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Dread (film) Quotes

Dread (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Dread stopped airing in 1970.

It features Clive Barker as producer, Theo Green in charge of musical score, and Sam McCurdy as head of cinematography.

Dread (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Dread (film) is 108 minutes long. Dread (film) is distributed by After Dark Films (US only).

The cast includes: Shaun Evans as Quaid, Jackson Rathbone as Stephen Grace, Hanne Steen as Cheryl Fromm, Jonathan Readwin as Joshua Shaw, and Laura Donnelly as Abby.

Dread (film) Quotes

Shaun Evans as Quaid

  • (Shaun Evans) "My parents were killed when I was six years old, Stephen. They were murdered right in front of my eyes. Killed with the axe from my father's tool shed. They never caught the man that did it. I don't know how I got away, but I did. I ran and I ran and -- I've never really stopped."
  • (Shaun Evans) "I want us to take our study to the next level."
  • (Shaun Evans) "Watching the fear of death, the pinnacle of all dread approach, that was the limits. Someone once wrote that no man can know his own death. But to know the death of others, intimately, to watch the tricks that the mind would surely perform to avoid the bitter truth, that was a clue to death's nature, wasn't it? That might, in some small way, prepare a man for his own death. To live another's dread vicariously was the safest, cleverest way to touch the beast."
  • (Shaun Evans) "Maybe I'm not being clear enough. Maybe I need to be honest with you and tell you what I want."
  • (Shaun Evans) "Let's see how hungry you have to be to get through that."
  • (Hanne Steen) "No. No."
  • (Shaun Evans) "My life is a labyrinth. A map of its complexities is etched on my face in a thousand tiny expressions."

Hanne Steen as Cheryl Fromm

  • (Hanne Steen) "I grew up in a small town in upstate New York. My mom worked at the local supermarket and my dad -- and my dad worked at the -- at a meat packing plant about 20 miles outside of town. They'd slaughter cattle there and supply our markets with corn-fed organic beef. And he'd work late. And by the time he'd get home, my mom would always be asleep. I'd lay there on my pillow and -- listen to the sound of his boots walk to my bedroom door. I don't know if my mother just pretended not to know what the f*** was going on or if she was just too weak."
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "You don't -- you don't need to do this."
  • (Hanne Steen) "But what I remember the most about it was the way -- the way his flesh smelled when he'd come home from work. This heavy, metallic smell that would follow him home from the plant -- like warm blood on the grass -- cold fat in the freezers. I can hardly stand to look at a piece of meat now, let alone think about eating it."

Jonathan Readwin as Joshua Shaw

  • (Jonathan Readwin) "I suppose that is the worst part of it all. You live with the notion that the thing that causes you the most terror could come back at any time."
  • (Jonathan Readwin) "Gentle Jesus, meek and mild. Look upon this child. Pity my simplicity. Suffer me to come to thee."

Jackson Rathbone as Stephen Grace

  • (Jackson Rathbone) "It's good."
  • (Shaun Evans) "The painting? It's a hobby."
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "You have any others?"
  • (Shaun Evans) "No. I trash them when I'm done. I can't stand all these eyes staring at me."
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "I lead a pretty dull life. Fear doesn't cross my path very often."

Laura Donnelly as Abby

  • (Laura Donnelly) "I can vividly remember my first day at kindergarten. I was wearing a light blue dress, and I was there no more than 10 minutes before some boy asked me what was wrong with my face. That was the first time I realized I had something to be ashamed of."
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "You have nothing to be ashamed of."
  • (Laura Donnelly) "Stephen, you're supposed to be impartial, remember?"
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "Yeah."
  • (Laura Donnelly) "Listen. I could have a lot worse than a birthmark covering my body. But that's kind of hard to swallow whenever I have to look in the mirror to fix my hair. Or when I look at my sisters. What that boy asked me when I was five years old is what people want to ask me every day of my life. And every time I have to meet someone for the first time, I'll always be that five year old girl again."

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