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Doppelgänger (1969 film) Quotes

Doppelgänger (1969 film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Doppelgänger ended its run in 1970.

It features Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson as producer, Barry Gray in charge of musical score, and John Read (producer) as head of cinematography.

Doppelgänger (1969 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Doppelgänger (1969 film) is 101 minutes long. Doppelgänger (1969 film) is distributed by The Rank Organisation (UK).

The cast includes: Ed Bishop as David Poulson, George Sewell as Mark Neuman, Patrick Wymark as Jason Webb, Loni von Friedl as Lisa Hartmann, Ian Hendry as John Kane, Roy Thinnes as Glenn Ross, Philip Madoc as Dr. Pontini, and Ian Hendry as Dr. John Kane.

Doppelgänger (1969 film) Quotes

Patrick Wymark as Jason Webb

  • (Patrick Wymark) "I've been thinking John, about the second astronaut to accompany Ross."
  • (Ian Hendry) "Well Bogemann is the obvious choice, or Mitchell."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "If we want just an astronaut, I agree."
  • (Ian Hendry) "But?"
  • (Patrick Wymark) "It occurs to me, that we need someone more flexible."
  • (Ian Hendry) "Well they're trained to be-"
  • (Patrick Wymark) "I mean, in terms of knowledge. Someone who could take full advantage of any findings on the new planet, no matter how bizarre or unusual they happen to be."
  • (Ian Hendry) "You mean an astrophysicist. (a beat) Me?"
  • (Patrick Wymark) "The idea doesn't appeal to you?"
  • (Ian Hendry) "You must be joking."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "It'll grow on you."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "You are going to sit there and watch me take a man for one billion dollars."
  • (Ian Hendry) "The words of an egotistical megalomaniac."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "Remind me to be as charitable to you when one of your rockets blows up on the pad."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "When are you going to nail him?"
  • (George Sewell) "That depends on how much rope we give him,"
  • (Patrick Wymark) "Lisa. This access restriction, it must be widened."
  • (Loni von Friedl) "To whom?"
  • (Patrick Wymark) "Hassler, Doctor Hassler."
  • (George Sewell) "You're serving up information on a plate. To our prime suspect."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "That's my responsibility. Your responsibility is this. IF he shows his hand, I don't want an arrest. Understood?"
  • (George Sewell) "Understood."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "Are you telling me that you don't know anyone here? Your wife? Lisa? Neuman?"
  • (Unnamed) "Only their Doppelgangers."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "We discover a NEW planet. In OUR OWN solar system. Military and scientific implications BEYOND comprehension. We ask our friends, for a few dollars, and it's "No Go."."
  • (Ed Bishop) "One billion dollars, Jason."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "Cheap at TWICE the price."

Ed Bishop as David Poulson

  • (Ed Bishop) "Does our side have anything like this?"
  • (George Sewell) "We do now."

Ian Hendry as Dr. John Kane

  • (Unnamed) "See you in three weeks."
  • (Ian Hendry) "Let's hope the alarm goes off."
  • (Unnamed) "It'd better, you made it."
  • (Ian Hendry) "I could grow attached to those."
  • (Philip Madoc) "That's the idea. Now you can be hooked up to the heart, lung, and kidney machine during flight. With sedation, you'll sleep, three weeks there, and three weeks back."
  • (Ian Hendry) "That part I'm looking forward to."

Roy Thinnes as Glenn Ross

  • (Roy Thinnes) "You know when a rocket is ready, but you don't know when a man is ready, Kane isn't."
  • (Patrick Wymark) "I know more about human nature than anyone else here at EuroSEC. That's why I am in this office."

Loni von Friedl as Lisa Hartmann

  • (Loni von Friedl) "That was a penny for your thoughts. If they are as confused as mine, perhaps sharing them will help?"
  • (Roy Thinnes) "Did you say a penny? Well, it's a buyer's market."
  • (Loni von Friedl) "Sharon has left?"
  • (Roy Thinnes) "Yeah. You know, in way she left a long time ago."

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