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Egeria (Rome) Quotes

Egeria (Rome) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Egeria ended its run in 1970.

Egeria (Rome) Quotes

  • (Madame) "Get out. Go on, this ain't no infantry f***hole."
  • (Titus Pullo) "Calm down, love. It's not for me, it's the young master we're here for."
  • (Madame) "Oh, my apologies. Welcome, young master, we'd be honored to serve you. And what is the young master's pleasure today?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "First-timer. Nothing too savory."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "I thought it was going well for a while, but now --"
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "Maybe I should beat her, do you think?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "Oh, I don't know. That only works if you keep at it."
  • (Titus Pullo) "A good thrashing once or twice a day till they're docile. But then they don't look so good. It'd be a shame to mark up a beauty like that."
  • (Atia of the Julii) "You've put off this moment long enough, my dear."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "Mother --"
  • (Atia of the Julii) "You will penetrate someone today, or I will burn your wretched books at the yard."
  • (Atia of the Julii) "I've been thinking. We should get married."
  • (Mark Antony) "Married? Why should we want to do that of all things?"
  • (Atia of the Julii) "Perhaps I love you."
  • (Mark Antony) "Ah. You're joking. For a moment there, you had me worried."
  • (Mark Antony) "I shall be a good politician, even if it kills me. Or if it kills anyone else for that matter."
  • (Madame) "Something exotic, perhaps?"
  • (Madame) "Or else something young? Light, simple?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "A little bit skinny, innit? Won't know he's been, will he?"
  • (Newsreader) "A fleet of ships has set sail for Greece, carrying the army of General Marc Antony. This month's public bread is provided by the Capitoline Brotherhood of Millers. The Brotherhood uses only the finest flour. True Roman bread for true Romans."
  • (Mark Antony) "Frankly, I do not care whether it is the rich, poor, or indeed both that suffer. Caesar wishes this law to be made. He is my friend, I will have it made."
  • (Atia of the Julii) "Allied with my house you would have both coin and the nobility to make yourself king, if you wished it so."
  • (Mark Antony) "And you would be queen."
  • (Atia of the Julii) "I would be your loving and obedient wife."
  • (Mark Antony) "Only if I were willing to desert a friend. A man of your own blood."
  • (Atia of the Julii) "Too honorable for that, are you?"
  • (Mark Antony) "I like to appear so."
  • (Atia of the Julii) "But I don't think you'd die for the sake of appearences."
  • (Mark Antony) "Why not?"
  • (Atia of the Julii) "Well Caesar will die in any case, but you're far too clever to share his fate needlessly."
  • (Mark Antony) "I had not realised until now -- what a wicked old harpy you really are."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "-- a perfectly acceptable sacrifice wsa made to Triton."
  • (Titus Pullo) "Well, if Triton thinks that this is fine weather, he can SUCK MY COCK."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "Pullo, when will you ever learn to keep your f***ing mouth shut."
  • (Titus Pullo) "You should leave her maybe. Seeing as she makes you so unhappy."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "No. No. I will not leave her."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "I would rather die than leave her."
  • (Titus Pullo) "It's alright, lamb. It will be alright."
  • (Atia of the Julii) "A large penis is always welcome."
  • (Titus Pullo) "So, keeping their promises, innit?"
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "What?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "Caesar and Mark Antony, doing right by the people. That was your worry, wasn't it? That Caesar'd turn out to be just another tyrant sort? But here's him and Mark Antony getting jobs for the unemployed. You can't complain about that, now, can you?"
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "He negotiates with a whore and a dwarf at his side. Do you think Cincinnatus or Marius or even the Gracchi would demean themselves so?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "Who? Mark Antony has his odd ways, there's no denying that."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "I'm not going home. I need a drink."
  • (Titus Pullo) "Drink? You?"
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "I. Drink. What of it?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "I'll not argue."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "Pullo, awake."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "Wake up. Mark Antony's waiting."
  • (Titus Pullo) "Mump off and die, ya pigf***er --"

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