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Duel (1971 film) Quotes

Duel is a Thriller film that debuted in 1971 on American Broadcasting Company. Duel completed its run in 1970.

It features George Eckstein as producer, Billy Goldenberg as theme composer, and Jack A. Marta as head of cinematography.

Duel is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Duel is 74 minutes long. Duel is produced by Universal Television and distributed by Universal Pictures (US).

The cast includes: Dennis Weaver as David Mann, and Lou Frizzell as Bus Driver.

Duel Quotes

Dennis Weaver as David Mann

  • (Dennis Weaver) "Come on you miserable fat-head, get that fat-ass truck outta my way."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "It's about time, Charlie."
  • (Gas Station Attendant) "Looks like you could use a new radiator hose."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Yeah, where have I heard that before?"
  • (Dennis Weaver) "I'll get one later, thanks."
  • (Gas Station Attendant) "You're the boss."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Not in my house, I'm not."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Where's the summit? Please -- please -- COME OOOOON."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Talk about pollution."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "How can he go so fast?"
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Come on, car. COME ON, LET'S GO."
  • (Cafe Owner) "Are you all right?"
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Yeah, I'm fine."
  • (Cafe Owner) "What happened out there?"
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Oh, just a slight complication."
  • (Cafe Owner) "Oh? Looked like a big complication to me."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Great. I'm never goona make it to that appointment now."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "No, that's two Ns."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "That truck driver's crazy, he's been trying to kill me, I mean it."
  • (Lou Frizzell) "Well, mister, if I was to vote on who's crazy around here, it'd be you."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "There you are, right back in the jungle again."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Well it's about time, Charlie."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Don't -- don't -- don't sit on the hood. That hood will dent. I told the kids not to get on the hood. Just see if you can bounce it loose, and I'll -- ah -- just bounce it loose."
  • (Old Man) "You all right, Mister?"
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Yeah. Yeah, except; Oh, my neck."
  • (Radio Interviewer) "So, what is it that you do, if I may ask?"
  • (Unnamed) "I play meat."
  • (Radio Interviewer) "You play meat?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, uh -- meat. You know, beef, pork --"
  • (Dennis Weaver) "That's sick, man. That's sick."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Do you have a men's room?"
  • (Cafe Owner) "Yeah. Through the door, ON THE RIGHT. Down the hall. Take a left. Second door."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Lady, you have got to call the police."
  • (Lady at Snakerama) "With what? That's the only phone I got."
  • (Dennis Weaver) "Fill it with Ethel."
  • (Gas Station Attendant) "As long as Ethel doesn't mind."

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