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Elena Undone Quotes

Elena Undone is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Elena Undone stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jane Clark as producer, Mark Chait in charge of musical score, and Tal Lazar as head of cinematography.

Elena Undone is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Elena Undone is 111 minutes long.

The cast includes: Traci Dinwiddie as Peyton, Sam Harris as Tyler, Mary Wells as Wave, Sabrina Fuster as Tori, Necar Zadegan as Elena, Connor Kramme as Nash, and Gary Weeks as Barry.

Elena Undone Quotes

Sam Harris as Tyler

  • (Sam Harris) "Someone is definitely coming into your life. In a big way."
  • (Sam Harris) "Perhaps some of you are thinking 'epic love can't happen to me'. But when true love enters your life, 'epic' happens."
  • (Sam Harris) "In love, one and one are -- one. Seldom do we get to witness the art in love. But that is what we all really desire. Not just to be loved, but to be loved in that all-encompassing, Heathcliffe-on-the-moors, one-true-love, soulmate kind of way. And yet, rarely are we prepared for it when it happens by."
  • (Sam Harris) "What's with the shimmering new and improved you, huh?"
  • (Necar Zadegan) "Oh, Tyler -- I'm in love. For the first time, for the only time in my life."

Sabrina Fuster as Tori

  • (Sabrina Fuster) "Did you know that a snail can sleep for three years? Can you even imagine waking up one day to realize that you've literally slept half of your life away?"
  • (Sabrina Fuster) "Wow. Can anyone say 'outed in Maui'?"
  • (Sabrina Fuster) "A normal person engages in the pursuit of kissing a mere twenty-one thousand plus or minus minutes in their sorry little lives. Which boils down roughly to mere months. So, who cares whose kissing whom?"
  • (Necar Zadegan) "Really?"
  • (Sabrina Fuster) "Really. I mean, over the lifespan of an average eighty-year-old, they're only having sex six times a year. I mean, we take more baths and we eat more chocolate bars, for gosh sakes."

Mary Wells as Wave

  • (Mary Wells) "Remember that chick I was seeing on Friday? She was dating Erin and my ex."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "I don't even want to hear it. You said your eyes were wide open."
  • (Mary Wells) "Yeah, well. I'm legally blind in my left eye, so thank you very much for your sensitivity."
  • (Mary Wells) "I think it's getting a little bit out of control, no? The unbuttoning of the shirt -- What about all the eye blazing that goes on between you? I mean, come on. Who does that?"
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Eye blazing? Seriously?"
  • (Mary Wells) "You're the writer, call it what you want."

Gary Weeks as Barry

  • (Gary Weeks) "Don't get me started on how selfish this is. Nash needs us."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "You're right, Nash needs us. He needs us. The real us. The best of us. My god, Barry, I'm done lying. To him, to you, to myself. This has nothing to do with Peyton. This is my decision about my son and my life. I should have been done with this charade years ago."
  • (Gary Weeks) "A charade? Are you serious? You got on this thing from the very start."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "And that was selfish. Being here, and not really being inside it with you. I'm done with this Barry. And if it's selfish, so be it."
  • (Gary Weeks) "It is selfish."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "Barry, I'm done with this."
  • (Gary Weeks) "Elena, I --"
  • (Necar Zadegan) "I'm done."

