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Doom (film) Quotes

Doom (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Doom ended its run in 1970.

It features Plain list, * Lorenzo di Bonaventura as producer, Clint Mansell in charge of musical score, and Tony Pierce-Roberts as head of cinematography.

Doom (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Plain list Each episode of Doom (film) is 105 minutes long. Doom (film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Dwayne Johnson as Sarge, Rosamund Pike as Samantha Grimm, Dexter Fletcher as Pinky, Yao Chin as Mac, Karl Urban as John Grimm, Al Weaver as The Kid, Razaaq Adoti as Duke, DeObia Oparei as Destroyer, and Ben Daniels as Goat.

Doom (film) Quotes

Rosamund Pike as Samantha Grimm

  • (Rosamund Pike) "10% of the human genome is still unmapped. Some say it's the genetic blueprint for the soul."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "You know, Duke, I bet secretly you've got a big heart."
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "Oh, yeah? Well, that ain't the only secret big thing I got."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "Little rusty, huh?"
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "Oh, lady, you have no idea."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "In one of the carbon dating labs, there was an internal telephone left off the hook."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Did you get any information from it?"
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Open the door."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "So, "Reaper"? As in "Grim"?"
  • (Karl Urban) "They're Marines, Sam, not poets."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "In the year 2026 archaeologists working in the Nevada desert discovered a portal to an ancient city on Mars. They call this portal the Ark. Twenty years later, we're still struggling to understand why it was built and what happened to the civilization that built it."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "Does it ever bother you, you could've spent your life looking in a microscope instead of a sniper scope?"
  • (Karl Urban) "If they were so smart, how come they're so dead?"
  • (Rosamund Pike) "It may even be reversible --"
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "It's irreversible."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "You don't know that --"
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Doctor-Carmack's-condition-is-irreversible."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "NO-."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Because Carmack's condition is that -- he's dead."

Dwayne Johnson as Sarge

  • (Dwayne Johnson) "How long's it been?"
  • (Karl Urban) "Ten years."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "You sure she's even still up there?"
  • (Karl Urban) "Yeah."
  • (Karl Urban) "I guess you got to face your demons sometimes."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Shoulder your f***ing weapon, soldier."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "I didn't see s***. And I ain't paid to see s***."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "We don't know what we are dealing with here. Its S.O.P. to call reinforcements when its insecu --"
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "WE ARE -- The reinforcements."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Holy s***."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "I'm not supposed to die."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Pinky, do you see Portman?"
  • (Dexter Fletcher) "No."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Big f***ing gun."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Semper Fi, Motherf***er. Faithful to the corps John."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Portman, what the hell happened?"
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "I fell in the damn hole."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Are you gonna shoot me?"
  • (Karl Urban) "Yeah, was thinking about it"
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "What you got left?"
  • (Karl Urban) "Half a clip. You?"
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "I've got one round."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Kill them all, let God sort them out."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Listen up, men. Leave is canceled."
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "Aw, man -- I don't believe it. f***."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "You got a problem with that, Duke?"
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "Me, Sarge? Hell, no. I love my job."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "I thought "being in the s***" was a figure of speech."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Get in the god**** hole, Portman."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "I need soldiers. I don't need anyone else, but "soldiers"."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Is there anyway this thing came from the outside, on the surface?"
  • (Rosamund Pike) "The planet is completely dead."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "It came from some where, lady."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Portman, shutup."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "The atmosphere on the surface can't support life."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "Maybe it doesn't need air, it could've come from another planet or something."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "What, like an alien?"
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "LOOK AT THAT THING."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "PORTMAN, YOU NEED TO SHUT THE f*** UP."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "Eliminate the threat."
  • (Al Weaver) "What threat?"
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "It goes that this see, if its trying kill ya. Its a threat"
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "We're gonna need something with a little bit more kick."

Karl Urban as John Grimm

  • (Karl Urban) "If I turn into one of those demons, shoot me. One in the heart and one in the head, and don't you hesitate."
  • (Rosamund Pike) "I won't have to."
  • (Karl Urban) "It was his first mission."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "And it's not gonna be my last."
  • (Karl Urban) "Almost home."
  • (Karl Urban) "Looks like we missed the party."
  • (Karl Urban) "COME ON, YOU MOTHERf***ER. YEAH."
  • (Karl Urban) "Sir, are you okay?"
  • (Karl Urban) "Okay --"
  • (Karl Urban) "Like The Kid said, "Go to Hell"."
  • (Karl Urban) "If they were so smart, how come they're so dead?"
  • (Rosamund Pike) "We don't know. Maybe they just went with time."
  • (Karl Urban) "You don't shield a baby from time."
  • (Karl Urban) "This is not what me and Goat shot at in Genetics."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "You mean there's more of these f***ing things?"
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "You know, Kid, it's funny. A couple of days ago I asked Sarge for a little p*****. The next day he brought you onto the team."
  • (Karl Urban) "Don't give me an excuse, Portman. No one here will miss you."

Razaaq Adoti as Duke

  • (Razaaq Adoti) "And that's why I don't do nanowalls."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "I don't believe this s***. Six months without a weekend, and the god**** transporters are five minutes late. Now that's 5 minutes of R and R that I ain't gonna get back."
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "Relax baby, we're on vacation."
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "Where the f*** are we?"
  • (Ben Daniels) "Couple a million light years from breakfast."

DeObia Oparei as Destroyer

  • (Unnamed) "RRTS Special Ops clearance verified. Handle ID: Destroyer."
  • (DeObia Oparei) "Daddy's home."
  • (Unnamed) "Handle ID: Mac. Handle ID: Portman. Handle ID: Goat. Handle ID: The Kid."
  • (Al Weaver) ""The Kid"?"
  • (Unnamed) "Handle ID: Duke."
  • (Razaaq Adoti) "Say my name, baby."
  • (DeObia Oparei) "Agh."
  • (Dwayne Johnson) "What was it?"
  • (DeObia Oparei) "A monkey Sir. Some kind of monkey."

Dexter Fletcher as Pinky

  • (Dexter Fletcher) "All right, drop the weapons. I mean it. I am not going to be killed by a madman, drop the weapons."
  • (Dexter Fletcher) "Aw, there's something behind me, isn't there?"
  • (Dexter Fletcher) "Portman, I got floor and wall on your gun cam."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "I'm taking a s***, you f***ing gimp."
  • (Dexter Fletcher) "You don't look like a "Mac"."
  • (Yao Chin) "Katsuhiko Kumanosuke Takaashi."
  • (Dexter Fletcher) "So, Mac."

Ben Daniels as Goat

  • (Ben Daniels) "God damn it."
  • (Ben Daniels) "I took His name in vain."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "What the hell is that?"
  • (Ben Daniels) "You never did time, Portman?"
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "What?"
  • (Ben Daniels) "This is a holding cell."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "Bulls***. What makes you think that?"
  • (Ben Daniels) "Touch it."
  • (Ben Daniels) "'Cause the walls are electrified."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "You asshole."
  • (Ben Daniels) "Be sober; be vigilant because your adversary the Devil walketh about seeking whom he may devour."
  • (Corporal Dean Portman) "That's real comforting Goat, that ain't freaking me out at all."

Al Weaver as The Kid

  • (Al Weaver) "Is it always that rough?"
  • (Dexter Fletcher) "Believe me, it used to be a lot rougher. There was a time when Ark travel was susceptible to, let's say major turbulence."
  • (Al Weaver) "What's he mean?"
  • (Karl Urban) "He means he went to one galaxy, his ass went to another."
  • (Dexter Fletcher) "Call it a scientific miscalculation."

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