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Eat Drink Man Woman Quotes

Eat Drink Man Woman is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Eat Drink Man Woman ended in 1970.

It features Hsu Li-kong as producer, Mader in charge of musical score, and Jong Lin as head of cinematography.

Eat Drink Man Woman is recorded in Mandarin and originally aired in Taiwan. Each episode of Eat Drink Man Woman is 123 minutes long. Eat Drink Man Woman is distributed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company.

The cast includes: Sihung Lung as Chu, Jacklyn Wu as Jia-Chien, Wang Yu-wen as Jia-Ning, Yang Kuei-mei as Jia-Jen, Jui Wang as Old Wen, and Chi-Der Hong as Class.

Eat Drink Man Woman Quotes

Sihung Lung as Chu

  • (Sihung Lung) "I don't understand any of them, and I don't want to know. Let them grow up and leave. It's like cooking. Your appetite's gone when the dish is done."
  • (Jui Wang) "That's not the worst thing. At least people like your cooking."
  • (Sihung Lung) "Honestly, Id' have to give that up if it hadn't been for you lately. My sense of taste is getting worse and worse. My food is only as good as the expression on your face."
  • (Jui Wang) "Don't be silly. You rely on your feelings when you cook, not your taste buds. Like that Western deaf composer, called Bee --"
  • (Sihung Lung) "Beethoven."
  • (Jui Wang) "That's right, Beethoven. Good sound is not in the ear, good taste is not in the mouth -- and good sex --"
  • (Jui Wang) "God knows where."
  • (Sihung Lung) "You're drunk."
  • (Sihung Lung) "Eat, drink, man, woman. Basic human desires. Can't avoid them. All my life, that's all Iv'e ever done. It pisses me off. Is that all their is to life?"
  • (Sihung Lung) "Raising daughters is like cooking a meal. You lose your appetite by the time you're finished."
  • (Sihung Lung) "Men die for money, birds die for food. It's not worth dying for food for a man."
  • (Sihung Lung) "These past two days, I -- something wrong?"
  • (Jacklyn Wu) "No, it's fine. Nothing."
  • (Sihung Lung) "Say it."
  • (Jacklyn Wu) "The ham was oversmoked."
  • (Wang Yu-wen) "It's fine."
  • (Yang Kuei-mei) "Father probably forgot to taste it."
  • (Jacklyn Wu) "Or his taste is getting worse."
  • (Sihung Lung) "My taste is fine."
  • (Sihung Lung) "Jia-Chien, your soup --"
  • (Jacklyn Wu) "What's wrong with my soup?"
  • (Sihung Lung) "Your soup -- I've tasted your soup"

Yang Kuei-mei as Jia-Jen

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Jui Wang as Old Wen

  • (Jui Wang) "Old Chu, do'nt get upset. Girls eventually leave home. It was bound to happen."
  • (Sihung Lung) "I'm not upset. I hope they all move out, so I can have a quiet life."
  • (Jui Wang) "Quiet life? I know you. What you want, you can't get. What you don't want, you can't get rid of. You're as repressed as a turtle. That old maid of yours, Jia-Jen, will stick to you for life unless you marry her off."
  • (Sihung Lung) "Marry who? Since she lost her asshole college boyfriend she's never looked at another man. You know that."
  • (Jui Wang) "And now she has the perfect boyfriend: Jesus Christ."
  • (Sihung Lung) "Don't make fun of her religion. How is it that for 30 years I have put up this kind of talk from you?"
  • (Jui Wang) "The truth is, you should be thankful someone's around to tell the truth."

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