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Elephant (2003 film) Quotes

Elephant (2003 film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Elephant ended in 1970.

It features Diane Keaton as producer, and Harris Savides as head of cinematography.

Elephant (2003 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Elephant (2003 film) is 81 minutes long. Elephant (2003 film) is distributed by Fine Line Features.

The cast includes: Alex Frost as Alex, John Robinson as John McFarland, Timothy Bottoms as Mr. McFarland, Nathan Tyson and Carrie Finklea as Nathan, Alicia Miles as Acadia, and Eric Deulen as Eric.

Elephant (2003 film) Quotes

Alex Frost as Alex

  • (Alex Frost) "Well this is it. We're gonna die today. I've never even kissed anyone before, have you?"
  • (Alex Frost) "So foul and fair a day I have not seen."
  • (Alex Frost) "Eeney -- Meeney -- Meiny -- Moe -- Catch a -- Tiger -- By its -- Toe --"
  • (Girl in Cafeteria) "What are you writing?"
  • (Alex Frost) "Uh, this? It's my plan."
  • (Girl in Cafeteria) "For what?"
  • (Alex Frost) "Oh, you'll see."
  • (Alex Frost) "The kids will be coming in all directions and we'll be able to tick them off one by one."

Eric Deulen as Eric

  • (Eric Deulen) "Yeah, you did, and I should shoot you right now for it, you know I should. But I think I just might let you live, maybe, because I want you to know this -- and the next kids that come up to you with their problems -- that they're being picked on, you should listen to them -- no matter what twisted s*** they say."
  • (Eric Deulen) "f***. Anyway, Mr. Luce, whatever. You know there's other like us out there, too. And they will kill you if you f*** with them like you did me and Jared. Get out of here, before I change my mind. Go."
  • (Eric Deulen) "Bitch."
  • (Eric Deulen) "I ain't putting s*** down."

Alicia Miles as Acadia

  • (Alicia Miles) "Hello."
  • (John Robinson) "Hi."
  • (Alicia Miles) "What's wrong?"
  • (John Robinson) "Nothing."
  • (Alicia Miles) "You were crying."
  • (John Robinson) "Yeah."
  • (Alicia Miles) "Is it something bad?"
  • (John Robinson) "-- I don't know."

Timothy Bottoms as Mr. McFarland

  • (Timothy Bottoms) "What? Hey. Where are you going? Come here."
  • (John Robinson) "Oh, my God, Dad."
  • (Timothy Bottoms) "Get in the car. You're gonna be late for school. Come on."
  • (John Robinson) "Mom's gonna kill you."

Nathan Tyson and Carrie Finklea as Nathan

  • (Nathan Tyson and Carrie Finklea) "You're f***in' sick. Don't do this."
  • (Alex Frost) "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe."

John Robinson as John McFarland

  • (John Robinson) "Excuse me sir, don't go in there."
  • (John Robinson) "Hey, what are you guys doing?"
  • (Alex Frost) "Get the f*** out and don't come back. Some heavy s***'s going down."

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