After he."
  • (Peter Butterworth) "After who?"
  • (Kenneth Williams) "After him."
  • (Peter Butterworth) "After you."
  • (Sid James) "Come, my dear, let's take a walk in the arbour."
  • (Joan Sims) "Blaimy. I didn't know we were so near the sea."

Joan Sims as Desiree Dubarry

  • (Joan Sims) "Nice way to keep a bargain, I must say."
  • (Sid James) "What's the matter with you? I promised you a title and he's got one."
  • (Joan Sims) "Hate to think what it is."

Peter Gilmore as Citizen Robespierre

  • (Peter Gilmore) "Have either of you ever seen a man looking like that?"
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Well, it's marvelous what you can do with a bit of padding. If I could just have a bit of a prod --"
  • (Peter Gilmore) "No you cannot have a bit of a prod. Imbecile. Admit it. This Fingernail has made a monkey of you, yet again."

Kenneth Williams as Camembert

  • (Kenneth Williams) "I'm Camembert. I'm the big cheese."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Remember you must be circumspect."
  • (Peter Butterworth) "Oh, I was Sir. When I was a baby."

Patrick Allen as Narrator

  • (Patrick Allen) "Paris, 1789. The Great Revolution has begun. The hands of the masses are smeared with the blood of the poor bleeding aristocracy. Every day the tumbrels run a regular half-hour service between the Bastille and the many guillotines around the city. The growing mounds of noble heads are only matched by the growing mounds of unused return tickets. No-one is spared. Madame La Guillotine claims them all. Dukes and Duchesses, Lords and Ladies, men and women of both sexes. A dozen times an hour the drums roll, the blade falls, and the heads roll. Yes, every five minutes, a freshly sliced loaf."

Dany Robin as Jacqueline

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