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Eddie and the Cruisers Quotes

Eddie and the Cruisers is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Eddie and the Cruisers ended in 1970.

It features Joseph Brooks (songwriter) as producer, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band in charge of musical score, and Fred Murphy as head of cinematography.

Eddie and the Cruisers is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Eddie and the Cruisers is 95 minutes long. Eddie and the Cruisers is distributed by Embassy Pictures.

The cast includes: Tom Berenger as Frank Ridgeway, Matthew Laurance as Sal Amato, Michael Paré as Eddie Wilson, Ellen Barkin as Maggie Foley, and Helen Schneider as Joann Carlino.

Eddie and the Cruisers Quotes

Tom Berenger as Frank Ridgeway

  • (Tom Berenger) "We've played at colleges before."
  • (Michael Paré) "Sure, we played at "St. Something" down in Delaware and "Fairly Ridiculous" up in Madison, but we never played at no finishing school like this before."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Can I help you guys?"
  • (Matthew Laurance) "Yeah, tell Tony Eddie and the Cruisers are here."

Ellen Barkin as Maggie Foley

  • (Ellen Barkin) "The innocence of the 50's was over and so was rock and roll as we knew it. We were entering a new age, an age of confusion, an age of passion, of commitment. Eddie Wilson saw it coming. "Season in Hell" is a total innovation for it's time. It was a signal of greatness yet to come. Eddie Wilson was a step ahead of us and I don't think we've caught up with him yet. Eddie's been dead for almost 18 years, but his music is as alive today as the day he recorded it. For me and for everyone who listens to music, Eddie Wilson lives."

Michael Paré as Eddie Wilson

  • (Michael Paré) "I want something great. I want something that's never been done before."
  • (Matthew Laurance) "Why? We ain't great. We're just some guys from Jersey."
  • (Michael Paré) "Let's get on the music. 1,2, 1, 2, 3, 4"
  • (Michael Paré) "Hold it, hold it. Wait a minute, wait a minute."
  • (Matthew Laurance) "What's the matter?"
  • (Michael Paré) "What's the matter, where you racing to, where's the fire?"
  • (Matthew Laurance) "No fire. That's the way the songs written, it goes that way; upbeat. What's the problem."
  • (Michael Paré) "The problem is I'm just saying words. You know you got to give me a little room so people know what I'm signing about."
  • (Matthew Laurance) "Hey, you lose the beat, people miss a step. We want them to dance."
  • (Michael Paré) "Lose a beat, miss a step. What are you a moron Sal?"
  • (Matthew Laurance) "Do you believe this guy?"
  • (Michael Paré) "Look Sal I like your stuff, but, it's just ain't what I was looking for you understand."
  • (Matthew Laurance) "Forget it, you had your mind made up before you even started, so what am I knocking myself out for."
  • (Michael Paré) "Look I don't want to argue with you Sal. Do you want to get another opinion on the subject?"
  • (Matthew Laurance) "No. Forget it."
  • (Michael Paré) "Joann, what do you think?"
  • (Matthew Laurance) "What are you asking her for?"
  • (Michael Paré) "Why not ask her, she's got a brain."
  • (Matthew Laurance) "I don't know anything? She knows uh? Everybody you bring into this bank is an expert, except Sally. Sally just a dumb guinea right?"
  • (Michael Paré) "You dumb guinea."
  • (Michael Paré) "Hey kid come here."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Who me?"
  • (Michael Paré) "Yeah, you come here. Now, you heard what we're talking about. What do you think?"
  • (Tom Berenger) "I think he's right,"
  • (Tom Berenger) "I think it needs a caesar."
  • (Michael Paré) "See my way with a cesarean."

Helen Schneider as Joann Carlino

  • (Helen Schneider) "There were so many things I wanted say to him, so many things I wanted to ask. But, Eddie and I, we had a deal, we never talked about he future; we thought the present was so fine, why ruin it by planning ahead. But, as Eddie drove off, I knew, I knew it then, it wasn't going to be any future."

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