Traci Dinwiddie as Peyton

  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "I miss you. Honestly, I missed you before our last kiss was finished. I just want you to know that I am with you. Elena, your beauty radiates from your soul. I finally understand the cliched term 'take one's breath away'. You take my breath away. When you kiss me -- Oh, god -- When you kiss me, Elena -- I remember the night you showed up and made love to me with no words. Elena, I have never let anyone have me, let anyone take me, ravage me, like I have let you. You have given me such a gift, the other side of myself. You've made me whole."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Women are so complex, so multi-dimensional. I just want to dig in. I want to show all their colors -- Show everything that makes a woman so -- delicious."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "At least with Margaret, we were compatible."
  • (Mary Wells) "Lombard, I've known you since high school, and you were with her because she was safe. There was about as much passion between you and Devil Woman as a bloody rice cracker. I mean, they're very nice. But I don't want one in my vagina, and I'm absolutely sure that you don't either."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "You don't get it. I am -- too far in."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "I understand that you're scared -- and all the reasons you don't trust. But don't you know by now, Peyton, this is what I want?"
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "I miss you -- honestly I've missed you before our last kiss was finished -- I just want you to know that I am with you -- in heart -- soul -- spirit -- Elena, your beauty radiates from your soul -- Hmm -- I finally understand the cliché term take ones breath away -- you take my breath away -- When you kiss me -- oh God -- when you kiss me, Elena -- with your entire body, soul and being -- I remember the night you showed up and made love to me was no word -- Elena, I have never let anyone have me -- not anyone take me -- ravage me -- as I have left you -- You have given me such a gift -- the other side of myself -- you've made me whole --"
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Every time I think it's impossible to love you more, I do. Ever deeper."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "It is a good thing she is not a controlled substance."
  • (Mary Wells) "Yeah. She's far more dangerous. What you are doing is the very definition of insanity. Gorgeous straight housewife. Never had sex with a woman before. Thinks she's died and gone to heaven. Now what?"
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "What happened to you telling me to do things that make me feel good?"
  • (Mary Wells) "Okay, I am trying to put my cynicism on one side."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Good. 'Cause I'd just like to stay in my happy place for a second more, if you don't mind."
  • (Mary Wells) "Happy place. Yeah, you two walk off into the sunset, no dead bodies strewn behind --"
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Are you done now?"
  • (Mary Wells) "Probably."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "That's great. Now I have this big fat foreclosure sign on my happy place."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Maybe we should pull back a little, you know? Just until things settle down. You don't have to feel so guilty, and I can get my head screwed back on."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "I'm gonna make myself less available. Actually, unavailable."
  • (Mary Wells) "Ohhhh. The I'm-too-busy-and-too-much-of-a-chicken-s***-to-tell-you-what's-really-going-on, fade-into-the-woodwork treatment."

Necar Zadegan as Elena

  • (Necar Zadegan) "Sometimes I think I just got married to rebel against my parents. My father's Indian. He's very old school. You know, stern but quiet hand. My mother's from Spain. She's very -- Catholic."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Now that's a lethal combination."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "It is. It really is."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "You're not the only one with feelings. I'm so confused, Peyton. Can't we just agree to call it a serious crush?"
  • (Necar Zadegan) "I just need you to know that none -- none of what we had was a lie. It was the truest thing I have ever known."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "You know, I think you two are what Tyler calls Twin Flames. I do. And you found each other so early in life."
  • (Connor Kramme) "Oh, ma, come on."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "Think of all the time left you have to bicker, you two."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "I never even kissed a girl. With my upbringing, that never really occurred to me. I guess I'm just a square."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Or maybe you're just straight."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "I wasn't looking for this. God knows I don't really understand it. And I certainly didn't realize what was happening until it was too late."
  • (Connor Kramme) "You are going to tell Dad."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "I certainly planned on telling him before you."
  • (Necar Zadegan) "He hasn't touched me since we've been together. You know that, right?"
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "Oh, my god. What was I thinking? Who can think? You know what? You're gonna have to do it eventually. You'll end up doing it, right?"
  • (Necar Zadegan) "It means nothing."
  • (Traci Dinwiddie) "No -- You'll make us mean nothing."

Connor Kramme as Nash

  • (Connor Kramme) "Peyton -- she needs you."
  • (Connor Kramme) "You've had gay friends before. Back in your grand theater days."
  • (Gary Weeks) "Nash, I'm just saying I think people should know they should not be rewarded for bad behavior."
  • (Connor Kramme) "Bad behavior? Get real, Dad. Selling your soul is bad behavior. Loving someone isn't."

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